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Thread: Ideas to improve the show:

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    Re: Ideas to improve the show:

    Quote Originally Posted by moflan View Post
    Eliminate the obvious producer and judging manipulation built into the "Winner Takes All" dance.I wish the show would adopt the Skating With the Stars approach where one set of judges' scores were given for technical merit and the feedback would specifically focus on the technical aspects and choreography difficulty of the dance. A second set of judges' scores would focus on the artistic impression or artistry of the dance. This second set could also include the level of difficulty on the choreography. Having the two sets of scores can also make for a wider range of overall scoring.
    By this stage of the season, regardless of who is your favorite, it is usually pretty obvious who is technically the best dancer; therefore, it is also obvious who is going to "win" the Winner Takes All.
    This whole thing is ridiculous. The idea behind "helping keeping someone worthing avoid being eliminated" implies that they are going to win upfront. Oh...my...goodness...me!
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    Re: Ideas to improve the show:

    I think they should have an All Star Season. I know it's cliche but their have been some really good pairings in the past and it would be interesting to see the best of the best compete against each other.

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    Columbia, MD

    Re: Ideas to improve the show:

    I personally think a two-hour results show is ridiculous. I've found myself tuning in for only the last 15 minutes, as the rest of it is fluff and commercials for the most part, and I find it annoying. JMHO.

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    Re: Ideas to improve the show:

    Quote Originally Posted by LuvThisStuf! View Post

    From RickiRick:

    Absolutely. It's such a waste with Brooke in that co-host role.

    And then if they could replace those horrid singers with people who could actually sing, it would be wonderful.

    I could do without most of Bruno's antics too!!

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    Re: Ideas to improve the show:

    Tilden: I've often wondered what would happen if the pros weren't working with the same celebrities every week but changed partners mid-season or something like that. I suppose it would be a logistical nightmare to do that, but I'd really like to see what would happen if they (and the stars) had to deal with working with a variety of partners. I should think that would really show which pros are good teachers and which stars can dance and aren't just relying on a particular partner.

    I'd like to see that too. Also, it would work for me if the judges gave a critique without the numbers. The number system is too unfair to all celebrities and viewers.

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    Re: Ideas to improve the show:

    Quote Originally Posted by Columbia, MD View Post
    I personally think a two-hour results show is ridiculous. I've found myself tuning in for only the last 15 minutes, as the rest of it is fluff and commercials for the most part, and I find it annoying. JMHO.
    I usually record the last 30 minutes.I agree, its way way too long

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    Re: Ideas to improve the show:

    How about if they let the couples pick their songs instead of forcing some to dance to songs completely wrong for the style of dance?

    Regarding the winner take all cha cha, I see what they are trying to accomplish, but this method is wrong. Len pretty much spilled the beans on Tuesday when he said the judges "saved" a couple. If they want to say that the judges are allowed to declare one couple as safe, fine, just don't pretend that a 40 second dance is relevant. I actually don't mind this idea, especially if it could reduce the judge's effort to accomplish the same thru inconsistent scoring.

    In fact, I don't mind if the final 3 is made up of
    1. Judge's favorite, however they want to determine this
    2. Fan's favorite
    3. Highest combined score

    Just be honest about it, don't need a winner take all dance or dance marathon to try to make fans think you are not manipulating the results.

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    Re: Ideas to improve the show:

    Ways to change it:

    1. No gimmick point games - none of this winner-take-all, no marathon dancing and letting the judges decide first, second and third, none of it. All it does is show us at home that the show will produce whatever winner they want, and given that WE vote, not them, and many have to pay charges per text, it can be seen as fraud. Removing this would eliminate that fraud question.

    2. If a pro dancer has won three for sure, two if possible, then they should have to step out a season. The reason I say two if possible is if they have enough people to sub in for the season. I personally would have the three time winners for sure take off at least two seasons, but I don't think that'll happen.

    3. I loved Kyle Massey; however - NO Disney stars on this show, unless they are partnered with people who are not seen as golden children (Derek and Mark for example). Right now, many of us feel that it's a combo of both that is letting Chelsea and Mark into a final they shouldn't have been in to begin with. They're not popular, and even had to get a 15 point help in order to stay this coming week. And, many of the Disney stars people do not like, and even more so when they act entitled. I didn't see that with Kyle, I do with Chelsea.

    4. Judges votes do not count as much as they do. I'm sorry, but it's becoming more and more obvious each season that particularly in the final 5-4, that the judges will increase scores to favor certain people over others, even though they may have better dances.

    5. Make the judges have to vote based on that night's dance. I'm also feeling lately that they're basing the judging on previous performances (save Ralph's but that was to guarantee he was out over the chosen one), but it really is a one night performance.

