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Thread: 11/15 DWTS Recap: A Semi-Final Dance Off in Two Rounds

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    11/15 DWTS Recap: A Semi-Final Dance Off in Two Rounds

    What, no gimmicks? Whew! It is the semi-finals and the Final Four find their serious along with the producers, judges and hosts.

    At nine weeks into the dance competition, each of the four couples will perform two dances and beg for our votes. We’re almost to the end…we’re almost there.

    Tom welcomes us in his loud announcer voice with a question: Who has the Strength, Courage, Resilience, Charisma to make it all the way?

    After that piece of hyperbole, he and Brooke go on to inform us that the two hour show we’ve become accustomed to has been re-shaped as a 90 minute show. Two routines for each couple are still in place, and the only gimmick employed will be a requirement that the *Star* let go of his/her partner in the first dance and hog the spotlight with a small solo. Since this requirement has been standard in past seasons, it can’t really be called a gimmick, can it? I mean this is a gimmick free show, right?

    The *Star’s* solo performance will happen in round one, which will be Latin dances. Round two is Ballroom dances and the requirement there is that each couple must learn a style of ballroom dance that they haven’t performed previously.

    After the *Stars* walk, or in Jennifer’s case bounce, down the trippy stairs for their introductions, they are ready for round one – the Latin dance.

    Brandy and Maks Chmerkovskiy (BranDMC) Dance 1: the Paso Doble to “Firework” Katy Perry

    Maks has a final word on last weeks words with Carrie Ann: I feel really protective and I don’t want you (Brandy) to be faulted for something I did.
    Brandy: I would have done the same thing for you.

    Brandy sizes up her competition: Kyle has so much personality, he’s so funny. I think America loves Bristol Palin. She is so nice; you want to see Bristol to do well. Honestly, I can’t believe that I’m running neck and neck with Jennifer. I mean this is Baby, this is Dirty Dancing; this is like legendary. I don’t know what I’m going to do to beat Jennifer. But, I’m going to do everything I can to get to the finals.

    After they dance, Tom rubs lipstick off of Mak’s nose.

    Carrie Ann: I thought your performance was amazingly passionate. I’ve never seen you more connected to your character. I thought you did a great job.

    Len: Because our couples are doing two new dances, doesn’t mean our expectations are any less. Everyone should be fighting to get into the finals. I’ve got to say, you came out 100%. You gave it everything you’ve got. There was a lot of aggression, a lot of attack. Once in a while you went a little bit quiet, but overall a great dance – a great start to the show.

    Bruno: I was going to scream Stop! Stop! Somebody’s going to get hurt! You danced like a Fury. You were a little bit unsteady for a few moments, but I think you were so much into it that some of the finesse at times went a little bit; but a strong performance.

    Scores Dance 1: CA 9 Len 9 Bruno 9 for a total of 27

    In the Celebriquarium, Brandy tells us that their Paso Doble was dedicated to anyone who has been bullied.

    Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough (Jenougher) Dance 1: the Cha-Cha-Cha to “Mercy” Duffy

    Jennifer: Earning three 10s last week was a terrific boost and I feel I can go all the way.

    When the music CD is opened and the song for their Latin dance is revealed, both Jennifer and Derek open their mouths in surprise and wonder then jump up and down with joy.

    Derek: The very first day she had this music on (her headphones) and was grooving to it.

    Jennifer: I just feel so revved up about the next two weeks; I just feel like Bring It On.

    Jennifer’s solo begins at Carrie Ann’s end of the judging table and moves Latin style around the back to Bruno’s end. Bruno is ready to get up and dance with her.

    Tom: Great start, great dance. You almost had Bruno as a partner.

    Bruno jumps out of his chair and begins to undulate.

    Carrie Ann: I’ve been waiting all season to see Jennifer Grey do a Cha-Cha-Cha all by herself, and I was not disappointed.

    Len: What was good was that you combined good technique with a really high performance level and you introduced fun and entertainment. No easy achievement – you pulled that off.

