Yek Tony another dancer who I really do not like. cheesy.

Kathy Ireland? never heard of her. Tony and his partner were boring.

Natalie I remember from swimming.I like Alex.
Not bad I think she has definitely potential.

Macy and Jonathan. Hmm how weird. Her mouth wide open all the time.

Joanna. What she used to have dancing lessons in ballroom? Not fair. never heard of her and of course Derek gets another young pretty girl. He never gets the duds and I dislike the guy.

and I was right. We will have to stick up with this greasy hypocritical cheesehead for weeks as usual. It is so not fair.

Hey even the hostess said something about him always getting great partners. He is so lucky? yeah sure.

Kelly and Louis. Not a fan of him even though he is Dutch like me.

Kelly did good. Okay I am not a fan but I like Ozzy and that was sweet, the kiss. Louis did good!

Relay dances. Hmm I do not need those. There are already so many dancers participating.
I want Maks and Debi to win but so far doesn't looking good. Probably the judges favorite Derek

And of course I was right while I liked Nathalie better.

Okay going to watch the result show now. I have square eyes