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Thread: Dog: The Bounty Hunter A&E 8/31 10PM EST

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    Playboy has a great article about the entire Andrew Luster capture and the results of it in a previous issue (I wish I knew which one, but I was sent the article by A&E, and I have since lost it).

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    First Off, It's "Brah" not bra (as in brassiere)

    "Brah," pidgin, short for brother.

    I've seen both Dog The Bounty Hunter and Family Bonds, both very interesting, but I prefer Dog more. His back to God lectures (upon capturing the bail jumper) get a little old, but he seems genuine and heartfelt.

    His son and his nephew have VERY STRONG pidgin accents. Those aren't slight accents. And Dog and his wife, both have *cough* unique looks. All nice peeps, though!

    Family Bonds gets a little old with the tubby nephew and his obnoxious New Yawk accent. And the sister-in-law with all that plastic surgery (they showed off her large implants in the buff when they filmed her lypo surgery)... not that attractive. A lot of obnoxious, loud stereotypical New Yawk screamming going on in Family Bonds.

    Dog's wife and the wife on Family Bonds look like they both could have fell off the same family tree. Enough said.

    Dog is definitely a character.

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    I love this show!! Now I have to admit I question their fashion sense and hair styles but I don't miss any episodes.

    I have a friend who is a Pastor of a church on the same island in Hawaii that Dog and Beth live on. I've asked him if he's seen the show and he has. He's also seen Dog and the clan many times around the island. Dog's home is just down the road from his house. He also finds it quite funny that Dog give his captives a come to Jesus talk...after he's done cussing them out. Gotta love him though! The guy has a good heart. But Beth scares me!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by roseskid
    That's a riot.....you really make me laugh.

    Afterthought.....those are cowboy boots? Shows you how much I know.
    Dog gets his cowboy boots custom made in his home-town Denver. He likes wearing the boots because they make him appear taller. I am sure the kind boot maker puts extra Dr. Scholls in them for him! And if you notice he never really runs...he just yells at Tim or Leland to run after the 'bad guy'. He's no dumb dog.
    Mary Jane

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    i love leland
    I love this program.in the uk we only just got to know the dog but iam very much loveing this,I got to say how swoony does leland look he is a hottie

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    world peace
    I LOVE this show. It puts a whole new spin on long hair and leather!! I love Dog and Beth the most. They come off like their bad@##es but their not. They are a good example of how law enforcers attitudes should be. People are people. Everyone has problems and messes up. But Dog and Beth are about WHO these people are and not WHAT they have done. These bounty hunters are about helping those who want it. As dog says, "I know what it means to get a second chance". And that's why he says he wants to give a second chance.

    One episode he arrested a girl on ice, and she was crying she was sorry, Dog says, "it's not your fault, it's the drugs fault". This is a powerful and eyeopening statement. ICE is ruining America's youth. Dog and Beth are committed to helping our youth to a better life.

    God Bless Dog, Beth, Leland, Tim and Duane Lee.

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    Enjoying the View

    I enjoy watvhing you on television Leland Chapman. I only wish that I could meet you in person and get to know you better. You Bounty Hunters do an awesome job. Keep catching those bad guys!! [mod edit]

    'Bounty Hunter' will star 'Dog'

    Bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman is starring in a new reality series about his work. Chapman, who tracked down convicted rapist and Max Factor heir Andrew Luster in Mexico last year, will be featured in Dog the Bounty Hunter, a 12-part series to air on the A&E network.

    A&E promises to depict the "wild-and-woolly" life of Chapman and his wife and business partner, Beth Smith. Chapman was hailed as a hero for capturing Luster, who had jumped bail before being convicted of drugging and raping three women.

    A California judge later ruled that Chapman was not entitled to any of the $1 million bail that Luster had forfeited.

    Many in the bail-recovery industry say Chapman's tactics create a bad-boy image that isn't representative of them.[/QUOTE]
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    I love this show, Leland is hot. I think Beth should start wearing a bra or get a breast reduction, right? lol I was lookin earlier on this site and someone is claiming to "know" leland.... ha That's funny and they were telling his life story that i just got done reading on another website. if they really knew him, they wouldn't be telling people that.

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    I absolutely love this show! I get a real kick out of Beth (her clothes, her shoes and her attitude!) and love to watch the humanity expressed by Dog toward some real scummy people. He is pure gold. I have only recently started watching it but now add it to my weekly viewing indulgence.

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    Same here///// Got my TIVO taping every episode watch one at least every night....My friends and I are in Nursing school and watching Dog is a good stress reliever....althought thru it all I have fallen in love with Leland....
    So we pretty much say that if we flunk out of school one us will get hooked on ice and get arrested then we will call Dog to bail her out ask for a job and Ill just take care of Leland...HAHa At least weve got good imaginations b/c Im sure we will never get to meet them in our lifetimes!

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