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Thread: *Dancing with the Stars Season 16 (Spoilers & Speculation)*

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    Re: *Dancing with the Stars Season 16 (Spoilers & Speculation)*

    Quote Originally Posted by EnglishCadbury View Post
    Bovado (Vegas) oddsmakers

    Zendaya at 2/3 is an implied probability of winning at 60% -unchanged from previous week
    Kellie at 6/5 is an implied probability of winning at 45.45% - that's a slight drop from the previous odds
    Aly at 14/1 is an implied probability of winning at 6.67% - that's the same odds that she had the week previous
    Jacoby at 20/1 is an implied probability of winning at 5.26% - that's also a slight drop from 18/1

    As it stands only Zendaya has a better than even odds of winning. or 50% chance. Of course anyone can win, but the oddsmakers are saying Zendaya has the best chance. Bovado has accurately predicted the order in which contestants would go as well.

    However, Afterbuzz TV is saying Jacoby, Kellie, Aly, Zendaya in that order. Maybe they are going on past history of Football players vs. Disney kids. For me that would totally suck, since I'm a fan of dancing first, but I've also supported Football players in the past, and I don't think Jacoby has the same sort of hall of fame reputation as previous football winners or even runners up.
    I thought After Buzz asked each one who they picked for the order and half picked Kellie first with Jacoby second and the other half picked Jacoby first with Kellie second. I can't remember the Aly and Zandaya picks, but thought some had picked Zandaya for third and the others Aly. Wasn't it Henry the guest for the week who said they were just guesses just like anyone else can guess? Unless you are talking about something else that came out other than their last show.

    I agree, I don't think Jacoby has the football votes behind him because he is relatively new where the football winners that have won were either already retired or in Donald's case one season away from retirement so had lots of years on Jacoby to earn the respect of all football fans in general. For myself I had never heard of Jacoby until the Super Bowl, but in my opinion Jacoby is such an entertainer, and I think he has improved so much as a dancer. When I saw him dance that AT last week, I was so impressed and to hear Louis van Amstel say that dance deserved 11's said a lot to me. I have no idea who will win, but I do think everyone there deserves to be there and any one of them could take it. Some started the show with natural ability, and others grew as the weeks went on. I wish each and every one of them the best of luck. jmho

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    Re: *Dancing with the Stars Season 16 (Spoilers & Speculation)*

    I wonder if the latest commercial where they announce 'THE NEW CHAMPION IS . . .' and they show each of the contestants and the only one smiling is Kellie, is a clue?
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    Re: *Dancing with the Stars Season 16 (Spoilers & Speculation)*

    Aly is getting a ton of support from fellow Olympians on twitter today with them telling people to vote for her. Looks like she is gonna make one final push for the MBT.
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    Re: *Dancing with the Stars Season 16 (Spoilers & Speculation)*

    I just want to see some really good dances. I want to be entertained. I do think either Z or Kellie should win based on pure talent and ability, but rarely does that trump fan base. I haven't voted for any contestant on any reality show in many years. That requires too much investment and steals a bit of my enjoyment.
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    Re: *Dancing with the Stars Season 16 (Spoilers & Speculation)*

    Let the rumors begin...

    Season finale marks end of ‘DWTS’ as it’s been known so far

    by SEAN DALY
    Last Updated: 11:00 AM, May 22, 2013; Posted: 10:27 PM, May 21, 2013


    ‘Dancing with The Stars” will have a very different look when it returns to ABC in September.

    After 16 seasons, TV’s top-rated competition show is being cut to one night a week and given a radical makeover— which will likely include a shakeup at the judge’s table.

    “No one has a confirmed contract yet,” a show source tells The Post. “I think Bruno [Tonioli] will be back, but Carrie Ann [Inaba] and Len [Goodman] are probably gone.

    “The network has been very evasive about it.”

    “Dancing” will also be losing several of its most popular professionals.

    Four-time champ Derek Hough will sit out next season to work on a new scripted show about the world of dance for the Starz cable network. Fellow pro Mark Ballas is also reportedly in talks to appear in his own reality show.

    Fan favorite Cheryl Burke is also unlikely to return, the sources say.

    “[The producers] will use this time to figure out how to restructure the show and trim fat off the budget,” the insider says. “The show has become too expensive.”

    ABC has declined to confirm whether the dancers or contestants will be asked to accept pay cuts now that the Tuesday night results shows have been scrapped.

    Eliminations are now expected to be announced at the beginning of each new episode.

    “What made DWTS stand out was that it was always a variety show,” the source notes. “Now it has become just a dancing show.”

    Host Tom Bergeron — who is expected to remain — admits he understands the show is in need of an overhaul.

    “There’s no denying our numbers have been slipping,” he told Today.com last week.

    Ironically, Monday night’s final four performance finale pulled in 15 million viewers — the show’s best numbers since its premiere last spring.
    It's the New York Post, so at least 20% can be counted on to be bunk. But there have been hints/buzz about some of these supposed changes already...

    Of all the judges to keep...Bruno? Len is the only one worth keeping in order to give the competition a hint of credibility.
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    Re: *Dancing with the Stars Season 16 (Spoilers & Speculation)*

    Sounds like they don't want credibility, though; more variety entertainment and less emphasis on dance. Interesting.
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    Re: *Dancing with the Stars Season 16 (Spoilers & Speculation)*

    I don't mind them keeping Bruno. He's way too over the top for me, but he does know what he's talking about as does Len, whom I would miss. The departure of Carrie Ann would be more than welcome. Louis Amstel would be a great judge IMO, and perhaps someone like Anna to fill the female judge role. But if the plan is to focus on drama and sensationalism, I'm not inclined to be a loyal viewer. I'd watch with remote in hand just for the dances/dancers I like.
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    Re: *Dancing with the Stars Season 16 (Spoilers & Speculation)*

    Mark Spatz wants his own reality show
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    Re: *Dancing with the Stars Season 16 (Spoilers & Speculation)*

    Sounds like the beginning of the end of this show to me-much like AI.
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    Re: *Dancing with the Stars Season 16 (Spoilers & Speculation)*

    Quote Originally Posted by Arielflies View Post
    Sounds like they don't want credibility, though; more variety entertainment and less emphasis on dance. Interesting.
    Hmm. I thought the article said just the opposite, that there would be less variety show and more of a dance focus.
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