Late to the conversation, but here goes.

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And I did it, because from the first second her face popped up on the screen, Candace made SUCH a big deal out of her religion. How we could NOT expect to see anything on her that was cut down to there or cut UP to there, etc., because she felt that certain things were for her husband and shouldn't be on display, and on, and on, and on.

There was even one costuming clip they showed with her and Spatz where she was LAYING DOWN THE LAW to the costumers about her outfits needing to ALWAYS be covered up and conservative ("There's not gonna BE no . . .!").

Frankly, I feel that if she hadn't've kept shoving the obvious in my face and down my throat week after week, then I wouldnt'v'e been moved to cut on her when she popped up in that sequin bra top that she did (although most of HER top was covered by that tacky wig).
Interesting. She co-hosted The View on Thursday of last week and this was brought up. Barbara said You are dressed more sexy than all of us on a morning talk show. Zing. Candace really didn't have a reply other than yes, she was showing her shoulders. Of course BW had to bring up the book and wanted her to define "she submits to her husband." Candace tried to explain, but of course big-mouth Sherri tried to define it. Sherri even said I am not trying to put words in your mouth. Well, shut up then and let Candace define her own statement. I still don't understand why Candace's statement or how she conducts her own marriage gets some women in such a tizzy. If it's not for you, don't live that way. If she takes a certain viewpoint on her clothing choices for DWTS and then does the opposite, yes, people are going to call her out on that. Then again isn't that a slippery slope, chastising a woman for her clothing choices?

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Redfoo is one of the duo, LMFAO. He was born Stefan Kendal Gordy, son of Berry Gordy, Jr., founder of Motown Records.
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Wow! I had no idea that he was Berry Gordy's son. Crazy!
Me neither. Now it makes sense how he got a record deal and the music they put out. Connections, yo!

I haven't been watching but will make a special effort tonight to watch Ricky Martin!