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Thread: 4/8 DWTS 16 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

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    Re: 4/8 DWTS 16 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    Just watched Aly do her contemporary dance on YouTube. I thought it was very linear, a lot of straight lines. She does not have a lot of musicality in her movements as a dancer Kellie Picker is a lot better.
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    Re: 4/8 DWTS 16 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by fireflyer View Post
    I am STILL getting the creeps from Val dancing with Zendaya.
    He is behaving himself perfectly. There is nothing he has done this season to make me think he's a child molester. He was completely silent during tonight's interview... Zendaya did all the talking.

    Yet, I remember his past character. So I still am grossed out watching him dance with that 16-year-old girl. In my mind, I absolutely need for him to keep his mouth shut during question-time, because I still think it's inappropriate for him to be dancing with an underage girl.
    I am not sure what is so inappropriate about it? They are dancing not having sex.
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    Re: 4/8 DWTS 16 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    Although Aly's dance was quite good, it didn't appeal to me because I really don't like a flexed foot other than in a comedy dance. I quite like Victor, but I want to see a dance, not a boxing routine.

    I really don't understand the problem some folks have with Zendaya and Val. They are dancing together and doing a great job. I've danced with partners of all ages, now and when I was a kid. What they're doing is nothing compared to what you can see on any teenage dance floor. I hope she continues to perform the Latin dances as they should be danced. Most kids at sixteen are not all the naive and innocent to begin with and never have been.

    I really don't like D L, but he improved a lot this week. He impressed me by putting in a lot more effort. I thought Sean did a credible job. He's also improved, but probably not like to get too much better.

    As far as Lisa is concerned, I never doubted for a moment that she would dance tonight. She went for her sympathy moment and then for her brave moment. It was exactly what I expected to see. If this is indeed too much for her, I hope she will withdraw gracefully. I'll have other chances, I hope, to watch Gleb, and I won't miss her.
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    Re: 4/8 DWTS 16 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    Jacoby's son is the cutest child- OMG! I liked their dance, I didn't love it.I do think he has a very good chance of winning

    Andy this week , was so vulnerable- he didn't yell or weep. He was alone with 'his' partner and their dance and it all worked so very well.

    Ingo and Kym, it was nice. Nothing extraordinary

    DL- well he moved.

    Derek and Kellie- that girl can dance and she is good -good -good! the shapes her body makes are unbelievable.I loved her story( even though I think she was far too nervous for her solo) still -WOW you two!!!

    Lisa should go home.As cute/sexy/hot as Gleb is, I cant see them hanging in.
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    Re: 4/8 DWTS 16 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcata View Post
    OMG Zendaya has mile lone legs. How tall is she?
    5'10", or thereabouts, I think.
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    Re: 4/8 DWTS 16 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    I loved Kym's gown.

    To me the bottom as far as dance improvement are DL and Sean. Victor punched his way through that Paso, but his contemporary last week does show he has the potential for long lines in his arms. Sean is still a clodhopper. It is as though he has never grown into his feet. DL did better with more practice, can he continue to put forth the effort, though? Jacoby turned in a good performance, but I still see a slight disconnect between his feet and his upper body. His little boy was adorable.

    Lisa is no spring chicken and what with flying to New York and back with a virus, it's no wonder she collapsed. Whether her actually dancing in performance was the right thing to do, we'll find out tomorrow night.

    I agree that Kelly's movements were a bit staccato, and thought the free-style aka contemporary Ali and Mark performed included her gymnastic story very well. I have noticed that the flat foot air bicycle is a move from modern dance and quite acceptable in a dramatic piece. Zendaya was terrific tonight; though she still resembles a gangly foal at times...however, those times are becoming fewer and fewer.

    Ingo looked so handsome and had some lyricism tonight along with a better frame. Carrie Ann calling lifts in the Vieneese Waltz is appropriate, is it not? Both Sean and Gleb lifted their partners from the steps to the floor. Even if it is at the beginning it is a lift. I think on Sean's second small lift it happened because he is so tall, he straightened and took Peta off the floor. Anyway, the deductions weren't horrendous, though I think Sean may be in the bottom three unless the votes come in. The bottom two should be Lisa and Victor (the non vote getters from last week.)

    Oh, I forgot to mention Andy. I think I enjoyed his VWaltz the most of all the men. He had the best heel/toe action and lyrical spins. I think from what was posted earlier Carol Ann's tears came from a father dancing for his daughter, not the dance, itself. If her loss was very recent, all sorts of emotions can come to the surface very easily.

