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Jaycee: thanks for that info. Where did you find the number of rehearsal hours for each contestant? That's interesting info.
Sorry that it has taken so long for me to answer you, but just came here now and saw your question to me, so I apologize. I belong to other sites and some of them provide links to all sorts of articles, interviews, videos, etc. and it was from one of them they were giving examples of all the celebs and the amount of hours they were putting in. At that time DL was not doing well and his hours were the lowest. Andy Dick on the other end of the scale puts in the most. I also watch After Buzz each week and I find out lots of info from there. You may already watch it, but if not I really recommend it. Anna has joined the regulars and some weeks they have guests. Sharna the pro was on and this week after the shows airing Victor was on.

Since then and if I remember correctly DL himself admitted that he finally decided to devote more practice time and then this week he performed his best dance.