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Thread: 11/24 Finale Results Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: 11/24 Finale Results Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Although happy with the results, I am not particularly surprised. Sdl and Catherine had already discussed the technicalities of a Donny win, and I had surmised Kelly would go out in 3rd to give a run off between a male and a female which is typical. Also, it has been a while since we have had a male winner.

    What I had begun to think very strongly was that the producers (who we know have some of their people monitoring the Bachelor forum on the FORT and most likely monitor this forum as well) were well aware of the general opinion against Mya's professional dance status against the others.

    I was very surprised at the strong ( almost foreshadowing) emphasis placed last night on the importance of the freestyle. Whereas in past seasons it may have been mentioned once or not at all, every couple plus Tom made it very clear that the freestyle could and actually had decided the whole season several times. Then we were shown where Dmitry deliberately choreographed a dance for Mya that the judges deemed inadequate and for which they scored her lower than Donny. We saw the difference of opinion between Dmitry and Mya, and we saw the expected reaction of the judges.

    That resulted in VN1 showing a 10 point differential between Donny and Mya which I think also sent a message to the producers. It is my opinion that Mya's 28 and Donny's 30 were a deliberate reversal to insure that Donny became the winner.
    I told this idea to my friend before the judges' scores were ever given, and it panned out the way I thought it would.

    I will say this, though.....although I in no way thought it was fair for a professional such as Mya to win, she did try hard, and the fault for her even being in the position to have won was not hers but the producers.
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    Re: 11/24 Finale Results Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by karalott;3756976;
    Please show, give Maks a final 3 contender next season.
    Yes - Maks, Edyta, Jonathan are all due for a win. But Maks did have Mel B. and Leila Ali (both good partners). And Jonathan made it to the finals with Baby Jane Hudson/Bride of Chucky. Edyta had Jason Taylor.
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    Re: 11/24 Finale Results Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Beachmom;3757013;
    I lost interest in the season halfway through and followed it here.

    The high point of tonight for me was watching Chelsie and Louie dance again - to Donny's singing! I wish they hadn't cut away from them so much. And I guess Samantha put the rumors to rest --- but "we can hope"!

    Did anyone else think Aaron's remarks were a bit cryptic?

    I noticed at the end the Osborne family didn't participate in the standing O.

    At the beginning of the show tonight, I didn't care who won. Halfway through I thought the signs were pointing to Donny. He does seem to deserve it.
    I was bummed that they said Chelsie/Louie aren't dating. Hopefully they are and just haven't announced it publicly Louie seems willing and even brought up in front of Chelsie, when asked, what a good boyfriend he'd be and what he's into. They look so cute together.

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    Re: 11/24 Finale Results Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by TVDude;3756969;
    Why does Cloris always look like she downed a bottle of Jack Daniels before all her performances? Still entertaining to watch though.
    That's called being 83 years old. I've always loved her, and I love her gusto and attitude.

    Looking at Donny & Mya's faces before the winner was announced, it looked like Mya already knew and Donny didn't. Maybe she checked the poll sites, or art least asked about them. But it doesn't seem like something Donny would necessarily do.

    Go Donny! The season ended on a positive note after all. And for all the stuff they tried to cram into this finale show, I actually liked it a lot. Corolla's skit was really funny! Jeff Ross' bit was so-so, but I like that he gets in the spirit of things when he comes back. The marathon mambo was a cheap way to get some old funny stars back AND put Joanna and Derek back on the floor, but they made the best of it (also, I like any excuse to put Derek on the floor). Watching Whitney was bittersweet -- the voice is gone, but she can still perform to some degree. She seems half there, but not because of substances -- just because of a hard life.

    I like having Muppets on the show, they should do it more (especially now that Disney owns them). Or at least, have more people who can karate-chop Samantha.

    Kelly won my heart. I loved seeing Debi again. I'd forgotten how good Natalie is.

