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Thread: Chelsea Kane & Mark Ballas - Season 12

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    Re: Chelsea Kane & Mark Ballas - Season 12

    I think the Reality TV Hall of Shame needs to give Mark Ballas a dishonorable mention for the way he acted this entire season.

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    Re: Chelsea Kane & Mark Ballas - Season 12

    Quote Originally Posted by Tobi View Post
    After seeing the seasons past dances again last week or week before, can't remember now, lol, it is amazing to me how much younger and better Mark looked with his hair long. He was always one of my favorites from the very first time he was on the show but this is the first season I have seen such a change in him and I can't decide if it is just his hair or his whole persona, but if I had a vote (which I don't) I would vote for the buzz cut to go I loved his hair long, he had such a special look then now he just looks like so many other people that have that same do, tattoos and piercings. wah....almost a skinhead look which I really don't like as you probably know by now, so sorry....I am sure he isn't looking for grooming advice from me
    I totally agree.... i thought he looked better with it long too!!

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    Re: Chelsea Kane & Mark Ballas - Season 12

    Now that it's all over, I feel a bit sorry for Chelsea. She actually danced really well and seemed to be a very nice, sweet girl. Unfortunately, she got matched up with Mark, so all that got kicked to the curb.

    I think that TPTB KNEW people were ticked off by Mark and saw handing them the WTA points as a way to insure that Mark & Chelsea were in the finals. That way, people would tune in just to vote AGAINST them, but they'd still be watching in larger numbers. Sneaky, but logical.
    No one should have to dance backwards for all of their life.

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