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Thread: Kathy Ireland - Season 9

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    Re: Kathy Ireland - Season 9

    Quote Originally Posted by n4692u;3715824;
    You know, I never thought about it until last season, but when the pros get voted off, their paycheck stops. That's what makes me feel so bad about any of them going home. Of course, they know that and that's the way the cookie crumbles. Is Tony the only pro with children?
    The checks may go down, but they don't stop, since most of them still get to dance in those specialty numbers each week. But they are certainly cut off from any bonus money for making the semi's or winning, and that must hurt.
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    Re: Kathy Ireland - Season 9

    Quote Originally Posted by karalott;3716242;
    He is. Alec/Edyta and Jonathan/Anna T. are married and some of the pros have SO but none have children as of yet.

    If anyone else had the Kathy attitude, even sweet little Chelsie or Kym, I'd probably say they were faking. But it's obvious she's just an all round sweetheart. Caring, compassionate, humble, generous, happy, carefree, and just beautiful inside and out. I was so looking forward to her on the show, and am disappointed she didn't do well. She said she did it for her kids and I think she did enjoy her time. But she deserved to go. And for once, I think Tony got the short end of the stick with the criticism. He's gotten judges criticism since season 6, and maybe before, and I don't really see them doing that to any other pro (namely CA). He's never had a problem with the holds in the quick step, and I think a lot of his routine is more Kathy's doing than his. He may be the choreographer, but he can only do what his partner will let him. It did seem like the entire cast could have walked right between them. I certainly wouldn't have any problem getting up close and personal with Tony (and I'd likely faint so it wouldn't even matter anyway).

    I do hope Tony returns next season. I'd much rather see Derek and Mark take a break. I can't believe they wouldn't bring him back, considering he's been on since season 2, but I'm beginning to wonder when these long time pros might get a temporary pink slip. The last few pros they added were on the younger side, and I'm wondering if they might start weeding out the long time pros for some young and fresh blood. Tony wasn't always my favorite in terms of choreography, but in a pro dance, he's without a doubt one of the best. In fact, I think the women have nothing on the men. The two pro dances showed that. I do hope Nancy is able to return, because I was really looking forward to seeing that duo. I don't know if she would have made the final 3, but I think she had potential to go very far. They looked great in rehearsals. Either way, I'd love to finally see Tony, Jonathan, Anna T., Maks, Louis, Kym, and especially Edyta be able to win at least once. I think the only 2 out of that group that probably will would be Kym and possibly Maks.
    Thanks for the info on the pros kids. I knew Tony was married w/children and that Anna T/Jonathan and Alec/Edyta were married, but I didn't know if they had children or not. Alec/Edyta have only been married for a couple of years, I think. I am re-watching Season 4 right now, which was 2007 and Edyta mentioned her "fiance" during the show.

    I totally agree with what you said about Kathy and I also agree that they are probably beginning to weed out the older pros and replace them with younger ones. Tony's 36 and I think the oldest pro now, but like you, I would not mind performing the rumba with him. OMG, what if he and Kathy had stayed for week 3 and had to dance the rumba. What would that have looked like? The judges would have torn them apart for sure. I thought Tony's rumba with Melissa was wonderful and romantic and even though they got all 9's, they were criticized by all 3 judges. Bruno even told Melissa that she needed to be a "man eater" next time. If he said that to Melissa after their rumba, what in the world would he have said to Kathy?

    They had better bring Tony & Maks back next season is all I have to say.

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    Re: Kathy Ireland - Season 9

    Looks like Kathy got to throw out the first pitch in the Dodgers playoff series:
    Kathy Ireland: Baseball Beauty!

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