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IIRC, both Reid and Kiptyn turned down TB. Jake was actually third choice. I had heard from someone in Texas in a PR firm that Jake would not be doing it. I think they expected one of the other two to say yes. Do you think either one of them would consider this? I guess it depends on how much fun they think they could have. I see Kiptyn before Reid. He's been in the audience a lot and just might think it could be fun. I'll bet they offer it to him. I don't think Reid will. He's happy at his regular job, and for some reason I just can't see it being "fun" for him. The one I think would have a ball is Tanner! Wouldn't that be something? Would he be able to concentrate, or would he just stare at his partner's feet? But how far will they go into the Bachelor "vault" to get contestants? I can't see them going too far. What about Chris H? Would he do it?
I can't see Reid on DWTS. On the other hand, his girlfriend, Kristen Dalton, the soon to be former Miss USA, as of Sunday night, her reign is over, would love to be on DWTS.

Id love to do Dancing With the Stars next season, she smiled with a hint that there have been talks with ABC producers.
She currently works for Donald Trump, and will continue to persue her career as a TV host. She is sad her year is up and the camera's will no longer be focused on her.

phillyrealtor http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2010/may/15/ill-be-little-sad-its-over-me-miss-usa-kristen-dal/