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Thread: 9/24 DWTS All Stars: Premiere **West Coast Spoilers**

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    Re: 9/24 DWTS All Stars: Premiere **West Coast Spoilers**

    I know Pam was not good last night, but Good Morning America had Wendy Williams doing critiques this morning and she said Pam needs to go home. Wendy Williams said that. Um, really, GMA?? Have they forgotten about Wendy on DWTS?? Sheesh.
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    Re: 9/24 DWTS All Stars: Premiere **West Coast Spoilers**

    As much as I'm not a Sabrina fan, I did enjoy seeing Louis dance with partner who's got real talent. He doesn't have to "dumb down" his choreography for her. Louis is one of the pros who never gets a partner who's accused of being a ringer.
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    Re: 9/24 DWTS All Stars: Premiere **West Coast Spoilers**

    Wow! Gilles was smokin' and elegant, as always. Very much enjoyed that dance.

    Apolo and Karina don't have the same chemistry as Julianne and Apolo, but that can be developed over time. I enjoyed their dance a lot, but he better cut that hair or use more hair product. Didn't like the hair flip flopping around.

    Drew. Can take him or leave him. Doesn't it seem that he gets suits that don't fit properly? That or his movements just look weird.

    Emmitt sure has rhythm, working those hips of his. Sweet!

    Shawn and Derek are great dancers, and I agree that it didn't seem like much of a fox trot. How could it be though with the music they were given? Derek was given a wide berth to go outside the box courtesy of the producers.

    Kelly and Val do have chemistry and she has definitely improved. LIke she said, her show was only 6 weeks. Can she handle the schedule, her real job plus more than one dance in a week?

    Can any of the early show/older performers? Hmmm. That goes for Joey, Apolo, Emmitt and Helio. They didn't have to deal with the marathon dance, Insta dance, and Team Dances did they? Mind you, Kirstie handled it so I guess the athletes can too. Guess we'll have to see how adaptable the former early winners are.

    As with Drew, I could take it or leave it when it comes to Melissa. She won't have that dreaded heartbroken storyline but *some* Bachelor/ette fans are loyal, dedicated and a little bit cray cray. She might be around for longer than I want to see her. Bristol might be too, since Mama Palin showed up. UGH!

    Leave it to Kirstie to steal the show with that kiss! Then Tom's reaction. HILARIOUS. I still don't know what to think of their dancing though. It wasn't bad, wasn't great maybe just OK.
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