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Thread: 11/21 DWTS13 Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

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    Re: 11/21 DWTS13 Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Fanny Mare View Post
    See, I didnt even miss him
    You weren't watching it was a few seasons ago

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    Re: 11/21 DWTS13 Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

    The only pros who haven't taken a break/been benched by the producers have been Mark, Cheryl, and Tony. Everyone else has had at least one season off somewhere in there.

    Umm Maks already took a break for a season
    He's polarizing, great eye candy for those of us who love him, causes drama, speaks his mind, puts together great routines, and pinches Tom's behind. We'd be missing all of that this season without him Look at what has been the most talked about this season-the drama with the judges. Barely anything else had any shelf life in the media, except J.R.
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    Re: 11/21 DWTS13 Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

    Okay, we're having too much silly bickering in this thread, so I'm closing it. Remember that, while we allow all opinions about reality show contestants, you don't have to beat a dead horse with your opinions. When you do that, it's moving into troll territory and we're not going to put up with it. State your opinion and move on.

    Keep this in mind too in tonight's show thread. While everyone has their opinions and favorites, it's just a silly reality dance competition. Keep some perspective and enjoy the show for what it is
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