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Thread: Brooke Burke-Charvet - Co-host

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    Re: Brooke Burke - Co-host

    I am SO happy that Melissa did not get the job, she's waaay too peppy and annoying. I've always been inclined to like Brooke Burke and she should be fine. With Kate Goselin on my fav. guilty pleasure show, I Melissa would have really ruined it for me. I don't dislike her as a person, I just don't want her on my screen. I'm looking forward to the new season FINALLY starting!

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    Re: Brooke Burke - Co-host

    Brooke never did much for me, but I think she's a good fit for the show. I like Melissa, but her smile and energy tend to fill a room and attention would be taken away from the rest of the people on the show.

    Brook is noticeable but not in an overshadowing way.

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    Re: Brooke Burke - Co-host

    Did anyone else notice Tom taking some digs at Brooke tonight? Maybe he didn't want a co-host this season?

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    Re: Brooke Burke - Co-host

    The one complaint I had about Brooke was she seemed to interrupt couples tonight. That might not have been her fault, because it seemed like the couples were rushed in favor of an endless string of commercials. Eleven couples and still 2 hours and they couldn't give them a little more time?

    Anyway, Brooke I was more impressed with tonight than I expected to be. I think she basically does what a co-host needs to do. She doesn't overshadow the host, is to the point, knows what she's asking, and gets the job done, and doesn't let things get out of control (so far anyway). I didn't miss Samantha and Brooke seemed to ease right into the position.

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    Re: Brooke Burke - Co-host

    Quote Originally Posted by karalott;3860762;
    (clip) I didn't miss Samantha and Brooke seemed to ease right into the position.
    I felt the same way, unfortunately I didn't think this was a good thing. She seemed like Substitute Samantha most of the time, with the same lack of engagement, waiting for people to stop talking so she can say the next thing on the teleprompter, and general awkwardness. I'll give her a pass because it was her first day on the job, but hopefully she will improve over time. Right now, to me she just seems like a slightly stoned Samantha.
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    Re: Brooke Burke - Co-host

    I don't think the co-host thing is ever a good idea and that no matter who they get in that position, they won't really "fit". She did a decent job but seemed a bit awkward and stumbled a couple of times. I think the judges spent too much time trying to get their sound bites in (especially Bruno who would say things just because he had rehearsed it in his head and made no sense whatsoever to the dance that was just completed). Perhaps less judge nonsense comments and more contestant comments? I know that personally I'd rather hear them than Bruno trying to say something cute and outrageous.


    She did good but what was up with the "girls" support last night? Seemed that Brooke and a number of other females had some ill-fitting bras on because once I noticed how lop-sided they looked, that was all I noticed!

    Erin, Shannon, Brooke...on and on.....had really ill fitting tops on.

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    Re: Brooke Burke - Co-host

    Brooke was no improvement over Samantha at all, who by the way was on ET last night and was quite good.

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    Re: Brooke Burke - Co-host

    Brooke was not great, but it was her first show-hopefully she just needs a little time to loosen up and show some personality. She was rather dull last night. I kept thinking I'd rather have seen Melissa because she has more of a presence. Tom was a riot though - especially after Pam danced.....
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    Re: Brooke Burke - Co-host

    Quote Originally Posted by Love_Me;3860759;
    Did anyone else notice Tom taking some digs at Brooke tonight? Maybe he didn't want a co-host this season?
    No, I didn't notice, but he doesn't need any help hosting.

    I was surprised Brooke got the job, and not surprised she was underwhelming last night. Talk about a fish out of water.

    I was glad she won DWTS but she's not on Bergeron's level.

    The position, however, is weird, and it's difficult to do well. It's not like anything else on TV. That's why I'd like to see it removed completely. Just go straight to the scores, forget the lame and predictable interviews.

    Bergeron has his role perfected. There's sass, wit, cute barbs, encouragement, and a light touch that all helps to keep the atmosphere just right.

    ABC should have tried to get guest co-hosts and keep rotating until somebody stood out and got rave reviews. Then keep that person. There was no trial for Brooke.
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    Re: Brooke Burke - Co-host

    I thought her dress was a distraction.

    Other than that, she performed as I'd expected.
    I don't dislike her at all. I think she's a very attractive woman.

    I just find her to have a very boring, fake personality.
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