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Thread: *Official Season 9 Line-Up*

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    Re: *Official Season 9 Line-Up*

    Quote Originally Posted by MFWalkoff;3665170;
    I'm psyched for Debi Mazar, she should have some good comebacks for the judges.

    If Tom DeLay isn't eliminated Week One, I will grow increasingly irritated and angry for every episode he stays. It's just wrong.
    I'm a huge Debi fan, too. Also excited about Macy Gray.
    Seeking form amidst the void.

    But if that's not possible, gimme a Margarita...shaken, not stirred...and hold the salt, please.

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    Re: *Official Season 9 Line-Up*

    Quote Originally Posted by Miss_Griss;3666329;
    I'm a huge Debi fan, too. Also excited about Macy Gray.
    I only remember Debi from the movie Beethoven's 2nd (one of my all time favorites as a kid, to the point that I ruined one copy by watching it so much). A side note that Ashley Hamilton was also in that movie. He and Debi were villians. Macy Gray I never cared much for, but I think she's going to give plenty of 'tude, which would make it funny if she was paired with Maks, though I'd love it much more if she could be paired with Derek and Mark. Aside from a few faces, this is a cast I'm pretty happy and satisfied with. Maybe the producers took a cue from last season.

    So stick Edyta with a dud this season. She got a dud 2 seasons ago, and she got a meh dancer last season. So if she gets a dud this season, then she'll for sure get an amazing partner in S10. If she doesn't, then I'm going to have to write a few of the execs over at ABC.
    If she makes it to season 10. Since she's the only pro to ever be on every season, I worry about her future with the show. They may start weeding out the long time pros for younger, fresher faces like they seem to be doing on Strictly. Edyta's had her share of duds, and some that were worse than duds. I still feel sorry she's ever associated with Jeffrey Ross (who I hope doesn't return from one of those pitiful, painful roasts of the final 3 ) Alec has also had his share of bad luck. Derek, Mark, and Cheryl are the only ones that have had the best luck on this show in terms of partners. Even if the producers didn't expect them to do well, they did. Cheryl better get Tom or I'll be livid. I do agree it's not 100% Donny wins, though I think he'll have way more fans than non fans, and I expect him to do really well. Barring an injury that takes him out, getting an ego and overconfidence that turns people off, a revolt if he's too much the producers/judges pet, or a Sabrina shocker.

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    Re: *Official Season 9 Line-Up*

    Oh, I'm sure she'll come for S10. Only a major injury can stop her. The woman is determined. As the only pro to do every season, I don't see her stopping. Sure, it's tiring, but she obviously loves what she does. And her endurance has brought her many fans. I know that it's the main reason why I like her so much. She's one of the more popular pros that it would be crazy to let her go. The only reason why she would be let go is if the producers miraculously decide to let go of every single one of their remaining pros and get a bunch of newbies so that the competition starts out even (in terms of the pros).

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    Re: *Official Season 9 Line-Up*

    I just read a small bit in USAToday about the upcoming season. Of course it mostly focused on Tom Delay, who said he was caught "completely off guard when asked, but it took him 5 minutes to say yes". I didn't realize Macy Gray was 41! That makes me feel old. It had a small little detail about the other contestants. Louie Vito is a big name in extreme sports, but says he can't dance and has never watched an episode of the show. He might just be the new Ty Murray Ashley Hamilton seems to be best known, according to USA Today who couldn't find anything better to say about him, for his short marriages to Shannon Dorohty and Angie Everhart. Kathy Ireland says high heels are the extreme sport, and Donny says the best advice he keeps getting is not to faint. Should be an interesting season. I'll make my pre-show predictions when the pairs are announced and see how wrong I end up being.

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    Re: *Official Season 9 Line-Up*

    From Today's Washington Post ...

    washingtonpost.com - nation, world, technology and Washington area news and headlines

    Former House majority leader Tom DeLay, who fell from political grace after a lobbying scandal, is going to samba his way back into American homes this fall as one of the celebrity hoofers on ABC's popular ballroom competition series, "Dancing With the Stars."

    "Well, it's official . . . I am going to compete on Dancing with the Stars!" DeLay said in a Twitter message Monday morning, shortly after ABC's announcement. "This is going to be so much fun. I will need your support."

    The news marks a return to the spotlight, of sorts, for the man known as "The Hammer" for his ironclad style of rule over House Republicans. The Texas politician surrendered his leadership position nearly four years ago.

    DeLay will be among a cast of 15 celebrity contestants -- many of them with waning or faded careers -- as the show enters its ninth season; others include onetime stars Donny Osmond and Melissa Joan Hart, and former supermodel Kathy Ireland. Paired with professional ballroom dancers, celebrity contestants are thrust into a spotlight that offers enticing prospects for a career comeback.

    Viewers and a panel of judges decide which couple gets the boot each week; the winning star is awarded a trophy that resembles a disco ball. Last season, "Dancing With the Stars" was the country's second-most popular TV series, behind "American Idol."

    DeLay will make his TV dance-floor debut when the show begins Sept. 21. The series will run through November. Depending on how many rounds he survives, DeLay could earn about $200,000 -- or slightly more -- based on industry reports about compensation for the contestants.

    Conrad Green, the show's executive producer, said ABC had been trying for some time to get a politician to join the list of other celebrities who have competed. "We very much wanted someone who was a household name, someone people had opinions about -- someone who wasn't a wallflower," he said.

    The producers approached DeLay, 62, a few weeks ago in what Green called "a bit of a Hail Mary." To Green's surprise, the former congressman agreed immediately and started workouts to improve his technique. Green added that DeLay's biggest advantage is "he's a man who knows how to get the vote out."

