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Thread: Who Would YOU Like to See on DWTS Next?

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    Re: Who Would YOU Like to See on DWTS Next?

    Travis Tritt token hillbilly
    Christy Brinkley She has enough funky stuff in her life that she qualifies well...
    Tom Selleck I still love him in the repeats...lol
    Bobby Flay put him with Anna for a couple of redheads
    Courtney McCool Olympic silver medalist in China

    Pros Julianne, Alec, Demitry, Maks, Tony, Anna, Edyta, not Damien, Derek, Mark,

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    Re: Who Would YOU Like to See on DWTS Next?

    "Me-too"ing others' suggestions:
    Rita Wilson
    Florence Henderson
    John Stamos
    Cheryl Ladd
    Christopher Atkins (oh baby!)

    More names off the top of my head:
    James Marsters (Spike on Buffy/Angel)
    Kim Cattrall
    Cyndi Lauper
    Kathy Najimy
    Pete Wentz
    Luke McFarlane
    Kathy Griffin
    Nick Verrios (Project Runway)
    Chef Eric Ripert
    "Whatever you are, be a good one." Abraham Lincoln
    What is an "MFWalkoff?"

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    Re: Who Would YOU Like to See on DWTS Next?

    Cyndi Lauper would be a riot. I'd also nominate some other famous 80s ladies: Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, Pat Benatar, Terri Nunn (lead singer of Berlin)

    My mom would die if Tom Selleck ever did this show. I remember him being rumored a long time ago. I think they can get a token "older" star without having to go as far as Buzz or Cloris.

    I'd be happy with any of these, especially Bart or Nadia.
    I doubt they'd have a married couple on the show, though.
    Maybe separate seasons??
    They were going to have Jewel/Ty Murray on season 8, but Jewel wound up getting injured and had to drop out the week before the premiere. I'm not a fan of hers by any stretch, but I wouldn't mind seeing her, Nancy, and Misty all get another shot. They've all said they wanted to do it over. I can understand the show not giving Misty a second shot, but Jewel and Nancy never even got to compete. And speaking of Nancy, I'd also nominate her former AH co-anchor Maria Menounos, along with one of my other all time favorites Valerie Bertinelli (I didn't see her mentioned, so if someone did, I agree).

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    Re: Who Would YOU Like to See on DWTS Next?

    1. Aston Kutcher
    2. Mario Lemieux (hockey superstar and owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins)

    Pros I want to see: MAKS, DEREK, MARK, JULIANNE, Karina, Anna T., Chelsie, Kym, Alec, Cheryl

    Pros I don't want to see: LACEY, Damien, Dmitry, Edyta (sorry but her choreography is painful)

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    Re: Who Would YOU Like to See on DWTS Next?

    I just found this site and am enjoying reading the posts. This is only my third season of watching DWTS. Has Rob Lowe ever done the show or declined doing it? I'd love to see him on it. Also, I think Tenley from Jake's Bachelor season should get a chance since she loves to dance, and Jake and now Vienna tonight gets to be on. She should be the Bachelorette right now too IMO. For a sports figure, I'd love to see Steve Young from the San Francisco 49ers (and now ESPN) or maybe Ray Allen from the NBA.

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    Re: Who Would YOU Like to See on DWTS Next?

    How about someone from Star Trek? I don't see Patrick Stewart trying it, but maybe some of the co-stars?

    The Next Generation co-stars:

    LeVar Burton (born 1957)
    Jonathan Frakes (born 1952)
    Marina Sirtis (born 1955)
    Brent Spiner (born 1949)
    Michael Dorn (born 1952)
    Gates McFadden (born 1949)
    Wil Wheaton (born 1972)
    Colm Meaney (born 1953)

    And of course there were two (or three?) series after TNG, plus the recent movies.

    They might have big fan base. Has any Star Trek person been on the previous seasons?

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    Re: Who Would YOU Like to See on DWTS Next?

    Josh Holloway has already been nominated; how 'bout some of the rest of his "Lost" castmates, most notably Terry O'Quinn, who joked on Jimmy Kimmel about being "unemployed Terry" now; Evangeline Lilly could probably rival Nicole for the hot costume factor; Naveen Andrews & Henry Ian Cusick. All these stars had very physical scenes and could handle the demands of the dancing. Am on the fence about Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet)--she's very beautiful, but she's an Other and not sure if she's got the requisite personality. Ditto Matthew Fox (Jack)--not enough charisma for me.

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    Re: Who Would YOU Like to See on DWTS Next?

    Harry Connick, Jr.?

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    Re: Who Would YOU Like to See on DWTS Next?

    I love a lot of these lists! I haven't had enough time to think about this!

    Johnny Weir (So hot, he melts the ice!)
    Bode Miller (Just for fun)
    Usain Bolt (He loves to dance!)
    Cullen Jones (Popular black swimmer looking for publicity to help inner city kids learn to swim)
    Ricky Berens (Another popular swimmer best known for bursting out of his swim suit and revealing his bottom while diving into the pool)

    Has Omarosa been on the show before?
    Russel Hantz (And pair him with Cheryl or Chelsie!)

    Kevin Richardson (former Backstreet Boy with Broadway experience)

    Jada Pinkett Smith
    That guy from Entourage. What's his name?
    Wolf Blitzer or someone from CNN
    Ann Curry

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    Re: Who Would YOU Like to See on DWTS Next?

    Quote Originally Posted by thetinydancer;3911303;
    My thoughts exactly, but I wasn't going to go there
    why.... is he dating her??

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