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Thread: 10/24 DWTS13 Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

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    Re: 10/24 DWTS13 Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by pikachu View Post
    Oh, well. I'm obviously in the minority again. I didn't think anything Len said was out of line. I agreed with most of his judgements tonight, although I think he should have given JR a 10 for his dance since he had nothing bad to say about it.

    Both effort and skill have to be factored in for the judging. Even though Hope is trying, she's not progressing as quickly as some of the other stars. She doesn't have the physical handicaps to overcome that Chaz does (overweight, bad knees) so she has no excuse for not doing better than she is. Personally, at this point I think she and Chaz are running neck and neck on where they started from and where they are now so I think their scores were fair.
    Don't worry I've been in the minority when it came to Big Brother, this season and last.

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    Re: 10/24 DWTS13 Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

    I have a feeling that Hope/Maks will be the ones sent packing tomorrow night, and we can thank Maks and his big mouth for that.
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    Re: 10/24 DWTS13 Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

    Really not getting the Hope Hate on Len's part....it seems to have been there for most of the season, imho. Why is Chaz still on this show? IDK, I haven't watched baseball in years....but this season of DWTS has me turning the channel to watch the world series...lots of nonsense.

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    Re: 10/24 DWTS13 Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

    That bust up may have saved Hope another week. It might not have helped, but I'm betting she was already gone. Maks just went out fighting. Of course, he'll get blamed, and I'm sure the judges and show will spin it not to upset the great ones, or else. The great ones-a former fly girl and Elton John choreographer. I think Len's the only one with actual ballroom experience. However, the bust up Len had with the Strictly pro, also had them clashing over experience, and the pro telling Len that they knew what they were talking about, not him. And now Maks says practically the same thing Hmm I don't care who it is, it's uncalled for to say someone had their worst dance. They're trying. The 3 stooges have no credbility left, and no one cares what they have to say or score. Any credibility they may have had left was gone this season. You know TPTB must think it's a bad season by trying to instigate drama. That wasn't Hope's best dance, but it was far from her worst. She was miles ahead of Chaz. I'd say she was even with Nancy. Maks spoke the truth: they're inconsistant butt kissers to the chosen ones. I'll stand by unless you're Derek, Mark, Cheryl, or Kym, you likely won't win. Unless you get miraculously lucky like Karina apparently did. But I'm sure they'll be a "surprise" coming there

    Two hours is way too long with 12 couples, but with 7? They could condense it to an hour and still have time to kill. As for the actual performances:

    Chaz: was it me, or did it seem like Lacey was a little peeved during the rehearsal footage? Maybe she's afraid of becoming the Bristol Palin 2.0 couple this season. The judges are totally kissing up to Chaz so they don't upset Cher or ruin the non existant ratings bump that his casting brought. He's horrible. He can't dance. He should go. He's a nice guy, but he's bad, and the judges need to be slapped. Oh, and the band needs to be banned from singing 'The Phantom of the Opera' or get slapped for that.

    David: simply delightful, nothing negative about his performance. I love him and absolutely adore Kym. If someone has to repeat a win, I hope it's her. But his time will come to get thrown under the bus. So far, he's showing improvement, and real commitment about wanting to get better and not just focusing on the funny. Ballroom is better for him. Since Carson's gone and there's no hope for Hope making the finals, I hope David is the third person in there. He'll probably come in third.

    J.R.: Once again robbed. I feel like they can't stand to have someone in the top spot over their chosen one. I worry he'll get thrown under the bus at some point, too. Len's comments about holding him to a different standard shows the inconsistancy in their judging. Loved their quickstep as much as Evan/Anna's version when they danced to this song back in season 10. There's nothing not to love about this guy. He's just the perfect everything, and I'm happy for Karina.

    Ricki: seeing shades of Nicole and Jennifer. Hopefully her "I don't mind being second to the war hero" is foreshadowing to a J.R. victory over Ricki, and not an omen that she'll have some alleged underdog comeback and steal the trophy from him (it's all Derek, not her). It seems like Derek's arrogance is rubbing off on her big time, or she's believing her own hype. I can't even be surprised by the 2 10s Derek's biggest fans on the judging panel. I wouldn't care if she left, just to see CA break down and the show scramble without their golden child.

    Nancy: Love Tristan, but she can go. She's boring, and I don't get the 9. Her dance really wasn't much better than Hope's. She's not bringing any sort of baggage that creates drama, ratings, or a Kelly Osbourne-ish edit. I think the producers are looking for any sort of angle to save this season. Ricki and Nancy are supposed to be the underdogs who are losing weights.

    Hope: If Maks wants to leave, he'll leave, but I doubt the producers will get rid of him. He's too popular, and obviously brings controversy. However, the judges will no doubt continue to hold a grudge for being told they're wrong and what's obvious to everyone else. They haven't given Hope a chance. They poo-poo everyone else, but nitpick her like they did Carson. I think last week was a breaking point when she said she felt like she couldn't do anything right. They can't find anything positive, but cry and cheer over Chaz. I don't blame Maks one bit for sticking up for himself and his partner. If the other pros didn't get it, they're probably the judges favorites or have chosen celebs.

    Rob: Don't like him, CA's obsession with him, or his family. Especially Khloe, who needs to zip it.

