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Thread: Beth Smith

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    Wow. All I have to say is that I love Beth and Dog the Bounty Hunter. One day I am going to meet them. I appreciate the love she has for her family and her children. She reminds me a lot of myself in the opinionated, cute, but weird way..."Physco Physcho BIRDIE!" lmao!! She's so cool and has an awesome sense of style..and I love her hair!! Just wouldn't want to get on her bad side!!

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    Beth seems to be the one that keeps the "boys" on the right track when it comes to tracking the bounties. Bail enforcement is something I am looking into for a career and you have to be tough to get this job down. But Beth has a tender side to she just knows when to show it , and when to get the job done. I have to admire someone that has been in the business as long as she has and not become jaded.

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    Yeah!! I Love beth to, she is soooo cool. This show and alot of other things has made me want to be a bounty hunter.

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    My husband and I are also looking into opening up a bail bondsman place here where I live. Our county is full of fugitives and bad boys on the wrong track...think it would be a great business! I love Bethy and Dog. They are both an awesome and fun loving couple who mesh so well together! My husband and I are so much like them it isn't funny! I always say to Greg(hubby) Bethy is my idol and I wanna be just like her! He says honey....you already are like her. Just like her, I don't take any crap off anybody, but at the same time I know how to make my hubby feel like a man and I'm proud to have him and he's sooo proud to have me! I think that's how Beth and Dog feel! The rest of the bounty hunters, Tim, Leland, and Duane Lee are sooooo awesome! They make me proud to be what I am! I say in the words of the HUNTERS.............NO ICE IN PARADISE!!! On another quick note...how awesome was Tuesdays 2 hour long special?! The wedding was awesome and so beautiful!
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    my prayers go out to beth and her family in this difficult time and I pray that the dog and the boys will be back home soon

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    Agent X

    Dog in the Dog House by US & mexican Politics

    If im abit slow on the uptake then sorry,

    just found out about Dog Leland and Tim getting arrested and possible being sent back to mexico,

    now i know that the US politicians can be a bit dumb at times but come this is taking it to far,

    mybe they should trade a couple of US Politicians, cos they are diffinately criminals...

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