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Thread: 11/01 DWTS Recap: The 200th Episode Extravaganza!

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    11/01 DWTS Recap: The 200th Episode Extravaganza!

    If you thought previous weeks of this season were over-wrought with gimmicks and foo-faa, you ain’t seen nothing yet. While the stage and band haven’t shifted position or been blown up with fire jets, there are enough *Stars* surrounding the stage to light up a very small galaxy.

    Tom: Five years ago a ballroom star was born. (Really? Wouldn’t he or she be a little young yet to properly learn the technique? Oh…wait…he’s being metaphorical as a montage of all the shows from the past five years flash before out eyes.) 1,000 dances, 121 *Stars*, you’ve made us the most watched show on Television. Tonight is the 200th celebration and the drama is as intense as it’s ever been.

    Brooke: More than 50 *Stars* are back to help us celebrate.

    The camera follows spotlights in the audience which pick out a few *Stars* from each season, except season 6. Tom wonders if their light wasn’t working or if they were somehow missed. (Since this question wasn’t answered, I’m thinking that no one from season 6 showed up.)

    Then Professional Dancers from all eleven seasons enter the arena to dance to the first song ever played on DWTS. It is a lovely showcase for the professionals.

    Tom: For the first time (EVAH) our competing couples will be judged by our returning *Stars*.

    Brooke: Plus it is the return of our team dances but with a twist. (Of course there is a twist.) Each team is captained by a DWTS champion who also happens to be an Olympic gold medalist.

    The Olympians are introduced and the footage shifts to practice time in the studios for the teams. The couples are all gathered in a studio while Kristi Yamaguchi and Apolo Ohno choose their respective team playground style. The dance will be the Cha Cha Cha and the songs from the team captains’ dances, though not necessarily a Latin dance.

    Kristi chooses: Bristol and Mark, Rick and Cheryl, Kyle and Lacey.

    Apolo chooses: Jennifer and Derek, Brandy and Maks, Kurt and Anna

    In each team dance there are solo performances by the couples and an in-sync group performance.

    First up is Team Kristi. They perform to the Michael Jackson song, “Working Day and Night” incorporating some MJ moves into the routine.

    The first bit of business is to choose the order of the individual performances then Lacey and Cheryl take the lead choreographing the in-sync performance. Cheryl encourages Bristol, who is embarrassed by the shimmies and hip shaking, telling her that it is not embarrassing, it is hot!

    Kristi visits to give encouragement, but is worried about Rick being so big. After showing him how to make a turn smaller, she cheers when he shows he can do it.

    Toward the end of the performance, (to me) it seemed that Mark exaggerated his arms and legs and did not appear to be in-sync with the others.

    Carrie Anne: What a great way to open the 200th episode. You showed off how you worked as a group.

    Len: This is a really tough week for all of you because you have to learn formation, the individual parts, plus your own individual dance. I took a look at the list and thought you were the underdogs, but I have to say – got quite a by.

    Bruno: I loved the three boys in the Michael Jackson section and you (Rick) kept it up beautifully. Bristol – you lost a step, but you are a fish out of water…but you kept up with the pros.

    Team Score: CA 8 Len 8 Bruno 8 for a total of 24

    Second up is Team Apolo. They perform to the song, “Bust A Move.”

    In their choreography, they decide to incorporate the patty-cake move from Apolo’s dance to this music.

    During the rehearsals, Jennifer needs to take breaks. Jennifer: Doctor’s orders that I have to take a break every two hours. I’m embarrassed to say it but I have to. My prescription is to pace myself.

    Apolo enters the studio with a motivational talk: This is when you have to dig deep.

    During the opening of the dance the guys wear the head band Apolo wore during his dance.

    Carrie Ann: Very tight, very quick. I didn’t feel it was dumbed down. You were all working your best.

    Len: All right…I liked the pattern changes you produced and the individuality. It was a great, great job.

    Bruno: You got it! You got the flavor of the hood….Brandy…your hips!

