The mod team thought it was a good idea to set down the rules for discussing this season of DWTS now, before the discussion goes any further. Recently, a poster here referred to Chaz Bono as ďa thing.Ē Letís be clear: We WILL NOT put up with posts like this.

If you feel like you just canít say anything about Chaz without including a nasty jab about his gender, then just donít say anything, because ignorant, hateful posts about him will be deleted. Just as we donít put up with racist or homophobic statements, we wonít put up with any hateful comments about Chazís transgender status. Talk about his two left feet or his sense of style or anything else. As always, we allow positive and negative comments about all reality show participants - the exception is when the comments are racist, homophobic or prejudicial. We have never, and will never, allow posters to cross that line.

We hope that Chazís appearance on this season of the show will allow lots of people to remedy their ignorance about the transgender community. This is supposed to be a fun, fluffy reality show, but if you persist in posting rude comments about his transgender status, it will result in infractions. If you donít know anything about transgender individuals, hereís your chance to learn.
Answers to Your Questions About Transgender Individuals and Gender Identity

It goes without saying that any homophobic comments about Carson Kressley or any other participant on this show will be dealt with in the same way that they always have been - deletions and/or infractions. Please check your ignorance at the door and enjoy the season!