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Thread: 9/27 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: 9/27 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I haven't watched this show much in the past and admitedly don't know alot about ballroom dancing but I'm shocked people are saying Kurt could win this. I know he's got the nice guy reputation going and he does seem to be making a real effort(unlike Michael Bolton) but...gracefulness still counts in dancing doesn't it? I'd say about 5-6 of the people on the show have some natural ability as dancers, even if they haven't trained. He's not one of them.

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    Re: 9/27 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    The thing about Kurt, and why I'm rooting for him, is I enjoy him, think he's treating this experience and his partner with the dedication and respect it/Anna deserves, is trying and giving his all, and has potential to do better. I thought he improved even from last week. The worst dancer of the season never wins, though they last longer than they should most times. But the best dancer doesn't always win, either, and I'd rather take someone that I find enjoyable over the best dancer that bores me. Except for when the show interferes and where pro fanbases come into the voting mix, it all comes down to a popularity contest. Kurt is very well known and popular in the NFL, so time will tell whether his fanbase can get him the mirrorball, or whether the show decides to throw him under the bus at some point. Since football players have always done well, I'm thinking they might try and get Rick to outlast him.

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    Re: 9/27 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Rick's smile unnerves me. He's obviously had a lot of work done but I remember him as having a more natural smile years ago. I wonder what happened.

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    Re: 9/27 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    The judges and producers have sucked the fun out of this show. The stars, or pretend stars as it seems now, all look like they are scared to death. This is supposed to be a fun entertainment show. They are all so stressed from not wanting to be embarrassed doing something they are not trained in, not their professional job, and something they thought would be fun that the show is tedious to watch now.

    The judges are downright rude especially Bruno. Micheal clearly has no dance ability, but he is there showing up and trying. They give him nothing but a beating, and it is not a pleaure to watch, and I am sure not a pleasure for Micheal to deal with. At the end of the day star or not they are human and deserve basic respect.

    I hate how serious it has become as if they are supposed to turn into professional dancers. There is a reason that some dance for a living and some do not. If you want a show with all awesome dancers than have professionals against professionals. If this show keeps on this way, I am taking it off my DVR and being done with it.

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    Re: 9/27 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I'm not going to argue that Bolt was underscored, but that 3 paddle never made an appearance for Gosselin last season.
    Palin should have seen the 5 paddle too.
    Such inconsistent scoring.
    Mr. P was the worst dancer ever don't recall him getting a 3 paddle. Mr. P had one of the worst attitudes ever, duh other than Gosselin. The inconsistent scoring is getting worse each year. I've noticed all of these call in vote shows are questionable. Let them prove the actual vote count before I believe it's on the up and up. More and more DWTS, AGT & AI are making the whole show about the judges. I can't stand Carrie Ann, dislike her more every year, Bruno can't keep his mouth shut his phony French accent is starting to wear thin. Always liked Lynn but he is fastly becoming a jerk.

    I started out loving this show but little by little it's becoming just another scripted producer type controlled piece of work. I do give the pro dancers credit for great dancing I enjoy watching all of them. Most of the celebrities deserve credit for trying something out of their comfort zone.

    As far as Bolton wearing the mask, my take he is trying to protect his voice, I've had laryngitis and always have a sore throat with it. Because he earns his living singing why wouldn't he want to protect his voice? I see nothing wrong with it. I would love to hear him sing instead of dancing though, he has a fantastic voice. Think he is sorry he decided to do this show while touring on concert it's got to be exhausting.

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    Re: 9/27 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Thoroughly enjoyed the first 2 weeks of this season. No one really sucks too bad. You can tell that all the contestants are really trying. I did feel a bit bad for Michael Bolton last night as his was the worst dance of the episode. But I give him major kudos for doing the whole dog routine.

    Does anyone else think that "The Situation" and Karina are a perfect match? I also loved her dress last night. In fact the majority of the outfits looked good without too much skin.

    Loved that FLorence Henderson went all out. She has great legs and I hope I looke so good at 76.

    It's a refreshing change that no one is embarassing themselves this season. Many thanks to Margeret Cho for being serious with the jive. You go girl.

    I must admit this show put a on my face.
    No goat killers on my island.

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    Re: 9/27 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Last season was my first ever watching DWTS. Even with no background in the show I could tell that the Season 10 cast was an exceptionally talented crop. Even the 'non-shoo-ins' like Niecy and Pam brought some special heart and style to the floor. Erin was a lovely surprise, and with an Evan-Nicole showdown in the finale, let's be honest, it was practically two professionals going at it.

    Anything would be a let-down after that, and so it's no shock that the Season 11 group, well . . .is. I haven't really bonded with anyone. Some heretofore unknown discoveries: Kurt, Kyle . . . one sassy senior: FloHen . . .some pleasant surprises: gee, Bristol Palin is no KHate!, and nobody wears 50 as well as Jennifer Grey, by god . . .some unpleasant: wow, our 50-something musical men really blow as dancers!: The Hoff, Michael . . Lacey Schwimmer's hair . . .

    Altogether a more amateur hour air this season, coupled with some rather unlikeable pros, and pros who are missed (Edyta, Damian) . . maybe this is what it was always like, but I got terribly spoiled by last season. A lot of the enthusiasm and sparkle seems gone. Maybe having it twice a year is too much? And celebs who try to do this show while working grueling schedules at their regular gigs are just insane!

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    Re: 9/27 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I couldn't watch with you guys last night the baby didn't get to sleep until about 9, so that's when I started DWTS on my DVR. My 2 year old did enjoy watching the dances though. She kept clapping her hands and saying "are them gonna dance again, mommy?" She fell asleep on the couch while watching DWTS. Aww. This week was better than last week IMO. Thoughts... (let's see if I can remember them in order)

    Rick/Cheryl: Did well, think he was on par with last week. I love Cheryl, so I always root for her anyway. I haven't voted for them yet though. I'm throwing all my votes to Team Torina. Oh,and the height difference wasn't as distracting to me this week.