    Team Score: CA 9 Len 9 Bruno 9 for a total of 27

    It is now time to switch gears from the team dances to the individually scored dances for the evening.

    Tom: Each couple will attempt to re-interpret an iconic dance from the past ten seasons as they are judged by the *Star* of one of the seasons.

    Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer (Schmurgles) re-interpret the Mel B Paso Doble

    Tom acknowledges Mel B as the first to squeeze his butt.
    Tom: You never forget your first.

    Kyle: We have the Maks and Mel B Paso Doble.
    Lacey: Oh, crap…we’ve got to be hot – everything Kyle is not.
    Kyle: I have to turn off my playful happy side and give them my aggressive side.

    Kyle draws defined abs on his chest ala The Situation and tries to channel Maks.

    Tom (after they dance): Wow! Maks is going to be channeling his Kyle.

    Mel B: I have to say that was amazing. Your stance…and it blew me away. You were very sexy.

    Carrie Ann: You were totally in your own powers, your own strength.

    Len: Now look…next week the quarter finals and you said it – you gotta up your game and that was a good dance.

    Bruno: Kyle – you have the attack. Sometimes your shoulders were up. In the Latin, you have to keep them down.

    Scores Re-Interpreted Dance: CA 9 Len 8 Bruno 8 Mel B 10 for a total of 35
    Score Team Dance: 24
    Combined Scores: 59

    Kurt Warner and Anna Trebunskaya (Kurtana) Re-Interpret the Emmitt Smith Tango

    Emmitt: I’m looking for Kurt to improve on my Tango.

    Kurt: I’m hoping to capture Emmitt’s spirit for this dance.

    When Kurt and Anna have a disagreement in the studio where she thinks something should be easy for him and he says no, he takes her to his world – an Arizona Cardinal football practice. Anna admits (after going through some of the exercises) she sees where he is coming from – that what each thinks is easy in their own profession is hard for the other.

    Emmitt: Kurt, I understand why you have your neck forward (a Bruno complaint) because you have to protect yourself on the football field. The technique was perfect.

    Carrie Ann: I noticed that you brought your own character, but you do need to work a little more on your posture.

    Len: I’ve been critical of you some weeks but you come back stronger every time and this was not an exception. It was sharper; it had drive; it had drama. You’ve got to learn the difference between flex knees and bent knees.

    Bruno: You went from last week Mission Impossible to this week Mission Accomplished. Stronger, more confident, very suave. There is one thing you have to be very careful – sometimes you stick your neck forward. You have to watch that.

    Scores Re-Interpreted Dance: CA 8 Len 8 Bruno 8 Emmitt: 10 for a total of 34
    Score Team Dance: 27
    Combined Scores: 61

    Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas (Ballin) re-interpret the Kelly Osbourne Viennese Waltz

    Kelly: Bristol has so much heart. She is not a performer on this show. She is one who is working her butt off and I have so much respect for her.

    Bristol: It’s exciting to think that I’m this far into the competition, and we could move on to the finals.

    Mark: Bristol and Kelly may be different but they both have famous parents and have been pushed into the limelight even when they didn’t want to be. I’m hoping that it will motivate her just like Kelly.

    Kelly: You gave me goose bumps. You did fantastic.

    Carrie Ann: There is a moment in a dance that allows someone to touch our hearts. You have that power to touch, but you are still somewhat detached. You go in and out of a beautiful swan to a pigeon that just walks.

    Len: You still lack a bit of chemistry together, but good foot work – well done.

    Bruno: You do have pretty feet and you move so well. It happens for you naturally. You can ignite a bit more, but you just started with this and you did very well with it.

    Scores Re-Interpreted Dance: CA 8 Len 8 Bruno 8 Kelly 9 for a total of 33
    Score Team Dance: 24
    Combined Score: 57

    Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke (Fox-C) re-interpret the Helio Castroneves Quick Step

    Because Rick is always in game mode when in the practice studio, his girlfriend, Eliza Dushku visits to show Cheryl the funny and playful Rick she knows at home. The goal for this week is for him to relax and open up more to show his personality.