    So this season, they bring back the group dance (to probably benefit the weaker dancers that are left), and announce only one week in how many seasons when someone really landed in the bottom 2. A final 6 of J.R., Ricki, David, Chaz, Nancy, and Rob is depressing. That's the worst line up ever. And thinking of being Maks-less next season is even more depressing Especially thinking of being treated to Derek, Mark, and Dmitry (who likely will come back in his place). Nice guy, but boring. This season can't get over fast enough. I hope the ratings keep falling. Truthfully, I was expecting the bust up to be a lot worse. Maks had a valid point, and I think he's tired of trying and being told everything that's wrong. If the judges were more fair and balanced, he probably wouldn't have said a word. I think Hope's been overscored, but in comparsion to others, it evens out. I think he was trying to be funny when he told Len to get out of ballroom. Personally, I think Len could use a little break myself He can take CA, Bruno, and Brooke with him. Looking back at the early seasons, this show ain't what it used to be in any form. Even Heather Mills got judged somewhat to her ability! I remember my biggest beef there was Len not talking off for her falling during a dance.
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    Re: 10/24 DWTS13 Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by karalott View Post
    Yes. Although he was a tad bit calmer over there, until this season. Len's actually the nice judge over there.

    The group swing from season 4 will forever be my favorite group dance. And I loved the group Viennese Waltz during season 2.

    Kate said she was told her original choice of a pro wouldn't have been a good fit for her (likely Maks, who would have probably killed her, himself, or both). Poor Tony. I still feel sorry for him for all the partners he's had to endure.

    So Hope's a goner tomorrow. I think she already was, but Maks's outburst likely confirmed it.
    So, Bruno finally made it out of his cage over there, too, huh?

    Why am I SO not surprised?

    Say WHAT?

    Len? NICE???????

    'Y kiddin' me, right?

    *Sighs, shakes head . . .*

    Will wonders NEVER cease?

    THE GROUP SWING! THAT was it! I couldn't remember the name of the theme when I first posted about that, but that one's tied with the 60s-themed dance for my all-time favorite group dance.

    And I agree . . .

    Unless there's a REALLY big upset, Maks probably pushed Hope out the door and agitated the gravel right behind her.

    And yes, I DID get thrown into a Personal Summer watching him defend her.

    The man, CLEARLY, had had ENOUGH.
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    Re: 10/24 DWTS13 Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

    Really enjoyed Nancy! great dance. Riki and Derek..wow! just wow!JR was great I think Hopeless should go home, she clearly isnt having fun.Maks should zip it! hes a bore
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    Re: 10/24 DWTS13 Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

    I have to say it - I'm in agreement with Maks. Yes, I know people criticize him for attacking the judges, but the point is they're not giving Hope really fair criticism. She tries just as hard as Chaz, but she is reamed and he is praised. I'm sorry, I DO NOT CARE his mom is Cher, he simply can't dance. He is the equivalent of Kate and Bristol - there for ratings and less for ability.

    If they were seriously judging her dancing, she improved. This dance showed a more sexy side to their dancing, and she was at her best. This was actually IMHO her BEST dance, not worst.

    What was worse? - You could TELL in Carrie Ann's face that she was smirking when she criticized Hope and wanted to tear her down a couple of pegs. Len also was out of line and cruel. I dare say it but Bruno was the only one who was totally honest and nice about the whole situation - and most probably know I ripped him up one side and down the other for last year's comment to Karina regarding her costume.

    Maks is outspoken; however, he doesn't speak out unless it's justified I've noticed. He did it here, he did it with Brandi and other times. It's obvious Carrie Ann STILL holds a grudge on him for something that happened years ago (regarding a lift debate or whatnot), Len has permanently put a stereotype on Hope that she simply doesn't try when it's CLEAR she is trying, and IMHO harder than people think, and frankly, ALL THREE have obvious bias toward Derek and Mark when Mark is still there.

    Honestly, I hope that Chaz or Nancy go before Hope this week just to spite the judges, who are IMHO trying to oust Hope so they can get rid of Maks before they get to finals week.

    And yes - I'm tired of Derek being the golden boy. I didn't think their dance was equal to JR and Karina's. That said.... I would NOT be surprised if they do what they can to guarantee Derek wins the trophy.

    JR and Karina's dance was delightful - PLUS JR actually attempted to do that split jump with Karina, and landed it quite well. He had a bent knee admittedly, but given that most men wouldn't even ATTEMPT This type of jump unless they were a gymnast in their earlier days or could do the splits (I don't know of many non-pro males who have done this) this was truly amazing. And it looked good overall.


    I mean - there is enough of the song to fit that time frame without the part where Christine does the vocal bridges. The bridges really ruined the dance as much as Chaz didn't dance well.

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    Re: 10/24 DWTS13 Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

    This was a great show.

    Derek's choreography is a big reason why I watch this show. He is **amazing**.

    LOVED the Broadway theme. SOOO much fun! My favorite them of them all.

    I would be quite happy if Hope went next. She is fighting the process and it's painful to watch. Ok, maybe I'd be ok if Chaz went next. Either one of them would be fine with me - both this week and next.
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    Re: 10/24 DWTS13 Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*


    I so love Maks for calling the judges out. A 9 for Nancy's dance ... really? And then CA saying Nancy gets bonus points for the group dance? Hope is not the best dancer out there for sure, but Nancy Grace isn't any better than Hope. The judges have their noses so far up Nancy's, Rob's and Ricki's butts.

    And what's with Ricki saying she belongs at the top of the leader board? She's already declared that she is either winning this or is at the very least coming in second. Arrogant much?

    Karalott ... what was Maks saying when he said this was his show? Did he have something to do with pitching this type of show to start with?

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    Re: 10/24 DWTS13 Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by jucamer View Post
    Maks said it was his show - he made it what it is
    Maks was totally out of line.
    After last season, I had some respect for him.
    His comments tonight were totally unprofessional.
    And, he seems to think he's the only dancer on this show.
    Sorry, Maks,. but you're really not as good as you seem to think you are.
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