    Bruno: That was really a luminous, vibrant, sexy Cha-Cha-Cha. The execution was flawless.

    Scores Dance 1: CA 10 Len 10 Bruno 10 for a total of 30

    Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas (Ballin) Dance 1: the Paso Doble to “Gimme More” Britney Spears

    Bristol: Last week I was at the bottom of the Leader Board again. I’m getting pretty used to it, though.

    Mark: I’ve heard that the only reason you made it this far is because of who your mom is and the Tea Party. But, I think it’s because people at home are thinking…that’s how I would be.

    Bristol: People connect with me because I’m real and not typical Hollywood. There’s a lot more pressure to perform better and I’m not very confident right now.

    Carrie Ann: (beckons Bristol to the judges table for a hug.) This is what we’ve been asking for all season long, and you came out and nailed it.

    Len: You’ve been in the bottom two six times and yet, with determination, you showed so much of your character. Bristol the Pistol, you fired a few blanks, but tonight…both guns blazing! Your best dance ever!

    Bruno: I’ll be d***ed. I never thought I would say this…the little one is starting to turn into a tigress. All we ask is for a beautiful Flamenco line and you did it.

    Scores Dance 1: CA 9 Len 9 Bruno 9 for a total of 27

    Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer (Schmurgles) Dance 1: the Samba to “She’s Got Me Dancing” Tommy Sparks

    Lacey: Holy Crap! It’s the freaking semi finals! You’re the last man, Kyle.

    Kyle: I’m a kid-tender! I may jump around and joke a lot, but this competition is no joke to me – it’s serious.

    Carrie Ann: I have never ever seen so much pelvic action, ever! It was an amazing blend of entertainment and technique.

    Len: What I like about you- there’s no false drama, you come out and you just get on with it. I think you’ve got a bionic bum. You’ve got more bounce to the ounce than anyone. You’ve got great rhythm. A couple of little quirky places, but great entertainment.

    Bruno: You truly are a bouncing bundle of joy. The Samba is all about excitement and fun and you are a natural. You are irresistible, no one does it better.

    Scores Dance 1: CA 10 Len 9 Bruno 10 for a total of 29

    In part two of tonight’s show, we are shown biographical packages for each of the *Stars*. We learn that two of them have been shaped by tragedy, one by being a teenager and one by pure talent. I’ve shortened the segments and picked out the highlights.

    Brandy and Maks Chmerkovskiy (BranDMC) Dance 2: the Argentine Tango to "Taquito Militar" Conjunto Tipico del Tango

    Brandy grew up singing in church where she learned technique and love for singing. While her first album was a success the next two tanked and drained her confidence. Then a fatal car accident shifted her world. Though found free of blame, she spiraled into depression. Her mother says that Brandy always goes back to her faith when times are hard and she comes back fighting.

    During their dance, Mak’s earring was ripped off, but he says it was worth the bloody ear.

    Carrie Ann: (Speaking of Brandy’s journey) You had a little bit of trouble when you first entered and you had a little bit of trouble later; but the trouble is gone, my dear. That was truly a moment; dynamic, passionate, powerful, beautiful….

    Len: You moved in and out of those lifts with effortless ease. Your extension was fantastic, but the thing I love the most was that you created an atmosphere. Well done.

    Bruno: Languid, voluptuous, full of flower, great emotional depth…Len is absolutely right; the way you extended your body (he demonstrates extension right into Len) solid.

    Tom: Bruno’s Book of Abusive Adjectives will be available for holiday gift shopping.

    Scores Dance 2: CA 10 Len 10 Bruno 10 for a total of 30
    Score Dance 1: 27
    Combined Score: 57

    Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough (Jenougher) Dance 2: the Waltz to "Way Over Yonder" Carole King

    Jennifer grew up in New York City where her actor dad, Joel Grey, was mostly on Broadway and she was drawn to that. She developed an acting career and just before the premiere of her iconic movie, Dirty Dancing, was involved in a fatal two car accident where she injured her neck. Since then, her neck has always given her problems and, with one wrong move, she could have been paralyzed. When she decided to perform on Dancing With the Stars, she had surgery to strengthen the discs and, while still careful, she has been able to perform as required.

