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Thread: 5/12 Results Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: 5/12 Results Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Tobi;3454153;
    I thought the couple that got the worst music was Ty and Chelsie I honestly think that is why he seemed so corny at times. The music was impossible and all fake country-fied as they felt they needed to do that since he was from a certain area of the country-dumb....good grief...

    The second couple with the worst music is Tony and Melissa. The music was slow and laborious and took over their dancing awful in spite of that they have done well.

    The couple with the best music in my opinion is Mark and Shawn (minus that Disney tune) I'd like to have seen one of the other couples dance to their tango music and choreography was great but I'd like to have seen Melissa or Gilles dance it.
    As to Ty and Chelsie's music, I thought they were given more country/fake country perhaps because he could "feel" that music best, especially with Ty's not having as much natural ability. I know the beat of my heyday moves me the most and I am one who also lacks natural ability.

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    Re: 5/12 Results Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but it is coming together for me now. I jumped up in applause after Melissa's Quickstep last Monday night - I like her style - polished, percise, appropriately embellished - to me, she's a great performer. The judges responses were lack luster.

    Then, while I normally have to fast forward to part of Gilles performance each week, I watched all of his first dance and thought that the judges would call him out on his shuffling feet and swinging arms, but no...they were fawning all over him.

    THEN...ABC has Gilles in Brothers and Sisters - so now, I'm skeptical that Gilles will win no matter what so that they can tie in the winner of DWTS to prop the ratings of B&S.

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