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Thread: 11/23 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Re: 11/23 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    I realize that Dmitry isn't really a strong choreographer. The one time Mya should have put her nose in where it didn't belong and take control, she didn't. I almost wonder what would have happened if Mya went last. I doubt the producers expected that bomb. Of course maybe Mya didn't want to choreograph it because she already outdanced Dmitry in the paso and mega mix. But that was down there as one of the worst ones.

    Kelly nailed her AT and while her freestyle fell flat, I'm glad she had fun, and I had more fun watching her than Mya.

    The judges still get one last vote to tilt the scales for who they want to win, but Donny deserves it after tonight. He did a great job in the cha cha and Kym nailed the freestyle. I'm glad they got the pimp spot.

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    Re: 11/23 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Bucky;3755977;
    Nutty1, it's 1-800-868-3405. Sorry, I didn't write down the others or I would post them as well.

    Loved Donny and Kym!
    I keep trying to call but the line is busy. I haven't gotten through yet.
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    Re: 11/23 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    I've finally realized why I can't connect with Mya, despite the fact that she's clearly the best technical dancer left. She never looks nervous or anxious before a dance, as all of the other contestants do (and as I would, unless I had been doing it all my life!) When the camera pans to the contestants as their names are announced before the dance begins, each one of them, other than Mya, looks to be taking a deep breath and trying to calm their nerves. Mya never appears the least bit unsure of herself, and that level of confidence would only come with being a seasoned dance "pro". For me, the largest appeal of the show is seeing people out of their comfort zone and trying something new in such a bright spotlight. I can relate to those that look terrified, because that's exactly how I would feel doing something totally new in such a public forum! I just can't relate to Mya, although I can appreciate her talent.

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    Re: 11/23 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    What a snooze-fest! Don't think it has ever been this boring before. I really wanted to vote for Kelly tonight but what was wrong with her? She seemed so stiff on the freestyle that it seemed like this was her very first dance on the show or something. Oh well, she had a very good run on the show and I enjoyed watching her transformation. She should be so very proud of herself!!

    So guess Donny will get my votes since he actually entertained me. Goooooo Kym!!!

    I liked parts of Mya's paso doble but her freestyle could have, should have been soooo much better! I have never wanted someone to NOT win the trophy before. If it's not my favourite well then I'm OK with that, but for Mya to win would just seem so wrong, being professional and all. Meh.
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    Re: 11/23 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Alexxxx;3755957;
    In a perfect world, Kelly's fans would realize that she is too far back to save, and give their votes to Donny. You know, the "anybody but Mya" mindset. Would love to see Kym walk away a winner in this too.
    I'm more in the "Donny has always made my skin crawl but I absolutely adore Kym" set. Which still probably gets him my vote in this case though.

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    Re: 11/23 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Krom;3755920;
    Not much. Both of these "pros" (Louis and Dmitry) seem to have checked their brains at the door choreography-wise. They were both terrible and generic.

    Kym has always struck me as original and creative though. Even if she's dealing with cheesy Donny, she's the star in that team, IMO.
    DWTS desperately needs a scoring system like dancing on ice... two sets of scores, one for technical, one for degree of difficulty.

    The DoD for Mya and Dim tonight was 2/10. How did she let him blow it in the finale? She seemed like a stronger woman than that.

    Donny & Kym were the best tonight, but all three freestyle dances paled in comparison to previous seasons finales.


    P.S. Why does Kym always look as if she wants to rip D's clothes off? If I were his wife, I would not be very happy. Remember that question previously?

    Kym: "Ooooo..."

    Donny: "Am I making you uncomfortable?"

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    Re: 11/23 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Krom;3755998;
    I'm more in the "Donny has always made my skin crawl but I absolutely adore Kym" set. Which still probably gets him my vote in this case though.
    I was in that set with you at the beginning of this season. When the stars were announced there were very few that I had even heard of before, and those that I knew of were not people I wanted to see dance. In fact, I think I gave a full eye roll to Donny's name. But as the season wore on, his professionalism, hard work and humility won me over. Particularly the humility I think, because I absolutely did not expect that from Donny. And yeah, Kym deserves to win.

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    Re: 11/23 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Wow, how shocking that Mya bombed out in her freestyle. She is professional enough to know bad choreography when she sees it!
    I've never been on the Kelly love-boat, so she didn't surprise me in any way tonight.
    Donny did great! He really has showmanship! Plus, I love Kym. I hope they win!

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    Re: 11/23 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Loved, loved, loved Donny and Kym's freestyle. It was what a freestyle should be: fun with all the stops pulled out. Donny showed he could handle the lifts - even at his age.
    I also was rooting for Kelly. I saw her and Donny hugging after the mega-dance. It seems to me that they are much closer to each other than to Mya.
    Two things that impressed me about Donny (aside from his dancing which I enjoyed) was him saying he'd like to win for Kym - she deserves it. Also, Bruno said what a professional Donny was - he yelled at him for an hour during rehearsal and Donny sincerely took his criticism with no attitude and tried to improve.
    That may not have much to do with dancing, but those things show class.
    Mya will likely still win, but Kelly and Donny made the season enjoyable for me - especially after Natalie left. PLEASE next year ABC, learn something from this and don't cast a celeb with Mya's credentials. It's left a bad taste in so many mouths.

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    Re: 11/23 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    I wasn't going to watch and did end up watching Kelly;s free-style, yes she mess up. But she carried on with the dance. Loved Donny;s free-style and I do like Donny but went and voted for Kelly. Previous dance experience or not withstanding, Donny and Kelly have been the shinning lights of this season. I voted for Kelly because she has gave me hope that I might learn to dance someday even with my two left feet. I'm proud of her for never giving up even when things seemed to hard for her. Even if she finishes 3rd, I just want to say "Thanks" and her and Donny for the great finish of their dances.
    I might in the near future be "busting" a move on a dance floor, now that would be a sight. At least I'll have fun.
    It's got to be love.

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