    After their dance, Jennifer goes to the audience to kiss her husband and daughter.

    Carrie Ann: The thing I love about dancing is that the body never lies, and through dance, you can see souls. You kept it so simple and you just allowed the dance to be on your body. It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

    Len: Be still my beating heart. You know sometimes a whisper can speak louder than a shout, that this was quiet, it was delicate, it was poignant. If I’m dreaming, don’t wake me up because that was fabulous.

    Bruno: This was a gem of a waltz…full of stylized, elegant detail. The quality of movement that you produce really is stunning. You are a great dancer and never forget it.

    Scores Dance 2: CA 10 Len 10 Bruno 10 for a total of 30
    Score Dance 1: 30
    Combined Score: 60

    Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas (Ballin) Dance 2: the Waltz to "Mary Goes to Jesus" Ron Allen, Chris Bleth, John Debney, Nick Ingram & Orchestra

    Bristol grew up in what has since become an iconic Alaskan family and who now have a reality show to prove it. As a teenager, she had an on again off again boyfriend, and became pregnant during her mother’s push on the national political stage. After a broken engagement and a baby son, she went to work in a dermatology office as a receptionist and as an advocate for celibacy then…DWTS called. She accepted and drove her truck from Alaska to Los Angeles for the chance to do something outside what she had known.

    After their dance, Len acknowledges the band and the singers for an outstanding job with the song.

    Carrie Ann: In this dance there were longer moments when I felt you drifted out of character. It’s harder to create emotion in a waltz because all you have, really, besides the motion of your body is expression. (Audience boos) There was more space than I would like to see, but you’ve still come so far.

    Len: What I love is there is a vulnerability about your dancing; there is a haunting feeling about it. I can’t agree with Carrie Ann, I thought it was beautiful.

    Bruno: I quite like the way you approached this waltz – differently – like a woman of mystery. There was like Len said, something haunting. You still do a very beautiful line and I have to be honest, of all the people, you’ve really had a journey and I’d like to see you again, my darling.

    Scores Dance 2: CA 8 Len 9 Bruno 9 for a total of 26
    Score Dance 1: 27
    Combined Score: 53

    Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer (Schmurgles) Dance 2: the Argentine Tango to “Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny)” Pussycat Dolls

    Kyle grew up in Atlanta with his brother, Chris. They enjoyed being rough and tumble boys and then a talent agency saw their potential as young actors. From a show in Atlanta, they moved to Los Angeles with their mother to pursue careers. After two months, they were ready to return home when a phone call stopped them just before they were to board the plane. Kyle had been cast in a Disney Channel show and the three of them have been in Los Angeles since then.

    Carrie Ann: You know who you remind me of right about now? Remember a guy called Emmitt Smith? At the end, he came out and killed it. That is what you are doing.

    Len: Kyle, I’ve got to tell you – you are a star. Honestly. In eleven seasons I don’t think anyone has performed and come out with so much attack.

    Bruno: Look at you – all strong, sharp. I tell you whatever happens, you are season 11, Mr. Charisma!

    Scores Dance 2: CA 10 Len 9 Bruno 10 for a total of 29
    Score Dance 1: 29
    Combined Score: 58

    Judges’ Leader Board for week 9:

    60 Jennifer/Derek
    58 Kyle/Lacey
    57 Brandy/Maks
    53 Bristol/Mark

    Next week is the Finals! Hooray! Tune in to Tuesday’s show to find out who will compete and fight, fight, fight for that Mirror Ball.
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    Re: 11/15 DWTS Recap: A Semi-Final Dance Off in Two Rounds

    You do an amazing job. Must take a lot of time, very well done and appreciated.

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