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Thread: 10/10 Show Discussion DWTS 13 *West Coast Spoilers*

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    Re: 10/10 Show Discussion DWTS 13 *West Coast Spoilers*

    Hmmmmmmm . . .

    What comes to MY mind, mindy, is not so much REPLACING Brooke with Carson, but, perhaps, making Carson sort of a satellite/roving reporter for the show . . .

    I agree with you that the Powers That Be might find the show too male top-heavy if they booted Brooke (and yep, I've got to admit that PART of why I tune in is to see what they've dressed her in, what hair/makeup she's rocking, etc.).

    THAT said . . .

    Carson could catch the couples at rehearsals, do backstage and background stuff with the wardrobe department and the band/singers (PLEASE DON'T FLAME ME FOR THAT, Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!!!), the Troupe, etc., etc. And, particularly since he's a fashion maven, I'd LOVE to see him head up an interview with the Wardrobe department to show us how costumes are selected in the first place (does the pro always do it, or does Wardrobe, except for the times the celebrity dancers have made the choice?), then walk them through sketches (if those are made), construction, fittings, all the way through to the final phase, when you actually see them on whoever the dancer is. I'd also love to see him in the Makeup department, taking us through a celebrity or dancer who comes in with a (hopefully!) fresh face, all the way through how they get to the final made-up presentation with all that spackle and shellac they're wearing (the MEN, too, although I suspect they'd never let him NEAR Maks!). I'm talking false eyelashes, the whole bit. This would include selections of hairstyles, AND wig choices (OMG!), too. Back on the Wardrobe side of it, I'd also like to know --- with Carson doing the asking, of course! --- how jewelry is selected, shoes. He could also do the judges, too!

    Hell, they could even feature HIM one week doing the mindwork and costume/makeup selection for one of the couples, the judges, or whoever. Since he's had some dance experience, now, he'd have a good idea what direction to go into.

    I realize that some of what I've said above may have already been done in dribs and drabs on the show over the seasons . . .

    But with CARSON leading the charge, can you IMAGINE what a hoot that would be? And how INTERESTING? He would hold your attention because you'd be hanging on to hear whatever his next word would be, and at the same time, you'd also be learning something about what goes into a TV dancer's life behind the scenes of the ballroom floor. Not just the dance rehearsals, but an in-depth look at the whole package.

    I'd tune in just to see his reports, and God knows, he'd be a HELL of a lot better filler than at least 75% of what they're already doing, and have done, in the past. Carson's so warm, funny, likeable and humble, he'd knock it out of the park.

    It might even send their ratings through the roof if they got smart and signed him up for a gig like that!
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    Re: 10/10 Show Discussion DWTS 13 *West Coast Spoilers*

    Great idea, ness. I would much rather see spots on behind the scenes action than the endless guest dancers and singers they use as filler.

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    Re: 10/10 Show Discussion DWTS 13 *West Coast Spoilers*

    I totally agree - Carson, roving background reporter, and show us the behind the scenes...I tape/ff through the guests and silly non-show related filler!

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