In every season of DWTS we have issues with posters repeatedly hammering home their opinions of various celebrities and pros to the point that other members are reporting the posts and it gets to the level of baiting and trolling.

SO, before the season officially starts - and we're already seeing problems - here's the deal:
  • State your opinion and move on. This is the all-stars season, so it's a good bet that other posters already know how you feel about the various contestants and their professional partners. There is no need to keep bashing various dancers over and over. Yes, our rules state that anyone on a reality TV show is fair game for criticism. However, when your posts begin to come off as passive aggressive baiting, we're stepping in.
  • Peppering a contestants thread - or the episode discussion threads - with the same nasty comments, ad nauseum. We get it. You don't like so-and-so. Move on.
  • The same goes for incessantly cheerleading for one contestant in another contestant's thread.
  • If you ignore this post, you will receive an infraction for ignoring a moderator warning. This thread is stickied at the top of this forum, so you have no excuse not to see it.
  • If you think this doesn't apply to you, you're wrong.
  • We have the ability to remove a poster's access to specific forums, so if you can't play nice, we'll just block your access to this forum.

As always, we won't tolerate homophobic comments. Additionally, this is not a political forum, so keep the talk of the Palin family's politics to a bare minimum. If you want to talk politics, visit the Current Events forum.

Have fun and enjoy the season!