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Thread: Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas - Season 11

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    Re: Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas - Season 11

    Mark had a bit of a twitter meltdown: Twitter

    Also, Louis was attacked on Twitter for not congratulating Bristol.
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    Re: Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas - Season 11

    Quote Originally Posted by trisha22;4109160;
    Have you seen Miley Cyrus lately in some video she did on a bed that caused quite the stir...and she is what only 17?

    That whole thing with facebook has more to it than meets the eye.....we do not know, because no where did we see everything this Mr. Innocent had said about her family.....he probably said quite a bit himself to have them both come back in such a manner....

    I think they were the victims of a bully big time.....and with everyone out to get Bristol this whole thing was exaggerated and doctored to make her look bad.....like vultures swooping for the kill......
    And yet she's still managed to keep from getting pregnant.

    The issue I have with it is that when you are public figure - and she seems to have embraced that - you need to rise above that crap. People in the spotlight have others taking potshots at them all the time. By responding to it, you only make yourself look bad. The fact that she and her sister responded to it in the manner they did shows an incredible lack of class. Of course, they're learning that at home. One of their mother's favorite ways of attacking people is through posting stuff on her FB page....like all serious politicians do

    All of that was on her FB page, btw. If someone was doctoring that page, it was her and not someone else.

    Regardless, I won't be watching next week. This whole thing has soured me to the show. I think it was Jimmy Kimmel who said that Bristol just cannot be stopped....sort of like Charlie Sheen, only less fun.

    ETA: and I really should stop posting about this, but I honestly don't care if she was responding to a "bully" because even if she was, it doesn't excuse her (and her sister's) use of homophobic slurs. It just doesn't.
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    Re: Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas - Season 11

    Bristol and her family have been in the public eye for 3 years now. They know that every single thing they say on public media like Facebook or Twitter will be noticed. When that kid said the show was gonna fail, both Willow and Bristol could have said...sorry you don't like it, or they could have ignored his post. It doesn't matter what his history was with them. Their reactions were hugely inappropriate, and disappointing. Classless and crude (and Bristol has been crude language wise thru out DWTS).

    I feel sorry for Bristol because her mother put her own career in front of her vulnerable, pregnant daughter's well-being when she accepted the VP nomination. She threw Bristol to the meat-grinders. Yet she tries to pose as the perfect Mom of a Christian family. That's why I don't like Sarah Palin...when push came to shove, she shoved her own daughter out of the way in favor of her personal ambitions.

    Sadly Bristol's behavior recently has made me think she is her mother's daughter.

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    Re: Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas - Season 11

    No one doctored Bristol's comments. lol Let's not make excuses for her bad behavior. She even issued a public apology in regards to them as she should have. She's not a child anymore and now she has one. She needs to be a better example for her son. She knows better and needs to use better judgment in the future.

    I don't know if Sarah doing a reality show was the wisest decision. This family seems like it could use some private time to get things under control.

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    Re: Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas - Season 11

    As I said in the Live thread, I read the screencap on TMZ, and Bristol did not use any homophobic slurs. Profanity yes, but not slurs. Both of them were used by Willow.

    Everyone in life has to learn the lesson of ignoring people who are obviously trying to goad them, or at least people they think are trying to goad them. Some people learn the hard way, which may turn out to be the case with these sisters. I don't know. I hope not.

    Gotta say, the language from both girls (and pretty much everyone who was arguing with them too!) was cringe worthy, even though I know this is sadly common place in schools today.

    And I agree with those of you saying even if a person is being bullied or made fun of, that's no excuse for using slurs of any type. The "Well, they're young" excuse has never flown with me either. Also agree with those saying slur words like these are rampant in all school levels, much to my disappointment.

    A few years ago when I was working in multiple schools at multiple levels while in a grad program, every single school that I worked in and every single school that members of my cohort worked in had the same exact problem. So many kids think absolutely nothing of it, and unfortunately most of the parents are none the wiser because 1. Most of the kids know better than to talk like that around their parents and 2. Many members of the faculty seemingly did not have the chutzpah to call out these students on their behavior/turn the situation into a teaching moment, nor did they inform the parents about it 98% of the time.

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    Re: Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas - Season 11

    I don't know why so many people think it's easy to bash Palin without disrespecting Ballas. The guy has worked his butt off and gets no credit.

    It's funny how most people expected Bristol to be the next Kate Gosselin and gone on Week 1 but she made it to the Finals. There was no background in dance or entertainment yet also no bad attitude after the judges' comments nor emotional manipulation to curry votes, nor sense of entitlement.

    I agree her personality is generally unexpressive but this is actually what endears the public to her because they're sick of all the fake Hollywood divas. It's refreshing. Not that Audrina or Brandy showed much emotion on the dance floor, either.

    I don't really like Mrs. Palin but I don't mind Ms. Palin. She sure as heck beats Kim Kardashien, whom I can't stand!
    "A lady's imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment." -- Jane Austen

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    Re: Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas - Season 11

    Quote Originally Posted by VAgirl79;4109212;
    As I said in the Live thread, I read the screencap on TMZ, and Bristol did not use any homophobic slurs. Profanity yes, but not slurs. Both of them were used by Willow.
    The issue is not just the 'slurs'. Bristol has a nasty mouth. She didn’t care one bit that her comments were on the internet, for all to see. This is another example of her sense of entitlement. There are no excuses for her.

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    Re: Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas - Season 11

    My first reaction to the FB thing wasn't about what was said (it was clearly Willow who used the homophobic language) - my first thought was "why isn't Bristol rehearsing??"

    Aren't they all doing 3 dances next week - 2 Monday, and one on Tuesday?
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    Re: Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas - Season 11

    Quote Originally Posted by Critical;4108905;
    It wasn't just Willow, it was Bristol as well. She just issued an apology: Bristol Palin apologizes for Facebook rant - Yahoo! News
    She apologized for reacting to negative comments about her family. Maybe her mother and her publicist needed that apology but for everyone else, that's not an apology at all.
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    Re: Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas - Season 11

    Bristol does not owe me or you any apology. She only owes the people she said those things to an apology. Willow's comments were of a different nature, so a broader apology would be appropriate.

    Also, that sort of language is very popular with high schools kids today. Should Willow (not Bristol) say something about the homophobic language? Yes, but in all honesty, as a gay man, I think there are much more important things to do than to get outraged over this.

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