    Cheryl and Rick’s costumes reflect the banana yellow of Helio’s costume but in an emerald green. At the beginning of the dance, Rick places a green fedora on Len’s head which he keeps on throughout the dance and the judging.

    Tom: …and in a Boston Celtics scoreboard…okay…wow.

    Helio: I can’t believe you stole that kiss (at the end of the dance.) That was MY kiss. Cheryl – I like what you added.

    Carrie Ann: The banana has to pass the torch to the Jolly Green Giant. Rick – by far your best!

    Len: When you come out and enjoy yourself, we enjoy you, and you came out full throttle. It was slick, it was good.

    Bruno: It was like the Indy 500. You had more faces than Jim Carrey.

    Scores Re-Interpreted Dance: CA 9 Len 9 Bruno 9 Helio 10 for a total of 37
    Score Team Dance: 24
    Combined Scores: 61

    Tom: Everyone’s bringing their A game tonight!

    Brandy and Maks Chmerkovskiy (BranDMC) re-interpret the Gilles Marini Foxtrot

    Brandy: After so much adversity, it would be good to have sunshine.

    Maks (referring to the song, “Fever”): This needs seductiveness.

    Brandy: It is essential that I nail the character of this Foxtrot because I want to win this thing.

    Gilles: I felt that all over my body. That performance was unreal. I mean I don’t have words to describe.

    Carrie Ann: You totally transitioned from positive and beautiful hold into like…I’m sorry about the little (gibberish and much hand waving.)

    Len: I’m surprised at these people (Carrie Ann) being so pedantic about a slight mistake when we just witnessed the most fantastic Foxtrot. (Maks grabs his hand for a shake.).

    Bruno: That was a Foxtrot sizzling with sex. Every step was driven by relentless eroticism.

    Scores Re-Interpreted Dance: CA 9 Len 10 Bruno 9 Gilles 9 for a total of 37
    Score Team Dance: 27
    Combined Score: 64

    Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough (Jenougher) re-interpret the Drew Lachey Tango

    Jennifer: My biggest struggle with the Tango is that my body isn’t what it was even a week ago so it’s really hard to push the same way. (They show a doctor examining her bruises.) I want to have fun and I want to finish with a good experience, but I’m beginning to doubt whether I’ll finish it.

    Drew: I’m looking to see how they get the emotion out of the song.

    Tom: Way to rally! Really.

    Drew: The musicality was amazing; the lines were incredible. You have an amazing partner who you have to trust in this journey.

    Carrie Ann: What no one loves more is to see someone after a really tough week to come back and blow the door open.

    Len: I think you vented all that frustration in this Tango because it has come out with tension, passion, attack. Really well done.

    Bruno: It was like a Phoenix rising from her ashes more splendid than ever. You should have the confidence in you because you can go all the way in this competition.

    Scores Re-Interpreted Dance: CA 9 Len 9 Bruno 9 Drew 10 for a total of 37
    Score Team Dance: 27
    Combined Score: 64

    Judges’ Leader Board for Week 7:

    64 Jennifer/Derek
    64 Brandy/Maks
    61 Kurt/Anna
    61 Rick/Cheryl
    59 Kyle/Lacey
    57 Bristol/Mark

    There you have it. The 200th episode is now in the can and Tuesday’s Results Show will mark the 201st with even more hoopla. Catch it if you can or read MFWalkoff’s recap for all the continuing celebratory stuff, oh, and yes elimination will be included.
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    Re: 11/01 DWTS Recap: The 200th Episode Extravaganza!

    Tom: Five years ago a ballroom star was born. (Really? Wouldn’t he or she be a little young yet to properly learn the technique?

    Thanks for the recap, Ariel
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    Re: 11/01 DWTS Recap: The 200th Episode Extravaganza!

    Thanks Ariel! I think I'm finding more enjoyment out of the recaps this season than the actual episodes.

    The sections where each season were seated all looked pretty skimpy. I'm surprised no one showed from season 6 (except Kristi of course).

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