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Thread: 11/5 DWTS Performance Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

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    Re: 11/5 DWTS Performance Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Shawn paired with Maks would have been a challenge given that she is 4'11" & he is well over 6" tall. If Derek loses her can you imagine her & Maks!!! Personally I would have LOVED it since those are 2 of my favorites.

    I really only saw the swing dance part last night. I think the placing is pretty much a given as to whom the judges was to go next. I was batting perfect who was the next to be taped out. Remember the original plan was for the judges to pick who was to be sent home last night & then they changed their minds due to Sandy. If they had stuck to that plan Kirstie & Maks would have been gone. That wouldn't have sat well with us fans given the duo's huge fan base & then when it is factored in that Kirstie ran that drive to help people affected by Sandy...no one would have been happy.
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    Re: 11/5 DWTS Performance Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    I like Gilles as a person. I don't like him and Peta, she always looks like her dances are for her, not him. I thought Apolo and Karina weren't scored high enough , but Kirstie and Maks( was she on something??) were over scored. His boots , omg!

    Team Pepto-Bismol, Emmit and Cheryl, other than his hips, I don't see much else going on with this team

    Kelly and Val were okay, at least she smiled this week & he kept his mouth closed, but he over-dances time and time again.

    Derek did a very good job with choreography, Mark and Shawn's dance was one of the best. Melissa and Tony were good, they really are fun to watch. They still remind me of the Osmond's.( bro/sister vibe going on) and I am tired of her legs wide open as he swings her around on his shoulders, cheerleader good, ballroom not so good.
    The swing dance was boring as heck, it was just a filler and those points don't count for much. Marks break dancing was no worse than Emitts handstand. Gilles and Peta were dancing better than some of those that were left to the end. Its all seems so rigged. Gilles looked po'd that he left so early, and Kirstie didn't even try

    Here's hoping next season will be all newbies

    Loved the kids from Utah, excellent dancers
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    Re: 11/5 DWTS Performance Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Tilden View Post
    It never should have happened. If Derek couldn't dance this week, he should have handed over the reins to Mark and sat it out. It's supposed to be about Shawn's ability, and if she's that good, she should have had no problem dealing with another familiar partner for a week--and Derek should have recognized that. Having the two of them collaborate might also have ended up being an advantage for Shawn--just for that reason, Derek should have sat out, so there'd be no question of how having two choreographers might have affected what happened on stage.
    I just wanted to comment on this. The reason that Derek was so involved was due to the fact that there was still a chance that he would be able to dance this week. Therefore he needed to be involved. They even said that the doctors had told him on Monday before the show, that he wasn't cleared to dance. That was why he was there at every rehearsal, etc.

    Regardless, Shawn did fantastic! Seems to me that ALL the contestants were confused this week.
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    Re: 11/5 DWTS Performance Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    I enjoyed last night's show very much. In fact, I am enjoying the the All Stars season much more than I anticipated.

    1. I thought Apolo was underscored. Not sure if it was beause he danced first, which can be a disadvantage, or not. He could be in trouble if he doesn't get better scores next week. This makes me sad because I throw all my votes his way...every week.

    2. Kelly has grown on me. Her dancing has certainly improved since her win the first season. I think she and Val should have won the group dance off (or whatever it was called). I like them.

    3. Gilles is grating on my last nerve. I can't get past his egocentric attitude to even consider his dancing abilities when trying to form an opinion. He's.just.icky.

    4. So happy that Melissa and Tony did so well. They are terriffic but I don't think they'll make it to the finale because I don't think either one of them have enough fans to make it that far. Sad.

    5. Speaking of fans.... Emmitt is pretty much meh for me this season. He seems to be a good guy and I think he's doing his best but I'm not feeling him at all. That said, never underestmate the Dallas Cowboys' fanbase. I come from WI and understand the mindset of Green Bay Packers' fans and I'm positive Emmitt's fans will put him into the finals....somewhere. (Not sure he'll actually win.)

