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Thread: DWTS 9 – 10/20 Results Recap: Flu on the Dance Floor

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    DWTS 9 – 10/20 Results Recap: Flu on the Dance Floor

    After suffering through wanna-be dances like the Country Two-Step and the Funky Chicken last week, we got back down to business Monday night with proven crowd-pleasers, the paso doble and the Argentine tango. Check out MsFroggy’s raucous recap of last night’s group dance, a polyester-packed homage to The Hustle.

    47 Down, 47 to Go!

    Tom Bergeron lets us know right off the bat that we’ve reached the halfway point in the season – yikes, aren’t there still 18 couples left? They’ll be lucky to get this season finished before the spring season starts. Among Tom’s recap goodies: Len was in a good mood all night! This explains the epidemic of overscoring last night. Nobody did worse than a 21, with Donny Osmond sitting atop the leaderboard, while Natalie Coughlin, Louie Vito and Michael Irvin share the cellar. Aaron Carter got himself out of jail with a decent tango, and ringer singer Mya finally won Len’s heart. And while Michael Irvin is in last place, his 21 would have earned him a much higher berth any other week.

    I’m the Donny of Bleepin’ Darkness!

    Kelly Osbourne hurt her ankle while dancing last night, and we are treated to behind-the-scenes footage of dad Ozzy comforting her backstage, and accompanying her in the ambulance to get some x-rays. Among the other rehashes are the inevitable clownish flirtations between Donny and Bruno, which leads us into Len’s choice for the encore dance: Donny & Kym’s Argentine tango. It’s very good, and Donny doesn’t shy away from footwork. But honestly, watching any AT just makes me root through my files to take another look at Gilles & Cheryl’s AT from last season. Didja see him on Brothers & Sisters last Sunday? He’s on again this weekend! But I digress…

    The Way He Makes Them Feel

    This week, in addition to the pros presenting a live dance tribute to Michael Jackson, Tom introduces clips from past seasons featuring couples dancing to MJ songs, starting with Monique Coleman & Louie van Amstel dancing to “ABC” in season 3. Louie provides his own voiceover thoughts about MJ’s enduring influence on all dancers.

    Next, singer Norah Jones performs a new song from her forthcoming CD, as she christens the new DWTS Music Stage, which replaces some really good seats across the floor from the house band. She looks great, and it’s a catchy number with a kick, a welcome wake-up from the elevator jazz that won her a shopping cart full of Grammys several years ago. Two pro couples come out and do an uninspired Sold Gold routine to the song. Where’s Marilyn McCoo to introduce this week’s #5 song in the country?

    Who’s Bad, Round 1

    We are presented with a rapid-fire montage of all the couples being humble and worrying about going home this week. Even the leaders openly fret, since the judges' scores ultimately mean nothing and the fickle fans decide who stays each week -- although they don’t come out and say that, of course. Lacey makes a little dig at ringer singer Mya, saying ,”You know she’s going to be good!” Mark Dacascos sits innocently next to her and remains decidedly silent.

    Back to Tom, who introduces the top 3 couples from last night, and gives us the first round of results from the combined scoring: Mark & Lacey…are safe! Donny & Kym…are safe! Mya & Dmitri…are safe! Um, duh?

    Another MJ dance clip is presented, as we see Katherine, La Toya and Jermaine Jackson in the front row, representing the Jackson family for the tribute. The second clip is the most recent: Shawn Johnson & Mark Ballas dancing to “P.Y.T.” last season, with Mark appropriately dressed in jeweled white socks.

    Next we are forced to sit through a montage of how “awful” Mondays are for all the couples, what with the long walks to the craft services table and having to sit in a make-up chair and kiss everyone hello. The stars strike up friendships both unlikely (Kelly and Michael hang out) and likely (Mya just waves at people and goes off alone). Donny gets all bubbly about getting into costume and heading backstage, and that’s about all I can take of this bit of filler.

    Who’s Bad, Round 2

    Tom gathers the three middle-scoring couples and tells us of their fates this week: Joanna & Derek (actually Joanna & Maks this week, since Derek has the flu)…are in jeopardy! The crowd gasps. Kelly & Louie…are safe! Aaron & Karina…are in jeopardy! The crowd ooh’s as Aaron’s face turns to stone once again.

    The next MJ dance clip is a fun one: Warren Sapp & Kym Johnson grooving to “Blame It on the Boogie” during season 7.

