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Thread: Dancing With the Stars 18 Pool

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    Re: Dancing With the Stars 18 Pool

    Just doublecheckin' . . .

    So, we've got until 11:59PM on March 24 to declare our teams, right?

    Just doublecheckin'!
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    Re: Dancing With the Stars 18 Pool

    Quote Originally Posted by lindsay22 View Post
    I'm going to happily relinquish my Wooden Leg Award this season!

    Team Name:
    Gold Medal Dancer

    Superstar Couple: Meryl & Maks
    Couple 1: Charlie White & Sharna
    Couple 2: Danica & Val
    Couple 3: Cody & Peeta (I think they are partnered together)
    Reserve: Amy & Derek

    I think that during the switch (which I'm not a fan of, btw) we should keep our stars, rather than our partners...
    Looking forward to a great season!
    Since Cody and Peeta are not partnered together, I just want to officially make sure that my team has Peeta's partner (James? Justin? The guy from Big Time Rush) not Cody.

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    Re: Dancing With the Stars 18 Pool

    Team Name: Krazee's Kickers

    Superstar: Charlie and Sharna
    Team 1: Meryl and Maks
    Team 2: Amy and Derek
    Team 3: Drew and Cheryl
    Reserve: Candice and Mark

    And I'll stick with my stars through the switch if that is a choice we will have to make.

    But this is my team!
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    Re: Dancing With the Stars 18 Pool

    There are so many great dancers this season.....I have no idea how I'm going to select a team......oh my.
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    Re: Dancing With the Stars 18 Pool

    Well, after watching last night, this was probably the most difficult pool pick for me ever on this show. I had to make a chart and tally up the scores!!!

    Team Name: Divine Dancing Divas (Same as last year.)

    Superstar Couple: Meryl and Maks (Shocker, I know.)
    Star Couple 1: Danica and Val
    Star Couple 2: Amy and Derek
    Star Couple 3: Charlie and Sharma
    Reserve Couple: Drew and Cheryl (This choice was the toughest since it came down to them and Candice and Mark. The thing that swayed me is that I think that both Drew and Cheryl have a bigger fan base than the other two. We shall see.)

    Thanks again for all your hard work pikachu! If you could put all my pool avi's together that would be great, if it's not possible, that's OK too.
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    Re: Dancing With the Stars 18 Pool

    I've decided when the partner switch occurs, your pool team will stay with your stars, not the dance pros. So I'm sorry if you're a Maks fan and you want to stay with him when he gets shifted to another star.

    I was hoping the first episode would give more information about the twist. They didn't say when the switch would take place (after the first week?, midway through the season? at the end?) or how long it would last (one episode? two?, for the rest of the season?).

    The deadline is March 24th, as stated in the first post of this thread.
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    Re: Dancing With the Stars 18 Pool

    Team Name: A Ten from Len

    Superstar: Charlie and Sharna
    Team 1: Amy and Derek
    Team 2: Maks and Meryl
    Team 3: Candice and Mark

    Reserve: Drew and Cheryl
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    Re: Dancing With the Stars 18 Pool

    Haven't done a pool in a while. Here are my picks, had a hard time picking my team because there are so many good dancers this season. Good Luck everyone!!

    Team Name: Katie’s Fan Kickers
    Superstar Couple:1:Charlie & Sharna
    Star Couple 1: Meryl & Maks
    Star Couple 2: Drew & Cheryl
    Star Couple 3: Candace & Mark
    Reserve Couple: Danica & Val

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    Re: Dancing With the Stars 18 Pool

    Team Name: DanceFan

    Super Couple: Meryl & Maks

    Couple 1: Candace & Mark
    2: Danica & Val
    3: Charlie & Sharna

    Reserve: Cody & Whitney

    Just for S&G's, first eliminated will be Diana & Henry
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    Re: Dancing With the Stars 18 Pool

    Selecting a team is going to be really difficult this season. There are a bunch of very good dancers and even more with potential to improve. There is only one pair I don't want to see again (sorry, Tony, it's not your fault). I still love Billy Dee; I don't think his body will hold up for this, but I'll happily watch him for as long as he's around. I don't believe there are a lot of hockey fans who watch the show or would take the time to vote, nor do I think a lot of people will get Sean's sense of humor. I did love Diana's sense of humor, too, and she does have the possibility of improvement, but I don't think she'll stay around too long either. So, with some trepidation about my picks since there are two or three other couples I was seriously considering...

    Team Name: Backwards and In Heels

    Superstar Couple: Meryl and Maks
    Couple 1: Charlie and Sharna
    Couple 2: Danica and Val
    Couple 3: Drew and Cheryl
    Reserve Couple: Amy and Derek
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