I, too, was turned off by David's shirt being open. I couldn't tell if he had chest hair or tattoos in the front, but his chest just was not attractive. Seemed he did have chest hair, and while I personally like that, it doesn't look good for ballroom dancing. I'm sure Maks, Tony, Val, etc., all have chest hair, but they have it waxed for a clean look. David's chest and torso just did not look "clean." He looked grubby to me. JR is getting royally ripped off in scoring. He's been the best the past two weeks, but his scores do not reflect that. I also think Derek is immensely talented ... we all know that by now ... but the judges' Derek worship has gone too far. Even Len made a point of saying how great Derek's choreography was in his comments about their dance. I would say Karina's choreography was especially beautiful, too.