    This show drives me crazy. When's the next season start?
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    Re: 11/24 Finale Results Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by TVDude;3757023;
    Well just like Gilles and Mel B. Crappy freestyle = no trophy.

    I actually preferred Joanna's dances to Mya's and think she was the best. Mya has no soul to her dancing, while Joanna to me has at least some and I did enjoy her dances for the most part.

    Also, this HAS to be the shortest amount of time they've given a celeb to celebrate their win of all seasons so far or maybe its just my perception? It was announce the winner, a 'whoa whoa' from Donny and a few sentences from Mya and then a couple of minutes to celebrate and then it was over and the next show is on.

    Couldn't they just cut like two extra minutes from the rest of the show so we can see more of the celebrations afterwards? Is that too much to ask?
    Seriously. It's like 'thanks for your contribution Mya, thanks Donny, good night'. They seemed to give the trio a better reception when they won. I guess they want to have time to roll credits before anyone tunes out. I did like the reaction this season compared to the Ballas/Hough brigade winning. At least Donny recognized Kym as being part of the winning equation and Kym didn't take the trophy first.

    Miss Piggy's karate chop was the best part of the night

    MF, usually the spring season starts in March. Alec/Edyta are doing Burn the Floor on Broadway after Maks/Kym finish their run, and they finish Feb. 14th, so probably around that time we'll learn the new cast. Now it's time to start hunting for the spoilers, bitch about potential rumors, make up wish lists, and depending on the pairings, either look forward or dread it. As long as they give Derek and Mark a couple of clunkers, Maks a great contender, and Jonathan, Anna T., and Edyta, too, and bring Louis back, I'll be happy
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    Re: 11/24 Finale Results Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by tango7;3757033;
    Yes - Maks, Edyta, Jonathan are all due for a win. But Maks did have Mel B. and Leila Ali (both good partners).
    I had actually just been thinking, as good as it feels to have a "Kym" win, can you imagine how exciting it would be if Edyta were to pull off a win next for the big 10th season?

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    Re: 11/24 Finale Results Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by TVDude;3756995;
    Is it possible to give the trophy ONLY to Kym? I don't want an Osmond getting their paws on that mirrorball.
    That would have been great!! Even Derek tweeted he wanted mainly Kym, well he posted "Kim."

    Very happy for Donnie and Kim .. I really wanted mainly for Kim .. Third lucks a charm ..

    Loves it!!

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    Re: 11/24 Finale Results Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by karalott;3757001;
    So glad the ringer lost. Bad casting choice show, please don't put a professional dancer/choreographer with that much experience on the show again.

    Particularly since she was still in her 20's, the prime of her career, when this thing started. It might be different if someone with that much dance experience had had a lot more life experience. Even now she's only 30. Her impressive dance performance with Usher and Pink was in September.

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    Re: 11/24 Finale Results Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I just saw the ending with the announcemnt of Donny/Kym's win.

    That was really touching how Donny ran to get his wife and shared the win with both her and Kym. (Donny's saying to Kym--"Hold the trophy too.")

    IMO he is really a genuine person who really cared about and worked hard to achieve this goal.

    What a lesson--that no matter how successful you appear to be you can always set your sights higher and accomplish more. Very inspiring.

    (And I agree with the poster above who said it would have been nice to see at least a few more minutes of the celebration!)

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    Re: 11/24 Finale Results Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Wind Dancer;3757028;
    I think they want people to tune into the interviews with the winners on Jimmy Kimmel and GMA etc.
    Yes but still, in previous seasons they at least asked a couple of questions from both the winner and runner up and gave them time to answer and thank their pros etc. And even if you skip that, it would've been nice to see Kym and Donny celebrate more, especially Kym. She finally wins one and all we get to see a minute or so of her being happy before its credits and the show ends.

    I just wish ABC would do a program change next year and just hurry up to the results so the viewers could see more of the celebrations and the happy winners. I mean two freaking hours and they can't cut out two minutes somewhere and save it to the end so people can watch the winners abit more??
    Will you ever come back Julianne?? =(

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