    Dani DeLay Ferro, DeLay's daughter and his former campaign manager, said her father has lost 12 pounds and begins rehearsal Tuesday in Sugar Land, Tex. In a few weeks, he will relocate to Los Angeles.

    "He's been working hard all summer trying to get in shape, improve his flexibility, endurance, etc.," she wrote in a Facebook message. "He's taking this very very seriously and we are all sooooo excited! People probably don't know that he's a really good dancer!"

    Ferro added that she's most excited "for America to get to know the funny, caring man that I've grown up with and worked for. They won't know what hit 'em!"

    DeLay had a relationship with lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who pleaded guilty to fraud, tax evasion and conspiracy to bribe public officials, in a deal that required Abramoff to cooperate in an investigation into his dealings with members of Congress.

    After stepping down as majority leader, DeLay gave up his reelection bid in 2006. He is under indictment in his home state on charges stemming from a campaign finance investigation. He has pleaded not guilty and the case has been mired in procedural challenges.

    "Half the country probably wants him to fall on his bum," Green said of DeLay. "Half is going to root for him. Politicians always polarize -- but he's got broad shoulders. Let the battle commence."

    In Washington, both the right and the left spent the day trying to figure out what it all means.

    "I hope he can dance -- this may be a whole new career for him," said American Conservative Union chief executive David Keene. He said he knew something was afoot when DeLay, an ACU board member, said he could not make an upcoming board meeting, adding that Keene "will soon know why."

    "I guess he'll be dancing that day," Keene speculated.

    Government reform groups seized the opportunity to issue pun-laden statements. "It would be interesting to see if Mr. DeLay can do the Perp Walk. Does he know that step," said Andrew Wheat, the research director of Texans for Public Justice, the watchdog group whose work helped spark the criminal prosecution of DeLay.

    "Once upon a time, Tom DeLay was the powerful Majority Leader, jetting off to St. Andrews [golf course in Scotland] on a private plane with uber lobbyist Jack Abramoff," said Melanie Sloan, executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. "A few years later, from the comfort of his prison cell, Abramoff can watch DeLay as a TV reality show contestant. Who says there's no justice?"

    DeLay seems to have been a fan of the show for years. In the fall of 2006, shortly before "Dancing" debuted its new season, he had sent out a blast e-mail asking people to vote for country crooner Sara Evans, who competed against Jerry Springer, among others. In the e-mail DeLay said that Evans "represents good American values in the media" while "ultra liberal talk show host Jerry Springer" did not.

    Asked to comment on DeLay's decision to compete on "Dancing," Springer said in a statement, "It was a great experience for me, and I wish him only the best."

    Washington Post staff writer Mary Ann Akers contributed to this report

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    Re: *Official Season 9 Line-Up*

    I am uber excited to see Donny on my TV every week! If anyone thinks he's handsome on tv....you should see him up close and in person.
    The man is freakin gorgeous. I've also been in love with him since 1972.
    I may actually pick up the phone and vote for the first time.

    I'm also excited about Kathy Ireland being on. She is America's Sweetheart.

    Tom DeLay will be interesting to watch. He has to be better than Steve-O or Steve Wazniak.

    Hubby is looking forward to seeing Michael Irvan and Chuck Liddell (and Edyta lol).

    Kelly Osborne should go home quick and she can take Ashley Hamilton (who??) and Joanna Krupa with her.

    Sabrina the teenage witch ticked me off a few years ago when she spouted off on her myspace page about Daughtry "stealing" her husband's song so I definitely will not be rooting for her. I hope she goes home early too, though I know she has a lot of fans.

    Debi Mazar should be fun and Mark Dacascos will most likely be the dark horse.

    I guess they settled for a Backstreet Boy little brother since the Boys are busy with their new CD. I would have loved to see AJ McLean or Nick Carter on DWTS.

    The rest of them.....meh.

    I remember last year (season 7) when Susan Lucci was the favored one because of her huge popularity, but she danced like a stick.
    So anything's possible. We may be pleasantly surprised. And we may be horribly disappointed. Probably a little of both.

    I'm gonna miss Julianne....

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    Re: *Official Season 9 Line-Up*

    I'm excited to see The Chairman on DWTS. I love him on Iron Chef because he's such a charicature. Hopefully he won't disappoint. Donny, I could do without. His sister bugged me and he bugged me with his comments on ET during her sister's run. I'm sure he'll have a long run too, considering the number of fans he has.

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    Re: *Official Season 9 Line-Up*

    Quote Originally Posted by karalott;3665588;
    According to Tom, these will be the new dances introduced this season: Bolero, the Charleston, the Two Step and the Lambada. I was hoping for the merengue myself.
    Bolero - isn't that the slowed down Rumba or something like that? I really don't like that dance. It's so boring.

    Two-step? Lambada? Seriously? All I can do is just shake my head.

    I'm not very excited for this cast, could be the whole Joanna thing. What is sad/bad is that we were discussing who from Superstars Maks should be paired with this season and never once did Joanna get considered. So guess who shows up?

    They can put her with Alex. Long as it's not Luis or Maks.

    Oh wait! Mark Dacascos - that's the guy from Iron Chef? Oh....I may just have to watch after all just for him. I LOVE him on that show. Have you seen how bendy he is when he does his flips? He could very well be the dark horse in this thing, depending upon who they pair him with.

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    Re: *Official Season 9 Line-Up*

    Donny Osmond.
    Guess we'll also be seeing/hearing Marie's mugg.

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    Re: *Official Season 9 Line-Up*

    Although we have a political figure appearing on the show this season, we do not want to host political discussions in this forum.
    If you want to discuss De Lay's political career, please head to the Current Events forum and start a thread.
    This includes making casual references to "Liberal" this or "Conservative" that.

    Let's just enjoy the dancing.
    Thank you.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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