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Thread: 4/25 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Re: 4/25 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    What's the telephone number for Kirstie & Maks?


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    Re: 4/25 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by bet2win View Post
    what's the telephone number for kirstie & maks?


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    Re: 4/25 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    After getting through the dances, my opinion: most everyone was over-scored tonight, so even though Chris isn't too far behind, I feel sorry he's the only one that seemed to have a really rough night. I thought the tango was going to be a wonderful dance for him, given what we've seen in the last few weeks, but that song was absolutely horrible for it. I'm not against using pop tunes, but they need to better select songs for the dances. I really don't think he's in any danger of going tomorrow. Either the producers are trying to get him out the door, or want him around but he doesn't have the fan support, and putting him in the fake bottom 2 isn't doing the trick. Given how everyone else was scored tonight, I think his were fair.

    Romeo/Chelsie- Finally Chelsie gets her due and 10s! I don't think she's ever had 10s on here before. I'm sorry they couldn't have had the top spot to themselves, but it's better than nothing. Romeo has morphed into such a charmer and his dancing potential is out there full force. I am very worried he might be a "shocking" elimination tomorrow, as I think it's anyone's to lose.

    Kirstie/Maks: I was worried about the samba for her, but felt she did much better than I expected. Only couple that I felt danced to an actual guilty pleasure. As a Kirstie fan, I will say I hate when the judges make the comments that someone deserves to win and they better be hoisting the trophy, they should be in the finals, they want them here next week...that's where I think the bias comes in. I'm sure the producers want Kirstie around as long as possible. I love her, her attitude, and of course Maks They are so much fun to watch. Nothing OTT or dramatic and they take the criticism without being miserable about it. They are having fun, respect each other, and Kirstie steps up her game and Maks meets here there.

    Ralph/Karina: I am tired of seeing footage of someone falling, fainting, getting a leg cramp, losing a shoe, losing parts of their costumes in instant replays backstage minutes after we just saw it. Good thing that wasn't around during season 8 when Mark had his unfortuante moment in his lindy hop outfit. I wasn't really feeling the dance for him, and it had nothing to do with the fall. Like most couples, I think their chemistry with each other is wonderful. Ralph is so much fun to watch and I can't help but love his down to earth attitude. I think there's a small possibility that he could get sent home tomorrow. They might put them in the fake bottom 2/3.

    Kendra/Louis: I know it's an unpopular opinion around her, but I thought she did fantastic tonight. If we're basing it on how everyone danced tonight, she doesn't deserve to go. I knew Kendra would get into the spirit of the dance, and while I thought the overall dancing needed some work, I think she's finding her groove and getting comfortable with herself and Louis on the dance floor. However, I do think there's a possibility she's going home.

    Hines/Kym-what's not to love about these two

    Chelsea/Mark can leave anytime. If Mark wins this season, they need to just rename the show Dancing with Mark and Derek. Seeing Corky in the audience makes me cringe for the fall. I just don't get the appeal with Mark. It's all about him, and the whole nerd thing was outdone way back before he even joined the show. I don't think there's been a season he hasn't done it. Just like doing the same type of jive choreography/costumes for several seasons in a row.

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    Re: 4/25 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Kendra: Im not a huge Kendra fan but the girl was SHAKING it tonight!
    Romeo: I heart this boy--I think he has so much potential and I love Chelsie!
    Kirstie: She cracks me up and I admire what she is doing but I don't know if she is one of my picks for the finals (although I think she will be in the top/final 3).
    Jericho: Another one of my favorites--tonight's choreography was a bit underwhelming but I still think he deserves to go far.
    Hines: Im just not a fan--I know Im in a minority!
    Ralph: I like him & his attitude but he seems to be slipping from that early front-runner position. I did love how he reacted to karina's slip--you could tell his only priority was getting her up. And you could see him speaking to her during the dance and reassuring her so she wouldn't get down--So sweet!
    Chelsea: She can GO anytime--cant stand her pompous partner either.
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    Re: 4/25 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Tilden
    If Kirstie could concentrate on what Maks was saying while resting her head in his lap, she's a better woman than I am.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tilden
    What do you suppose happened? Did he trip over his own enormous ego or did he give himself a concussion trying to fit his swelled head through a doorframe?
    Haha Tilden you are on a roll tonight! First giggles of the night.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tilden
    I'm sure the video was, but I don't think even Bruno himself knows what he's going to say ahead of time. Sometimes I'm not certain he even knows what he's saying while he's saying it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tobi
    The Gary Busey of DWTS
    LMAO Sprayed my Diet Pepsi all over the screen!

    I'm not sure what happened with Chris and Cheryl tonight, but both of them seemed off and I'm not sure it was just the song choice. A lot of the music does not seem to suit the dance~~and the pro's still seem to come up with great routines. As soon as they started dancing I noticed something but couldn't put my finger on it. I gave him all my votes anyway as I want to see him continue on and see how much more he improves. How is that a guilty pleasure song? I'm sure I've heard it in hockey arenas and think I've heard that a few athletes have that song in their ipods.

    Romeo has won me over the last few weeks. Just the fact that he is young and his buddies probably tease him about it, and yet he has grown into a wonderful dancer and puts his pride aside to do well~~that is exactly what I love about this show. Take someone who is completely out of their element and watch them progress and learn, it's inspirational I tell ya! The element of surprise was nice too, never thought he would receive the first 10 of the season.

    Ralph was a pre-season favorite and I was definitely impressed his 1st week, but hasn't lived up to his potential. At this point I'm also willing to sacrifice him for Romeo, as I don't think Kendra will be voted out tomorrow night. I would hope so, but her fan base may be keeping her longer than I thought. Actually, I don't want anyone to go tomorrow night, this season is that good.

