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Thread: *Dancing With the Stars Official Cast Reveal (Fall-Season 13)*

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    Re: *Dancing With the Stars Official Cast Reveal (Fall-Season 13)*

    The pairings are:

    * David Arquette and Kym Johnson
    * Ricki Lake and Derek Hough
    * Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy
    * Nancy Grace and Tristan MacManus
    * Ron Artest and Peta Murgatroyd
    * Chaz Bono and Lacey Schwimmer
    * Elisabetta Canalis and Val Chmerkovskiy
    * Kristen Cavallari and Mark Ballas
    * Robert Kardashian and Cheryl Burke
    * J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff
    * Chynna Phillips and Tony Dovolani
    * Carson Kressley and Anna Trebunskaya

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    Re: *Dancing With the Stars Official Cast Reveal (Fall-Season 13)*

    Thanks, Dad! I also heard Hope and Maks. They must've announced the rest when I went downstairs and changed tvs.

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    Re: *Dancing With the Stars Official Cast Reveal (Fall-Season 13)*

    Derek and Ricki , that's a good choice, and Chaz and Lacey, also good. I was pretty underwhelmed, but I guess I will check it out

    thanks for posting this

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    Re: *Dancing With the Stars Official Cast Reveal (Fall-Season 13)*

    I did not know whom half these people were so I looked them up. I had no idea that JR was Brot on AMC. I just absolutely love him. When did dating an actor make you a star?

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    Re: *Dancing With the Stars Official Cast Reveal (Fall-Season 13)*

    Quote Originally Posted by MHcarrollton View Post
    I did not know whom half these people were so I looked them up. I had no idea that JR was Brot on AMC. I just absolutely love him. When did dating an actor make you a star?
    The same time being the brother or the child of one made you a star! I guess we missed that memo, lol
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    Re: *Dancing With the Stars Official Cast Reveal (Fall-Season 13)*

    I can live with these pairings. I adore Ricki Lake, and I'm glad she got Derek out of the choices that were left (thank God it wasn't Mark). But I really don't want Derek to win again. I was hoping he'd get a bit of a challenge for once, but I think Ricki will pick up where Kirstie Alley left off, except possibly win it. She's in the "older" (and I use that term loosely, so don't throw anything at me) category on the show, is a performer, has struggled with weight loss, and seems to be genuinely well liked. Maybe more so than Kirstie was on paper (I think she gained a lot of fans while on the show). Plus, reading exchanges between Derek fanatics on twitter, I'm convinced they'd vote for him partnering Kate Gosselin or a paper bag. Oh well, at least if they win, half the pairing will make me happy. I just hope the judges don't go overboard with their 10s and praises now that their eye candy is back. That's what turned me off when he was partnered with Brooke, and I still felt Joanna was overrated.

    I hope Ron, Nancy, and Elizabetta work out for the newbies. I really liked Tristan and Peta in the troupe, and hate how sometimes new pros are only on for one season, but aren't given a good chance to earn fans. I still think Nancy will surprise all her naysayers, but even if she doesn't, she'll be good comedy. Elizabetta and Val will no doubt make a sexy pair, and I can hear Bruno already. Hopefully she can move. I'd love to see what Val can do. I'm somewhat confident he'll be around next season, if he wants to be, even if he has an early exit this time around. Of course, I want Hope/Maks to be there in the end. I really hope Carson works out for Anna and she manages to stick around longer this season. I think she lucked out getting him over Ryan. Not sure what to think about Chaz/Lacey. Don't like her, but I like him, and hopefully she plays nice and doesn't milk it for all it's worth. J.R. and Karina will be the sentimental underdogs based on his history. I'll be rooting for them to do well, and if he can dance, will probably go far. I don't know much about Kristin, but I can't stand Mark, so hopefully I don't learn to like her and they can have an early exit. Two seasons with Mark in the finals was enough for me. Rob/Cheryl are also interesting. She has a fairly large fanbase that I think would try and keep her around a few weeks, in hopes Rob will get better. I don't have high hopes for his dancing ability. I don't know, Cheryl was losing me since Gilles, but I was growing to like her last season again. I don't know if Rob will put in the work this requires or if we'll see a lot of nasty bust ups while she tries and drags him across the floor. Chynna/Tony I think will either crash and burn early or go out somewhere in the middle. I think David/Kym could be in the finals, if he can move and keeps his comedy and comments in check. He's probably the most well known, and Kym has a knack for coming up with great choreography whether they can dance or not. She's very likeable and I'd be surprised if these two didn't get along.

    I think Rob and Kristin could be the first two to go. But I like that it's really up in the air this season.
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    Re: *Dancing With the Stars Official Cast Reveal (Fall-Season 13)*

    I'm really happy that Chaz got Lacey. If anyone can urge Chaz out of his shyness a bit, I think it's her. Carson is going to be a hoot and David...they'll be able to dress him in anything and he won't complain. I think he'll take that aspect of the competition and run with it!
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    Re: *Dancing With the Stars Official Cast Reveal (Fall-Season 13)*

    Quote Originally Posted by MFWalkoff View Post
    Yay for Carson Kressly, he will be hilarious! I'd love it if he were paired with Louis...
    Apparently denial is not just a river in Eqypt, MFW.
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    Re: *Dancing With the Stars Official Cast Reveal (Fall-Season 13)*

    For the most part, I'm really happy with the pairings. Don't know anything about Chynna, but I'm so hoping she'll be a great partner for Tony. I'm just so thankful he didn't get Nancy. Karina is my fav. female pro, and I'm thrilled she got JR. Don't know if he can dance, but his story is so inspiring, I hope that will help gain them votes. I don't know anything about Carson, but from what I saw on GMA, he and Anna will be a fun pair.

    I think Lacey will be a great partner for Chaz. Don't really have opinions on the others. I think Riki and Derek will do very well.
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    Re: *Dancing With the Stars Official Cast Reveal (Fall-Season 13)*

    I have a question...has anyone heard if there will be online voting this season?

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