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Thread: 10/9 DWTS Results Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

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    Re: 10/9 DWTS Results Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Sabrina was technically a very good dancer the first time, but she did not have a strong fan base. She was known basically to kids, pre-teens, young teens, and maybe their mothers because she was a Disney star. She was voted off early because voters did not know her that well, and they voted for contestants they knew and liked better. Fast forward to this season - she is probably an even better dancer now than she was then, but I have a feeling she isn't any better known than she was before. She will struggle to get the fan vote because she simply isn't well known and doesn't have a strong fanbase.

    Why did Sabrina get chosen over the popular, energetic, talented Kyle? I believe the answer might possibly lie in the fact that the roster was already loaded with popular, talented guys, and they just didn't need another one. Sabrina also brought to the table all of that hype about "going home too soon" which is good for stirring up talk like it has done here but which isn't exactly true since she went home as soon as she no longer had enough fan votes coming in to sustain her. It was a shock to the couples, but it is hard to really say that "it was too soon" if she no longer had the votes?

    BTW, Sabrina was in the bottom 2, I believe, a week before she left. I remember looking at DI which was a bit closer than it gets now because texting was not as prevalent as now, and Sabrina was having trouble with the combined score on DI before she went out that week.

    I strongly suspect we will see Shawn in the top 3 and probably the top 2 if for no other reason than because her partner is Derek. The judges LOVE Derek, he is a great choreographer, and Shawn is pretty good. The judges will see to it that she is in the finals.

    Gilles is a definite for the finals. The judges love him, too. My guess for the other spot is between Apolo and Emmit.

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    Re: 10/9 DWTS Results Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Bloomers View Post
    Tilden asked, "By the way, does anyone have any idea what "Broadway" would have meant, had Helio/Chelsie been able to dance it? Seems to me that Broadway dancing styles vary greatly depending on the show in question."

    If I am not mistaken, on So You Think You Can Dance Broadway dancing style refers to musical theatre. Therefore, we might hear either a classic from a great Broadway musical or even a more recent splash that the pro has choreographed a dance that would be typical of the kind of dance that would be done to that song on stage.

    See, that's my problem with calling "Broadway" a dance style. It could be virtually anything and could thus be used to highlight the strengths of that particular star, depending on whether the "musical" the choreographer chose was one that included a ballroom type number or a Latin number of something that could be basically a freestyle. It's hardly fair for one couple to have an advantage like that over someone who has a mambo or Charleston, where there's way less leeway in terms of the dance itself.

    I realize it's a moot point when it comes to Broadway, since Helio had that, but there are other "styles" that seem to have more variety built into them that are left and others that have standards that are quite specific. That's really not fair. Either choose broadly defined or specifically designed "styles" for everyone but don't mix them up. And really, they couldn't come up with enough styles that aren't done often or at all on DWTS that the choreographer/partner wouldn't be more familiar with than, say, Bollywood? They've only done the Lindy once, and I think they've either never done American swing or only done it once. And did they need every couple doing a different dance? Couldn't they have chosen just three or four dances and once one dance had been "assigned" a specific number of times, have it be dropped from the list of possible dances for the rest of them?
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    Re: 10/9 DWTS Results Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by I'm here View Post
    Its true... he did. That was one hideous looking man and/or woman.

    There is NO way that man could EVER look hideous!
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