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Thread: 11/22 Finale Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

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    Re: 11/22 Finale Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by pikachu View Post
    It offended me when Len took the time to congratulate the band during JR's performance. If the hosts or judges feel the band and singers need kudos, they should give it during the breaks or something instead of wasting time set aside for a dancer to get constructive criticism. The show is Dancing With the Stars, not Battle of the Bands. Get your priorities straight, Len!
    Thinking about it, I have put in one possibility - maybe Len didn't want to say what I think the producers wanted and this was his only out. I think he already knew that JR was going to win and didn't want to spoil it for either dancer. This is nice because it's a huge restraint from the incident with Evan already knowing from the judges comments to the other dancer he wasn't going to win.

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    Re: 11/22 Finale Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

    Good point

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    Re: 11/22 Finale Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

    A regular schedule of acknowledgment and praise for band and singers is probably required in their contracts. As the man in charge, Len has to do it.
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