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Thread: 4/2 DWTS 14 Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

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    Re: 4/2 DWTS 14 Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by jucamer View Post

    Didn't see that one at all!
    You didn't??? It was Mark, so the high scores should be no surprise. (GAG)
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    Re: 4/2 DWTS 14 Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    My first comment about tonight's show is: Donald Driver is awesome! Love that guy, and his story was so heartbreaking. I thought his dance was terrific, and I loved how he went over to his wife afterwards and gave her a kiss. He's genuinely a good guy. As far as his backstory, I believe he was also homeless and that's why he does so much for homeless charities.

    Then, the other thing that sticks out to me about the show is the awful singing. It was so distracting, especially the Madonna song. Hated it.

    Some of those dances did not deserve the 8s and 9s, that's for sure. I don't get this high scoring, why would they want to inflate the scores this early in the season?

    Jaleel's crying was very weird - I didn't get it at all why he was crying, then when he came up with just liking entertaining people? Huh? If Jaleel really was so awful to Kym, and lashed out at the producers and others that day, I hope Kym gets a break and he's voted off. I can't imagine the relationship after something like that - how does she trust him, fearing his temper whenever something goes wrong? They have to spend LOTS of time together, and it's not all fun and games, so the stress must be intense. If I were her, I'd tread lightly (a Ben comment!), back off, and if he doesn't do well, oh well. She should not have to work under those conditions, if indeed that's what happened.

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    Re: 4/2 DWTS 14 Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Someone wondered on FoRT a week or so ago whether working with his British singer would bring out Mark's accent from the years he spent living in England. I thought I heard it several times during their rehearsal footage tonight.

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    Re: 4/2 DWTS 14 Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by tango7 View Post
    I think Jaleel's crying was guilt and shame. The incident happened Friday, and while they may have made up . . .they had to . . . .he knows the story was made public.
    SO Us Weekly is the only source? Every article i have read quotes Us Weekly article. Is there any other proof? I have no idea if it is true or not, but so far it is just everyone else quoting the gossip rag.

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    Re: 4/2 DWTS 14 Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    This week was much better than last week, which actually surprised me. With the samba, jive, and a bunch of rumbas, I figured this season would continue on a downward spiral. And the only downside to this show anymore are the 3 babbling stooges with their overscoring, over/under praising, lack of actual constructive criticism, OTT theatrics, and embarrassing declarations of love and not knowing their history or what they're talking about. What's the point of them again? Because they're worthless. And pointless.

    I hate to say it, but I'm most worried for Melissa tomorrow. I hate the thought of even losing Maks this early But her dance wasn't too hot. And I don't really think it's so much tension and nerves on the floor, although I think that's part of it. She seemed more loose tonight, and to have fun, and I think she and Maks are having fun together. But the judges suddenly love her dance, as they did everyone tonight, and there's no wiggle room in regards to her score and half the cast. Jack and Gavin didn't do as horribly as I thought, and I'd be slightly surprised for either of them to go tomorrow. But they'd be my next guess. Jack didn't murder the samba as I thought. He seems a tad gangly and like he needs better control of his limbs, but aside from that, I thought he did a pretty good job for that dance. And he's a lot of fun and just cutting loose out there. This is the best I've seen Gavin do so far. Being in the bottom 2 last week, and having a really good performance this week, may help him stick around. He still doesn't do anything for me, though, so I could care less if he went home.

    I feel like deja vu all over again with Katherine/Mark. It's just like Kristi/Mark. They've been the consistant leaderboard toppers, and one week someone will topple them and Tom will make a big deal over it (and Brooke will the next time someone else gets 10s). I knew that score was coming for her tonight. She's lovely, she's a fabulous dancer, and I can relate to her story tonight more than anyone elses, but I think she's a tad overrated. If she's worth a 10 now, will she just be getting perfect scores from now until the end? And is this their way of giving Mark a third trophy? William, as gorgeous as he is, and he did amazing tonight, I also feel like they're propping up to keep in for the long haul. Unknowns that were surprises like Gilles and Kyle felt more natural, not like they needed the judges undying love and praise and high scores and pimp spots to stay in every week. Not to say Gilles didn't get his fair share of those, but again, it just feels like the show is pushing too hard. I love Maria, and I don't often compliment Derek (or the rumba) but that will go down as one of my favorites of that dance. I don't think any dance deserved a 9 or 10 tonight, but that would have been the dance I would have given 10s to. I think Donald is being robbed in the scores. I have to think he's running away with the fan votes for them to love him that much but score him the way they do. And it's not a shabby score, but between Katherine and Maria, he should have tied one of them.

