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Thread: 5/10 "Best Performances"/Results Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: 5/10 "Best Performances"/Results Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by MHcarrollton View Post
    I have a question. Why would the producers pander to Derek and Mark when clearly the celebrities that are not always the good dancers, but clearly are good people end up pulling out the most support. Clearly Ralph got a lot of votes. He was eight points behind in scores. If the judges have to keep hanging on to their perceived favorites by giving them that one extra point each week to give them the edge of first place, than are they really what the audience wants.

    This reminds me of their ridiculous head of Daytime cancelling the soaps. He heard what the fans were saying they liked and hated and kept giving them what they did not want, and than the show was cancelled. Clearly the fans are saying they like the nice people who try, but yet we keep getting people just thrown in for ratings, and if Mark and Derek were so great, than why does Derek always have to have the best ringer of a dancer, and Mark always has to get a point higher in scores?
    Good points!

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    Re: 5/10 "Best Performances"/Results Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by anders332 View Post
    but the preferred demographic for this and any show is the 18-45 range (or somewhere around there) so the tween/teen vote isn't what they should be shooting for - it the folks like me (or I should say slightly younger than me) who they should be targeting - and we like Tony, Maks, and Dmitri to name a few. We're tired (or at least I am) of the Hough's and Ballas' being given the spotlight all the time.
    I agree that the producers depend too much on that old (read: silly) demographic study. Problem is, the younger viewers do not necessarily watch during the airing of the show. I recently read about a study that demonstrated teens/young adults no longer watch television at all (or I should say watch television ON television) they watch everything on computer, iPad, etc., and they don’t watch when shows are broadcast but at their own convenience/schedule. Therefore, they miss the voting time, which is weird to me because I’m at a total loss for who is voting for Mark and Chelsie if not the coveted age bracket/demographic. Further, when I watch a program on the computer, there is, at most, 2 commercials, which are less than 90 seconds total and actually quite easy to ignore (easier than the mute button on the TV). I truly think networks need to rethink the age/demographic thing and find another way to determine viewership.

    Does ANYONE know how the viewership is determined, I doubt they have “Nielson families” any longer. I guess cable/satellite systems can determine how long a television is tuned to a particular channel/network/show.

    My final perspective on the age/demographic is: who the heck has disposable income these days? Since this seems to be the targeted audience, why the hell are they showing commercials for erectile dysfunctioin, urinary incontinence, Alzeheimer’s medications? Do 18-30 year-old’s really worry about these issues?
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