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I would assume you're right about that. The ones that continue to chase fame and do records and endorsements and all do probably very well.

One young lady I know, my kids former coach, has been on and off the show since the beginning (it was such a sweet show when it started) and she's doing a nice middle class income teaching and some exhibitions. No Mansions, no private planes, but what most of us would call a comfortable living. She's not really into the fame chasing thing though, despite being on the show I guess. I'm sure if she wanted more she could get and agent to track down things for her to do.
I get what you're saying.

One pro I've always missed on this show is Charlotte Jorgensen (sp?). As far as I can recall now, she only appeared on the very first season, and danced with John Hurley (sp?). So pretty, and such a wonderful dancer. She and John were an absolute joy to watch. Haven't really seen/heard of her too much since then, but she was great when she was on.

Classy lady. I always hoped she'd come back, but she never did.