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Thread: 11/1 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: 11/1 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    My favorite dancers are Brandy, Kyle and to a point Bristol. I also liked Florence when she was on the show, didn't like her partner though. Hell, I liked Mike "The Situation" (even if he has a huge ego) because he tried and matured. I hope this show at least nudged him in the right way to fight some of the temptations on "Jersey Shore" that could hurt him long term. I wish though this show would have more people we'd like to see - old actors, those who appreciate the show... ... well this and a three-day opening season show where they have to draw their partners and get a couple of days to learn a dance.... and in this case no one is eliminated, but there's no slating top dogs there (i.e. Derek) with ringers and those who have yet to even taste the final three have a shot with a better dancer.

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    Re: 11/1 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Karalott, I agree with you on lots of things. I have liked Maks for a long time even though his ego is monumental. (Those long legs make me overlook this!)

    It's funny how this works out sometimes. For example, I was floored when Shawn Johnson beat Gilles Marini. I think Gilles is the best male dancer (star-wise) who has ever been on the show. He was a much better dancer IMHO than Shawn. But I loved her--and it seemed that she got lots of votes just because she was a really good dancer and a sweet 17 year-old who didn't act like a hoochie-mama. She won DWTS the same week that Kris Allen beat Adam Lambert in AI Season 8, and I always wondered if the same people voted for both of these winners because of a "wholesome" quality they saw. And Gilles is many wonderful things, but wholesome ain't one of them!

    One more thought about Shawn--going into the 2008 Summer Olympics, she was the one portrayed as the "Golden Girl" and the favorite to win the all-around gymnastics medal. Well, she didn't; Nastia Liukin did (who this time last year was Evan Lysacek's girlfriend). But you know who stood by the side of the floor mat and waited patiently for her turn to hug and congratulate Nastia? That's right--Shawn. This display of genuine good sportsmanship is extremely rare for top athletes, and I have liked the kid ever since that night.

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