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Thread: 11/10 Results Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers*

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    Re: 11/10 Results Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by MFWalkoff;3748699;
    AMW, You really should watch the Derek-Joanna dance, you'll be surprised. I haven't reacted to a DWTS dance like this since Gilles & Cheryl's AT last year. It was outside-the-box, and executed quite well. Derek finally designed a dance where Joanna had to do 50% of the work, and for once, she was up to the challenge.
    As much as I am noit a Joanna fan I have ato agree that this dance will be memorable--in a good way--for a long time.

    IMO they should do a retrospective show with all the "classic" performances--the really good ones like the Gilles/Cheryl paso and the Maks/Mel paso to the really bad ones like anything Woz did.

    That would be a fun show to watch.

    Oh-I'd also like to see some of John O'Hurley's work from the first season.

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    Re: 11/10 Results Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers*

    I missed the 11/9 show and forgot to tape it. I just can't get into this season with the remaining dancers. Joanna and Mya leave me cold, couldn't stand Aaron, Donny is too hammy, and the little Ozborne girl is okay but way too coddled by the judges (love, love, love Louis though), and Mike is dreadful. All the ones I liked are gone along with some of the male eye candy pros. I don't care who wins and probably won't tape it tonight and even if I do, I doubt I'll watch. It's just bleh for me.

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    Re: 11/10 Results Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers*

    I'm so not watching tonight but will enjoy reading everyone's post about the show. I'm just ready for DWTS: 10.
    It's got to be love.

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    Re: 11/10 Results Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers*

    I will watch. I am interested in seeing the judges pick at small things with the best dancers and praise the lesser talented. I don't mind this, it entertains me. It is clearly a popularity contest and I accept that. Having said this, I put this on my DVR and rip through it in about 17 minutes.

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