    6. Frankly, have three judges who honestly understand the basics of all dances and judge them based on that. I'm VERY peeved that Chelsea and Mark won the free-for-all knowing damn well that they used two moves at least that were NOT cha-cha. Hines played it clean and was punished for following what the challenge said.

    7. In regard to 6, make it where unless it specifically says free they MUST adhere to the style of dance - no inclusion of other dances into the dance. Once an inclusion of another style is in a dance, it becomes a free because anything goes. This sounds directed toward Derek and Mark I know; however, I am referring to any of them since Carrie Ann loves the stupid "lift" penalty.

    OK, I know I"m ranting, but this is supposed to be a fun competition. It is also however a dancing competition and when you reward a freestyle 15 points claiming it's a cha-cha (and I"m not a pro dancer but know the styles), you negate that aspect. It becomes a popularity/staged contest.

    It's just irritating to know that someones who should've been in the final three (Ralph and Romeo) were denied a fair chance based on behind the scenes manipulation.

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    Re: Ideas to improve the show:

    Any show that allows the audience to vote is never going to be "fair."
    On this show, the "best" dancer seldom wins.
    On AI, the "best" singer seldom wins.

    It's a popularity contest, pure and simple. The judges can "manipulate" it as much as they want, but it comes down to the audience.
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    Re: Ideas to improve the show:

    I don't think having judges scores makes it any fairer, except it might do the underdog a favor by having people vote for him/her. What I most want to see changed is nothing new:

    1) Better music that's more suited to the dance styles (I think Ralph picked their paso song, but Everybody Dance Now? For a paso?) I'm still waiting for the day we get 'I'm Too Sexy' for a VW.

    2) Let the judges and fan vote count equally. If that means someone like Bristol keeps plowing through the competition, it's not like the judges were doing anything to keep her out of it. Where was this cha cha 'winner take all' last season?' At her absolute best, I'll be generous and say she deserved a 7. But I never would have given any dance of hers above that. So they need to stop treating the stunt casting differently than the rest of the cast that can dance better, and the judges need to stop calling America out when someone better gets booted. They nitpick certain couples to death, but I think if anyone else did that gorilla suit jive they would have been scored so low they'd have to make up new paddles for it. So I think the judges need to be more impartial and fair. I'm not against them scoring low early on, instead of giving 7s and 8s right away. I'm just glad we weren't getting 10s so early this season.

    3) I'm all for a multiple-time winner taking a break, or at the very least being paired with someone that's a guarantee to be early ousted. If they can still win with a person like that, it's obvious it's not about the celeb, and the pro's fanbase will vote for them no matter what. They didn't bring Kym back after her season 10 win, or Alec back for 2 seasons after his season 1 victory. I'd like to see things being more even among pros, instead of the same ones getting lucky every season, and the others getting the usual cannon fodder. I felt bad watching Tony last night during the freestyle special, when he mentioned how he knew he blew his freestyle with Stacey Keibler. He seemed to still be a little down over it. And it's why I hate the judges-score only dance the second night of the finale. I remember Stacey's samba she did, and think if she could have done that for viewer votes it might have made up for her lack of freestyle.

    4) Can we get rid of Design a Dance? I realized we didn't see that last night, so looks like we'll have one more thing of Mark next week during the results show for his big finale (I'm assuming he won it anyway). I'm also for getting rid of gimmicks and theme weeks. The story week is overdone. Patriotic week was a bust. I'm also for getting rid of the winner take all dance, insta-dance, team dances, and any other dance that weighs more with the judges. And if they do do all that, can they at least mix the styles up? Which brings me too...

    5) One thing I didn't like this season was the way they did the dance order this season. One week, 2 couples had this dance, 3 were doing a repeat dance already, and 1 couple had this dance. What ever happened to doing 2 dances per week, with 2 different styles, until we got to week 6 where they started repeating dances from earlier weeks? I'd like to see the cha cha and rumba retired as dance styles for awhile.

    6) I think the judges need to score everyone based on their own ability. Nicole and Mya already came in as dancers, so it was no surprise they were good and getting 10s by week 2. I think the judges need to expect more from them, and in regards to this season, know that Ralph and Kirstie aren't Chelsea and Hines, so to expect them to be at the same level with them and be able to dance like the pros is wrong. Score them based on how they start out and how they improve.

    7) This season proved TPTB don't need stunt casting to the extreme of Bristol Palin and Kate Gosselin. I hope we don't see a return to that in the fall, nor a return to choreographers coming on as contestants. This season seemed to have a much better mix of celebs who could actually move and had so much potential to get better.

    8) Get rid of Mark

    9) Get rid of Brooke

    10) Put a muzzle on Bruno, and glue him to his seat. He's not as funny as he thinks.

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