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I don't know how they can say this is family show, especially with that photo of Peta
I admit I didn't see their dance, just this still but may I say that Peta better be VERY LUCKY that the networks are allowed to show the Victoria's Secret fashion show or "DWTS" could've very easily been fined by the FCC for that outfit, especially the stockings.

And I agree, Edyta may have had outfits that were a wing and prayer to stay on, but I never thought her to be trashy in her dress. Worried she'd have a wardrobe malfunction that could cost "DWTS" some money yes, but not trashy. I don't even really recall any of her skimpier outfits either to be nude or a light color - if there was little on, they were colorful. Nudes/light colors were usually a fuller outfit.