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Thread: Who will replace Samantha as co-host?

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    Re: Who will replace Samantha as co-host?

    I don't remember which show, but one I caught stated that they had thought of revolvoing cohosts first. They would have a different one every week. I like that idea, and would have loved to see different faces from the past shows doing the job each week. I am not a huge fan of Brooke and her hosting, but anything is better than Samantha or Melissa.

    I wonder if Samantha was truly told to take a season off or if she asked for it off. She was absolutely horrible at the job, and fans just do not seem to like her much.

    Brooke did subpar on Rockstar, but she always looked nervous, and definitely live television might be a challenge for her. She was not witty or funny in any way, and kind of just stood there. I will give her a chance though, and see how she does.

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    Re: Who will replace Samantha as co-host?

    Where is Karina this season??? anybody know?

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    Re: Who will replace Samantha as co-host?

    Karina wasn't asked back this season. I guess they just didn't see any of the men as partner material for her

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    Re: Who will replace Samantha as co-host?

    Quote Originally Posted by anders332;3854487;
    which ditz on the view??
    Well, since she admitted she has to have a writer to pen all those 'cute' quips she throws out during the show and gets such a giggle over.... I'd say the ditz must be Joy. At least the others speak their OWN minds. Sorry to offend any Joy fans, just telling it like it is.

    I'm alittle surprised they chose Brook to replace Samantha. I'm wondering how much Tom will be able to play off Brook--- she doesn't seem to have that quick of a wit, or from what I saw on Rock Star she didn't. She seems nice, just not quick like Drew was. Too bad it couldn't have been Drew, but I guess they wanted eye candy beside Tom. Hopefully Tom will be enough--- LOVE him!
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