    6. Shawn was outstanding last night!!! I can't say it enough. Wow! Great routine. Loved the music, too. I totally understand why Derek was involved. He absolutely should have been. He's her partner and will be dancing with her again.

    7. Kirstie... Well, it's time for her to go. Really. Love her as a person BUT it's time.

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    Re: 11/5 DWTS Performance Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    I started out wanting Gilles to win this thing because he was ripped off last time, IMO, but I think it's a foregone conclusion at this point that it's not gonna happen. It looked like a good partnership to begin with, but Peta is just not bringing out the best in him, and that's a shame because Cheryl blew it for him last time with that uninspired freestyle. I don't find him arrogant or anything, but I believe he's a perfectionist and he knows Peta isn't doing him any favors, so he seems to be getting irritated.

    At this point, I dont care which celeb wins. It's more about a pro winning who has worked his heart out with a great attitude all these seasons despite very few partners who had a chance in hell at winning. I want Tony to win this time!!
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    Re: 11/5 DWTS Performance Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Did the couples get to select their own songs last night or were they assigned as they normally are? There were some I didn't care for. I think the song assignment brings a definite advantage to those with good songs like Shawn and Mark had. If you compare that song to the one Kelly got, it's not fair.

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    Re: 11/5 DWTS Performance Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    I still think, too, that the judges mark couples down when they don't like the choreography. It's not the stars' fault if their dance pro doesn't give them enough stuff to do or if the judges don't like how the pro melded the two dances together in the fusion this week. It doesn't seem fair to penalize the star when that part of it is out of their control. I kind of think that's what happened to Apolo this week. he did everything that Karina gave him right but the choreography left the judges wanting more.

    I wish that the couples were allowed to choose their own songs. I believe it's been said in the past they don't get to choose. They're told what song they'll be dancing to.

    I'm beginning to agree with others that maybe there shouldn't even be any voting or eliminations. Sign on the stars they want to have each season, have them learn the dances each week. The judges can offer critiques to help them improve. At the end of the season, pick a judges and/or fan favorite to win an award. Maybe the judges' favorite could win the mirror ball trophy and the fan favorite could win money toward their favorite charity, something like that. The scoring is so arbitrary and fan votes kept so secretive, it all comes across as rigged and pointless as it is.
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    Re: 11/5 DWTS Performance Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by navybelle View Post
    Not to start a book discussion here, but with all the rumors of who would be cast as Christian Grey if Fifty Shades becomes a movie, it occurred to me after seeing him in the leather that Maks would make a very compelling possibility. He's already bossy and egotistical! I will have to agree with others about the marathon - hard to see who's doing well and who's not. Every time I focused on Emmitt, he was just standing there as she danced around and on him - he didn't do much. I'm glad Melissa won - she really does a great job.

    - Gets my vote!

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    Re: 11/5 DWTS Performance Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    I'm so glad that it got mentioned Gilles' need to have every dance about "sexy" and "hot." While he doesn't do it for me looks-wise, I can see why women are attracted physically to him. However, I'd like there to be something more in a man than constantly trying for steamy "sex appeal." Humor and humilty are very attractive to me. Even though Derek isn't my favorite pro, he can laugh at himself, and that's attractive. Max has the same ability (sex on a stick?) which makes me like him even more.

    Meanwhile, it made my night to see Tony's joy at winning the dance marathon. On another message board, people are talking about how happy they are for him and that he's "due" considering the duds he's had for partners. I think it's a long shot that he'll capture the mirrorball, but I wouldn't completely count him out for that reason.
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    Re: 11/5 DWTS Performance Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Melissa and Tony majorly overscored, especially in the swing marathon. My guess is she's an ABC employee whom they want to keep around and she isn't getting enough fan votes so they must rig it for her. I think they magnified her injury for that same reason.

    Although I was extremely disappointed that Shawn won in her first season, I must say that she has improved a lot since then and is the only female that I think belongs in the finals along with any combination of Gilles, Apolo, and Emmitt.
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