    Who’s Bad, Round 3

    Next up are the lowest scoring couples of the week. Tom counts them off as follows: Michael & Anna…are safe! (He really was good last night.) Natalie & Alec…are in jeopardy! Tom gives Samantha something to do as she presses Kelly backstage for an update on her foot: she’s still sore, but she will be fine for the jitterbug next week. Louie lets us know that he isn’t going to let Kelly slide during rehearsals, so watch this space for reports of whatever new fracture Kelly suffers by next Monday. Also, Michael gets some screen time to smile and be grateful and plead to the audience to keep floating him a while longer. Samantha does a bumbling wrap-up, and it’s back to Tom to save the show as usual.

    Norah Jones is back, this time to perform the title track to her juggernaut debut album, “Come Away With Me”. Jonathan & Anna Trebunskaya provide a nice romantic counterpoint with their sweeping waltz. For a cherry on the sundae, we learn the song was their wedding song as well!

    Who’s Bad, Round 4

    The last two couples to hear their fate are also among the lowest-scoring, and Tom reads the verdicts: Louie & Chelsie…are safe! And finally, Melissa & Mark…are in jeopardy! Four couples will fight it out (actually they will just stand there) until one couple is asked to pack their knives and go. Or something.

    We Are the World, We Are the Dance Pros

    Finally we reach the highlight of the evening, the live dance tribute to Michael Jackson. It begins with a filmed montage of quotes from Jackson family members and DWTS dancers and musicians. La Toya lets us know that Michael was actually a big fan of DWTS. All the pros point to patented MJ moves that have been incorporated into their dances.

    For the live portion, La Toya takes the stage to read the teleprompter make a speech to introduce the dancers. It begins with (of course) Mark’s rhinestone-studded ankles as a trio dances to “One More Chance”. This segues into a 3-couple dance to “Man in the Mirror,” with all the dancers incorporating trademark costume pieces and patented MJ pop moves. Next, we hear the intro to “Thriller” and the crowd cheers, as all the dancers join in to recreate an abridged version of the song’s legendary choreography. The overall routine is very good, but, this being network TV, is also much too brief.

    Beat It

    We come to the whole point of the evening, to kick another couple out the back door. Joanna & Derek, Aaron & Karina, Natalie & Alec, and Melissa & Mark are lined up, as Tom reminds us that each couple has, at one time, been either on top or one point under the leaderboard. What a difference a week makes. Tom announces the next safe couple: Melissa & Mark. (Say what?) The next safe couple are Joanna & Derek (& Maks). As the final two couples remain, Bruno and Carrie-Anne register their semi-coherent disbelief that one of these couples will be going, as Len admonishes the viewers for clinging to “underdogs” while better dancers continue to be sent home. Ouch! The moment arrives: Tom bids goodbye to…Natalie & Alec. The crowd is stunned, the viewers are stunned, hell, even I’m stunned and I wasn’t even a fan. Maybe Len has a point…

    Next Monday, a dance marathon! All the couples will mambo until they are each tapped out and a winner is crowned! Also, a double elimination! Oh, and Taylor Swift will perform. Most of it sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it!?

    FYI, Billie Jean is still not my lover, and Aaron still makes me wanna scream.

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    Re: DWTS 9 – 10/20 Results Recap: Flu on the Dance Floor

    As the final two couples remain, Bruno and Carrie-Anne register their semi-coherent disbelief that one of these couples will be going, as Len admonishes the viewers for clinging to “underdogs” while better dancers continue to be sent home. Ouch! The moment arrives: Tom bids goodbye to…Natalie & Alec.

    MFWalkoff, thanks for the great recap.

    As to the judges remarks, Duh could it be because the judges continually throw negative remarks out there at Natalie, gosh and they are surprised they finally convinced viewers she doesn't deserve to win. How phony can these three get.

    I saw Natalie and Alec on the VIEW today, they danced great together, didn't see a lack of chemistry there both completely absorbed in themselves and the dance. But I have always thought these two were great. The judges convinced voters they had no chemistry and the viewers fell for it. Alec is one handsome man with a quiet pleasant personality, Natalie has the same type personality, not showy and phony both pleasant nice people. They really liked each other and showed mutual respect. Natalie says she really don't know what happened with the judges.

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    Re: DWTS 9 – 10/20 Results Recap: Flu on the Dance Floor

    Thank You !!!!

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    Re: DWTS 9 – 10/20 Results Recap: Flu on the Dance Floor

    Great recap and just one tiny nitpick (sorry!). The first MJ song the pros danced to is called "I Want You Back"; still one of my favorites and the Jackson 5's first big hit (I remember watching them perform it on the Ed Sullivan Show and the next morning in school, all the girls talking about it and which brother was the cutest- I'm old. )

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    Re: DWTS 9 – 10/20 Results Recap: Flu on the Dance Floor

    Lacey makes a little dig at ringer singer Mya,
    Et tu, MFW?

    Wonderful recap; I loved the MJ shout-outs. Thank you again for being a rock star and subbing for me.

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