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Thread: Wynonna Judd & Tony Dovolani - Season 16

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    Re: Wynonna Judd & Tony Dovolani - Season 16

    Quote Originally Posted by Jaceegirl View Post
    Alex I must have seen The Judds in concert around the same time as you did and all I can say is that I loved them and their music. It was Wynonna who had the voice. At the time I saw them Wynonna was not a large person at all, but she was dressed from head to toe like she was covering herself up, while her mom Naomii did just as you described and was the show part of the act.

    I may be one of the few who happen to like country music and remember all the great music Wynonna gave me through the years. First with her mom and when they were called The Judds, but after her mom had to quit the show because of being diagnosed with Hepatitis C and Wynonna because just Wynonna. That was a big deal for her as IMO I think her mom was like a crutch to her. I am sure being alone was a big deal for her.

    Wynonna had been asked six different seasons to be on DWTS and turned them down because she was terrified. This season she said yes because her husband Michael Scott “Cactus” Moser who lost his leg in that horrible motorcycle accident asked her to do it. She also asked for Tony to be her partner because she just felt she would feel comfortable with him. I read many comments that wonder why Tony or so and so get stuck with the partners they do. Anna was on After Buzz and said that a lot of things go into who gets who and one of them is personality of the pro and the celeb. Also, many times the celeb asks for certain partners. Using Derek as an example Nicole, Jennifer, Ricki, Kellie…all asked for him. Kirstie asked for Max and Bristol Mark. Just some of the examples.

    Also, when I read comments about Kirstie Ally also being heavy and how she did it. For me that is comparing apples to oranges. Yes, both struggled with weight problems, but the two don't have similar personalities. Kirsty is very outgoing and when I remember seeing Wynonna in her concert and covering herself up from head to toe she was hiding. The only thing I could see was her face and her hands on her guitar. For me that is the apples and oranges part.

    So, she was not the best dancer, but just look at some of the other contenders who are physically fit. I don't see many of them that are miles ahead dance wise than Wynonna. Personalities aside because I love some of these people, but just dance wise take Lisa who has a gorgeous body and yes she can move better than Wynonna did, but dance wise she is not miles ahead. Same could be said for DL, Andy, Victor, Ingo and Sean. For me Kellie, Jacoby, Zandaya and Aly are in another category.

    She may have not been a dancer, but she gave me many years of music and she certainly was a singer. I don't personally know her or what her life has been like. Whether some of us view her one way and others another I just hope she enjoyed her time on the show and IMO I think she did. I think she formed new friendships and that is what she is taking away from this experience.

    If I remember correctly and with all the themes they are doing perhaps country could or has been a theme where they could ask Wynonna back to perform just like they did with Gavin DeGraw. Gavin was another one who could sing, but not able to dance. Loved Gavin, but his personality was different from Wynonna's as well.

    I read something that someone wrote that articulated how I feel when the person wrote: "On Dancing With The Stars we lost another and this time a Country Legend. I’ll never forget how excited my Dad was when he first heard Wynonna Judd was dancing. He had to relive the time he saw her in concert in Casper, Wyoming. Not many big names come to Wyoming, so this was a big deal and says a lot too for Wynonna’s character. Not only does she really care for her fans, she literally loves the country. Though what I’ll always remember about Wynonna is how she did something to step out of her comfort zone and faced her fears for which she continually encourages her fans to do the same. She stood by and lived up to those mottos. What a strong spirit and one full of grace with a great message for us all. Wynonna, you disappointed no one."

    Not trying to make anyone like her who doesn't and just giving my two cents for what they are worth, and how I feel about her. We all have different tastes in music, what we see of people, etc. Just putting your self out there to be judged each and every week has to be the most nerve wracking experience there is. I am not saying she didn't deserve to go dancing wise, but just want to comment on the Wynonna that provided me years of entertainment with her music. jmho
    Jaceegirl, thank you so much for everything you shared in this post! When I saw The Judds perform they were just one act in a show full of a bunch of different bands. I had no clue who they were. Your description of how Wynonna was dressed, completely covered up is exactly as she was when I saw her. She was young and fit, but you wouldn't know it. In fact, when I left that night I thought Wynonna was the mom and Naomi was the daughter. I never followed them after that, but it seems that they/she had a long, successful, hopefully fulfilling career with that beautiful voice.

    Whatever Wynonna's motivation was for going on this show, I hope she's happy for the experience.
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    Re: Wynonna Judd & Tony Dovolani - Season 16

    I am not a big country fan, but I do like most genres, including country, when the music is good. I mentioned back at the beginning that I thought Wynonna had an excellent voice and I've liked many of her songs both alone and early on with her mother, although I do not like Naomi at all. That being said, I found Wynonna's attempts at dance painful to watch. Except for Lisa, all the others have been really trying to learn and have entertained me to a degree regardless of the quality of their dance. Each of the others has improved to some degree. I do not think Wynonna would have been able to improve and I thought her elimination was deserved. JMO
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