    I'm not sure how many falls the pro's have had over all these years...none have really stood out to me, but 2 major falls in one season? What are the chances of that happening? Between two pro's who have had a relationship? It almost feels like a publicity stunt or something. Uncanny.

    Hope all the Chris fans voted their little fingers off. Perhaps I will have to create a new email addy just in case.

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    Re: 4/25 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    I like Kirstie and Maks's relationship. They seemed to have formed a genuine partnership that shows whenever they hit the dance floor. Kirstie might not be the best dancer left and they have had multiple mishaps this season, but I still look forward to seeing them compete every Monday.

    Just when I started to really like Cheryl and Chris this season it seems they might be in danger of leaving tomorrow. He really seemed so focused on not messing up it ended up being one of their worst dances this season. That is too bad.

    I adore Chelsie and she has always been one of my favorites, but I just find it hard to take Romeo seriously. Not his dancing skills because he has improved each week in that area. I just mean Romeo tries to present himself as one way when I believe he is the complete opposite. I agree with those that said Carrie Ann's 10 she gave them wasn't deserved. Not that it shocked me because every season Carrie Ann falls in love with one of the male contestants and Romeo was her pick this season. Plus, they had a few mistakes tonight that were never talked about.

    I loved Chesea and Mark's dance tonight. Her dress was cute and I found her glasses she wore adorable. I did notice a couple of mistakes they had though. Like their foot work was out of sync a few times. So once again Carrie Ann's 10 didn't seem right.

    There was no reason why Kendra shouldn't have done well tonight. So I wasn't shocked she did end up doing a nice job. I did laugh when she said when the season started she wanted people to look at her as something other then a Playboy Playmate and Bruno made the comments he did after their dance tonight. Not that Kendra was offended by what he said. If she was I missed her expressing that they did.

    Hines and Kim have the best chemistry. They make it pleasant to watch their dances watch week. Even though they were not perfect tonight they still did a great job.

    Ralph and Kirina started off doing so well despite the music they choose to use this week. When I saw they both had long coats on I wondered if that was going to cause a problem at some point and it did. Kirina looked so upset. I agree she is easier to root for this time then in previous seasons.
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    Re: 4/25 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Ralph and Karina's music was ridiculous for a Paso. I think the whole horrible vibe was from it. How can you tak a Paso seriously when you have that music?

    Maks finally seems to be at ease this season. I think they need to keep putting him with women that are not his type attraction wise so it is more about the dancing and not whether he is hooking up with them.

    Chelsie and Mark bug me to no end. I am sick of his craziness that he obviously got from his father. I like people who enjoy life, but they are overkill. Chelsie I just do not care about period. I have not warmed to her at all.

    Chelsie and Romeo are so darn cute. I applaud him because unlike Kendra he is respecting the format and the show he is on. This dancing and music may be way out of his comfort zone, but he is not dismissive about it, and is embracing it nicely. I loved seeing Chelsie get a ten.

    Hines and Kym and Chris and Cheryl do not annoy me nor do they glue me to the tv. I want Chelsie gone before them though.

    I would love to see Karina, Maks, or Chelsie win this season. I want Mark out of the running.

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    Re: 4/25 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Romeo has won me over the last few weeks. Just the fact that he is young and his buddies probably tease him about it, and yet he has grown into a wonderful dancer and puts his pride aside to do well~~that is exactly what I love about this show. Take someone who is completely out of their element and watch them progress and learn, it's inspirational I tell ya! The element of surprise was nice too, never thought he would receive the first 10 of the season.

    Having seen his father dance, I don't think anyone would have predicted that. One thing we know for sure: he didn't inherit his dancing ability, unless his mother's a prima ballerina.

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    Re: 4/25 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Maybe the reason Ralph and Karina are not doing so well is Karina's choreography. And an earlier poster mentioned the songs that are chosen for the dances. Some of the rhythms--and I am not a dancer nor a musician, but highly opinionated nonetheless--don't seem synchronized. Or even syncopated! When they rumba, give them a rumba song, not some popular song that doesn't fit and which the singers don't do a good job on anyway. I'm just saying.....

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    Re: 4/25 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    I've always been a Kirstie/Maks fan, but I was really impressed with her samba. Although I think the song was terrible for it (not upbeat enough for the "party dance", and too slow, although that probably helped her), she executed very good samba rolls AND bachacadas (when they dance backwards and shake everything), which I have not seen attempted by too many of the past contestants over the years, especially not overweight 60 year old ones with no dance backround. It may not have been the most exciting of the dances done, but it was a true and proper samba, well executed. I knew Len would love it.

    By contrast, Kendra's was a whole lot of very impressive boob and butt shaking, but very little quality dancing otherwise. I don't think it deserved just one point less than Kirstie's. She deserves to go, but I don't think she will. I suspect it may be Romeo, and that's why he was slightly overscored last night, to make up for his lack of fanbase (which I think will build if he is given more time on the show- he's becoming quite adorable, with his little black socks and dancing shoes that his father refused to wear). It will be a shame if that happens, but at least he'll have gotten a ten before exiting. I would say there's an outside chance it could be either Chris or Ralph; Chris because that dance was not great and percentage-wise, he needs 3.33% more votes than the leaders to catch up, Ralph because after such high expectations the first week, he's been a bit of a letdown and he really can't do sexy AT ALL. But the sympathy he probably got for the fall may save him.

    I really watched Hines closely last night, and while he and Kym have great chemistry, I don't think she gives him enough dancing to do to merit his standing as "top contender". In all honesty, as much as I can't stand the thought of Mark winning again, Chelsea is the best dancer. But I just can't bring myself to root for her over a woman who is three times her age and close to twice her weight, and has a far hotter partner. Sue me.
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