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I see no reason for the judges to disrespect Hope - Maks was tired of it and I'm glad he told them off. It needed doing - and he did it.
The judges have been inconsistent in their judging this season. They judge some contestants on how they dance, some on their effort, some on their potential, and some on their pro's choreography.
There needs to be some kind of standard - with maybe a little bit of leeway - and then stick with it.

That said, I understand Maks' frustration and why he questioned the judges on it; somebody needs to! However, when Len made the remark about how long he had been in the business and Maks came back with his remark, I out and out winced. That was incredibly rude, and there was no excuse for it. Maks owes Len an apology for that one. That was unkind and unprofessional on the part of Maks, and I suspect that Maks regrets making that particular remark - which I feel he made in the heat of the moment.

Not every celebrity is made for or meant for being on this show. This just might not be the right venue for Hope. She is a marvelous athlete and is at the top in her field. However, there is also her personal temperament to take into account which just may not have computed well to learning ballroom dancing.

Maks and Hope both tend to be fiery in nature. Maybe this just wasn't a great idea?