    I don't know if Gladys got 3 8s for being Gladys or what, but I enjoyed her performance the least tonight. I'm giving Jaleel the benefit of the doubt with all this drama, because it's so easy for stuff to spread online and blow up. Many pros and celebs have complained about that in the past, and even blamed TPTB for airing footage that happened weeks ago but choose to make it seem like they're having trouble with their partner when they really aren't. I'm sure that footage is coming next week. Or the show will issue a statement. Either way, I don't know if it was as dramatic as reported. And I don't exactly trust US Weekly. But I really hate story week. Glad it's over. They need new singers, because those people aren't even bad, they're beyond bad, terrible, horrible. I can't even believe they think they can sing or the show doesn't hear anything wrong with them.
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    Re: 4/2 DWTS 14 Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Allie View Post
    SO Us Weekly is the only source? Every article i have read quotes Us Weekly article. Is there any other proof? I have no idea if it is true or not, but so far it is just everyone else quoting the gossip rag.
    I am judging Jaleel on his dancing and leaving the gossip where it belongs in the rags. I don't have time for the half truths of rag mags. I think he is an excellent dancer and hope he sticks around.
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    Re: 4/2 DWTS 14 Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Katherine and Mark were fabulous, her story talking about her father got to me more than any other. I had to fly to the UK when my father was in an hospice, I know I couldn't ( still) talk about it then dance. Bravo to them.Elegant and fabulous

    Derek and Marie, Derek can make his partner look like they have danced for several weeks , not just three. Wonderful ,sensual, and so well done. I rewound it three times to watch it. Excellent couple .

    William and Cherly I liked it, I didnt find it as great at the judges did. Somehow as sexy as this man is, it seems like its forced at times I saw him button his shirt as he walked up to see Brooke,he can dance . no need for all this sexiness.

    Jaleel and Kym.It was good, he can dance, I didnt get the crying at the end, I know he is glad this week is over, its a stressful time for them all ( and emotional)

    Gavin and Karina I like him, he's gentle, and he 's a gentleman. I hope he doesn't go tommorw night

    Val and Sherri I admit to tears when she spoke of her son, she might not be everyone's cup of tea, but she loves her boy. I thought she danced well, she's really trying.Val is very good with her.

    Gladys and TristanWere good, not great.

    Jack and Anna,I didnt like the song, or the costumes. Something has not clicked with this couple(as a couple) I dont feel a connection

    Donald and Petra I find myself loving his dancing more each week.

    Roshon and Chelsea He just makes me smile, I dont know if its his youthful exuberance, or his love of MJ tonight. I really enjoyed this kid, and Chelsie is so good

    It was a good evening. I cant choose who goes home.
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    Re: 4/2 DWTS 14 Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    I was able to see Jack, Maria, Katherine, Melissa, Roshon, William and Donald.

    My fave dances were Roshon's and William's. I love the samba! Almost makes me want to get up and dance too, except I don't have anyone to dance with and my cat would object! lol

    Jack was good, there is some improvement. Sometimes he just looks awkward and maybe it's because he is so tall with long limbs. Still enjoyable to me.

    How Derek was able to choreograph that dance to the song that was playing, I don't know how he does it. The only disappointing thing was that the awful music took a little bit away from the dance.

    Now I know why CA wasn't docking for lifts because there was one in Katherine's dance. Beautiful dance, but certainly not 10 worthy, especially with a lift.

    Melissa. That was all kinds of wrong. It's too bad that she didn't have the rumba as well.

    Donald and Peta just dance so well together, I enjoyed their dance very much.
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    Re: 4/2 DWTS 14 Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Watched at work and just catching up here.

    I hate story week! The scores are always over inflated because the judges can't really score based on technique since it would seem mean and as if they are down playing someones tragedy.

    Jack...those hip thrusts at the start of his dance were just so wrong and I never want to see that on my TV screen again.

    The singers are terrible. They butchered Material Girl. I kept waiting for it to speed up, but it never did. I couldn't concentrate on the dance because I was so distracted by the music.

    Jaleel. Didn't hear about the fight until I tuned in here but I said to my co-worker as we were watching...Stephan? Really, that is his most memorable moment? And that crying at the end? I thought he was trying to act and was having a hard time keeping a straight face because he just couldn't compete with the touching, tragic stories around him.

    Donald...underscored again while William overscored. I know he is supposed to be all sexy and getting me hot and bothered but I'm just not feeling it. I remember Giles and sigh. I'm not sure if it's just him or because CA and Bruno are getting more and more out of control with their stupid, sex obsession based scoring, but I can become very stuborn when someone is trying to shove something down my throat and I dig my heels and refuse to go with the flow.

    I had such high hopes for this season after the first episode, but as someone earlier wrote, I should have known that the judges would somehow manage to mess it up!!!
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    Re: 4/2 DWTS 14 Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Thanks for recapping guys! Appreciate it, I'm too busy to watch because of exam week. (Boo,) But I have to agree with a lot of you guys, judges are overscoring, (from watching the dances of the last two weeks) why do they have to do that? I can't believe the '10' paddle was already shown.

    I read the article about Jaleel and Kym, if that's true that's awful. I did manage to catch the part when he cried, I'm not sure what to think, but I could tell that Kym was uncomfortable and was fake smiling.

    Look forward to read the recaps of tommorow elimination. Hopefully, it's not Maks/Melissa (tee-hee) c:
    Is it wrong for me to hope there's a surprise elimination?
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