    Florence/Corky: Feel bad for her, as I think she's boring and forgetable. Not a Corky fan either, so I find this team just blah.

    Brandy/Maks: Brandy proved she wasn't a ringer in this performance. She wasn't nearly as good as last week, and I found her solo to be a mess. I did not enjoy their dance, and her personality is starting to grate. Last week she seemed likable and cute, this week she was annoying. Schticks get old fast (I want this sooo baaaaddddd). I must say though, I am LOVING this reigned in Maks. The calm, mature, I want to yell but I'm not going to let myself is so endearing coming from Maks.

    Michael/Chelsie: I was rooting for MB because my mother loves him, but he was just bad. I love Chelsie too so it pains me to say that. I actually think his score was almost deserved. He doesn't seem to be even trying.

    Audrina/Tony: My dream team. I love Tony and was hoping for him to get a true contender this season. I got my wish dance wise, but I am terrified that Audrina will get lost in the other bigger names and won't have the fan base to pull her through, though she heartily deserves it. Girl is working hard and does extremely well with the choreo Tony gives her. He needs to pull out the emotion in her though. She needs to work on her facial expressions before she gets to a rumba/paso type dance that has to ooze with emotion. My fear of her fan base not voting is why I'm throwing all my votes behind them, even though I like some of the other teams.

    Kyle/Lacey: Lacey doesn't grate on me like some people. She kind of did last week, but this week I was back to liking her. I thought Kyle might be a one hit wonder, and I was wrong. He was high energy this week too, but I still don't think he has the technique. He is personality and that is it. I find him okay to watch, but I don't think that should be all it takes to cut it in this competition.

    Jennifer/Derek: I am a big non Derek fan, but I will give Jennifer this: she is a good dancer, and she looked AMAZING in that costumer. Not just for her age, for anybody. That said, I can't support this team. Do I think she should outlast a majority of the others? Yes. Do I want her there past the other good dancers? No. It's not just Derek either. She annoys. Her facial expressions last night were driving me crazy. I think she seriously thinks she did DWTS a favor by appearing on it and she is trying to be younger than she is and it is driving me nuts.

    Bristol/Mark: I found Bristol to be lovely tonight. She is trying, she is getting along with her partner. I do agree that she was overscored, but compared to what some of the others got that didn't have footwork as decent as hers, it wasn't that bad. I think they should have put her into a different dress though. The costume was pretty (except for the dark purple whatever that was at the bottom) but it did Bristol no favors.

    Kurt/Anna: Kurt is seriously a hottie. I think he is trying hard, but he needs to get his technique down better to be a contender. I still love them though, and am rooting for them. If Audrina goes my votes will go to this team as well as Rick/Cheryl.

    The Situation/Karina: Go Home. That is all.

    Margaret/Louis: I actually enjoyed the comedy last week. I was laughing my tail off when she got tangled up and Louis' face was classic. This week I didn't enjoy them as much. I do like that she's trying though, and I do like Louis so I hope they at least have another week in them. Is that everybody? I know I didn't end up getting them in the correct order, but oh well. I think MB will be going tonight, probably followed by Margaret and Louis & Florence/Corky in the next couple of weeks. Then the games will really begin, because everybody left will either be a pretty good dancer or have a huge fan base, and I don't think the votes will be predictable at all, if there aren't large point spreads.

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    Re: 9/27 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Jennifer is definitely the front runner ( I can't believe she is only a year younger than me.....Hmmm)

    Kurt is my new second fave. I think he will keep improving and well, he just seems like such a nice guy. ( wish he was single and I was younger...oh and single)

    Brandy...What happened?? She did so well last week but this week was not near as good.

    I like the Sitch. I would rather see kids watching him on DWTS that getting life lessons from Jersey Shore. At least on DWTS he sends a better message.

    I think Bristol will do much better once she get more comfortable on the floor. She has it in her. I think it will be a great confidenc boost for her to go far in this.

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    Re: 9/27 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Last night's show really turned me off. It's obvious that Jennifer is head and shoulders above everyone else as far as natural ability goes, which would make me happy if she were paired with Louis, Tony or Maks, but the thought of Derek getting tongue-bathed all the way to his third win disgusts me. When will he ever have to work for it and suffer some harsh criticism from the judges, like all the other pros have had to do at least one season?

    Michael Bolton has little dancing ability, agility, and his age works against him as well, and while I understand Chelsie trying to come up with something "cute" to distract from his poor dancing, that dog routine was humiliating for someone who used to be a "superstar" (even if some don't remember the 80's). And the 3 was uncalled for. Yes, Master P got one, but only after weeks of him and his poor attitude skating through, and because the judges were desperate to get him voted off by then. Michael, OTOH, was certainly not as bad as Kate, who consistently was given undeserved fives.

    Bristol was clearly overscored. Yes, she probably did better than the judges expected, but she wasn't anywhere near as good as Audrina, who scored lower. I'm sure with her mother in the audience, the judges were told to inflate her scores. But it's also possible that she isn't pulling as many votes from fans (I really thought Palin supporters would be voting in droves for her, but I could be wrong), and there is no way the producers want her eliminated this early, so they are propping her up with the scores. I've seen overscoring on this show, but that was bordering on ridiculous. She has no musicality at all.

    Brandy wasn't good at all, and since I really thought she might have been the only one who could compete with Jennifer, it now looks like a fait accompli; just hand the trophy to Derek again. Don't know if I want to watch anymore.
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