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Thread: 11/2 Results Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: 11/2 Results Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by veg_out;4098883;
    What does everyone think about the Instant Dance?

    I can't imagine that the pros don't know something about their music. Maybe the couples won't practice to the music in studio, but the pros have got to know their songs and the counts. The person out of the loop must be the "star." Otherwise, without any real knowledge of the dance, all of their dances could look like a trainwreck.

    It seems like these gimmicks are meant to create the illusion that this season is a total guess when, in fact, the finale is already set, if not the winner.
    I posted Maks's blog in the media thread. While it's common for ballroom competitions to do their dances like that, obviously DWTS is a different game. The pros seem tired of the gimmicks, so I hope it's more back to basics next season. I doubt we'd be seeing any of these dances this season in any countdown. Maks made a point that all the dances in the countdown where from earlier seasons, except Nicole, Gilles, and Shawn. Going back to just dancing and having some sanity restored on the judging panel might be a gimmick in itself. An article I read on msnbc about what changes they should add to keep the show going another 200 episodes, they mentioned 3 things fans have been saying for awhile: enough filler on performance nights, especially with filler we see every season and every week; rotate the co-hosts; and do away with the gimmicks. I agree I wish they'd focus more on the quality of dancing rather than what outrageous thing the judges will say, or what gimmick will be the stand out, or who will be the worst hoofer of the week. Conrad Green said they encourage the couples to talk back to the judges and cause a stink, but thankfully they haven't yet. Makes me wonder what we'll see for season 12.

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    Re: 11/2 Results Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by mindy384;4097617;
    Who did this?
    Sean Young-she's going to be on Skating With The Stars after the finale of DWTS airs.
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    Re: 11/2 Results Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I would love to see an "all-stars" version of the show - but only the best of the best, i.e. the top 1&2 from each season thus far. Kind of like Top Chef (can't wait for that).

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