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Thread: 5/18 Show Discussion **spoilers**

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    Re: 5/18 Show Discussion **spoilers**

    Gilles- best dancer, most charisma with partner and he withstood a lot of pain to compete in these dances. He deserves it.
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    Re: 5/18 Show Discussion **spoilers**

    I thought Melissa did much better on her emotions last night for the PD. I did not like they dance part however, IMO all it was was turns and kicks. I like the entertainment factor more than the dancing itself. Tony and Mel do nothing for me. She may be a good dancer but the emotions are not there.

    I enjoyed both of Shawn and Gilles dances. I hope they are the final 2. I don't really care which one wins. I will be happy with either.

    Good luck to all of them in their futures, what ever they will be doing.

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    Re: 5/18 Show Discussion **spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by anders332;3456582;
    Anyone notice that when Mel and Tony switched places with Cheryl and Gilles that Cheryl actually pushed Mel away from her hug/kiss??? I've been very open minded about Cheryl even though she has a very uppity air about herself, but that really annoyed me.
    It looked to me as though she was being pulled by Gilles and was just following him. I didn't get any sense of anybody having a problem with anybody.
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    Re: 5/18 Show Discussion **spoilers**

    The music for the Group Paso was extremely distracting and so wrong for this dance on a number of levels. My 8 yo son exclaimed that the dance last night with all of the dancers was being done to a kid's song (he's heard it on a commercial for Kidz Bop). He thought it was GREAT. Since his TV-watching usually falls into Spongebob or Pokemon territory, take that for what it's worth.

    Regarding the freestyle, do the pros get to choose the song the freestyle is set to or do they have to choreograph it based on the songs in the band's repertoire?

    This is my first season of DWTS. I was not impressed with last night's dancing at all and had more fun predicting what the judge's scores would be based upon the judge's comments and not by the dance itself. I told my husband that Gilles was the judge favorite and that the audience would be whooping it up regardless of what moves he made. Gilles freestyle "dancing" looked like nothing more than simulated sexual moves. Carrie Ann was right when she said Cheryl made an okay Alex, but that Cheryl wasn't supposed to be the focus of the dance.
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    Re: 5/18 Show Discussion **spoilers**

    I'm thinking how close the judges scores were last night, with Shawn and Gilles looking in a dead heat in most polls and prediction sites, the scores for the encore dance may tip the scale and determine the winner. If the fan votes are that close, though I still suspect Shawn is probably ahead by a comfortable margin.

    So I think this is how it plays out: Melissa goes out third, they hype Gilles up as the "judges champion" and everyone thinks he has it in the bag. Shawn shockingly wins. I say that because anytime Len says someone is the people's champion, they come in second. So call Shawn the people's champ, even if she isn't their champion, and surprise, she wins and beats the Frenchman. Or Shawn makes a stunning comeback in the encore round and the judges admit to Gilles the audience loves him, he had a good time, they enjoyed watching him, but Shawn deserves to win. Shocker, Gilles comes in second but still wears the medal of people's champion. Should Melissa make the final 2 I have no idea how it'll play out.

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