    Overall, a mediocre night except for the females.
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    Re: 4/8 DWTS 16 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Tilden View Post
    Wait, Kellie and Derek get music sung by the person who actually wrote the song as opposed to the dreadful show singers? Not fair.
    I think it was absolutely acceptable. Dang, anytime I can hear something sung the way it was intended instead of being butchered is fine by me and I don't think it gave her any kind of advantage. I actually think it may have made her more nervous in the dance itself. This was an incredibly personal song written specifically for her by her husband. I have no problem at all with them allowing him to be the one to sing it. This is an entertainment show, sure there is voting and a trophy involved, but it's an entertainment show. I didn't think this was Kelly's best but she does have beautiful lines. I know that this show is physically taxing and many find that they lose a bit of weight, but if Kelly and/or Zen lose any more an intervention might be needed j/k. Zen is young and teeny and is still developing her shape. Kelly just looks like she is getting smaller and smaller. She has a killer body (surgical enhancements and all), but she does not really need to keep shrinking (if only that were my problem).

    Zen is a fabulous dancer...amazing skills. I watch her though and she still has moments where those incredibly long limbs do look a bit like a colt (as someone else mentioned earlier). This could just be the fact that she may still be growing and it often takes a while before one learns how to fully control (not quite the word I'm looking for but it works) those extra inches on their limbs.

    Sean, bless his heart, is having fun....He tries really hard. I do think he has made some improvement, but he has a serious case of white boy disease. If he was being a butt or acting as if he thought he was great I would find him much more difficult to watch. That being said he was not the worst last night.

    Jacoby made me smile last night. I really didn't think his solo had much to do with their actual style of dance, but it was fun and he got to show off some of his natural ability. His son is beyond cute.

    Andy Dick really, really seems to be sincere about his recovery! I so hope that he is able to maintain his sobriety. I watch and listen to him and I truly get the sense that this whole thing is just so emotional for him because he has realized what his choices have cost him and those he loves. I think he probably still has some work to do on getting to a point that he can forgive himself for the pain he has caused those he loves. I do hope that he can stay clean and sober.
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    Re: 4/8 DWTS 16 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    i like Aly, but didn't care for the way she moved her feet last night. I realize it was on purpose. Too much lke the walking dead. lol I liked her jumps and flips, but the whole thing with the feet was a turn off to me.

    My mom says that it's not fair to have 50 year-olds and older competing with teens and 20 somethings. She thinks they should break them in categories. Teens up to 45 and 46 and over. Anyone know what the average age of the winner is? I know Donny was in his mid to late 40's when he won. Weren't all the others in their 30's though?

    Why does LIsa have to fly to NY while she's in the midst of the competition anyway? I suspect she will announce her withdrawal tonight before they send anyone home, like Dorothy did.
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    Re: 4/8 DWTS 16 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    That was curious to me, too. She lives and works in BH so why NYC in the middle of this.

    I don't think she will drop out. I think she will be eliminated and if not she will bow out next week. She is only 52 but the way she dresses and carries herself she appears to be much older. I would love to see her face washed, extentions out and in jeans, white t-shirt and bare face.

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    Re: 4/8 DWTS 16 Performance **West Coast Spoilers**

    Skimming through the thread, I have a few comments on previous posts...

    I have no problem with Carrie-Ann being the Lift Police. If it was decided ahead of time that lifts would not be allowed, I'm sure there's a reason for it. Maybe they do it to keep everyone on the same playing field for judging, maybe they do it for liability issues, maybe they don't want stars risking themselves doing stunts they're not ready to do. In any case, the pros know lifts aren't allowed and shouldn't include them in their routines. Somebody has to enforce the rule if it was necessary to include it. Why does that make Carrie-Ann the bad guy because she points it out??

    Somebody commented how could Jacoby keep his butt from sticking out. That has to do with posture. If a man is stooping, it tends to push his butt out. If he stands up straight in correct dance hold, his butt will be more under him. I know Jacoby is tending to stoop because Karina is shorter than him but he needs to maintain his frame as much as he can.

    I don't think it's creepy that Val is dancing with a 16 year old. They're just dancing! I think Val is keeping it professional and tasteful. TPTB decided that a 16 year old should be on the show and someone has to dance with her.
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