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Thread: 3/23 Show Discussion **spoilers**

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    Re: 3/23 Show Discussion **spoilers**

    Shawn has a true gymnast body. She has no curves and the cut outs on the dress just bring attention to her stomach. It makes her look chunky. I think the outfits really detract from the lovely dancing that she does.
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    Re: 3/23 Show Discussion **spoilers**

    My mom & I were both a bit surprised that the judges whipped out 3's for Steve last night. Did he deserve them, in my honest opinion, yes. But that means that Cloris should have gotten 2's & 3's, which she never did. I think the lowest she ever got was a 4.
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    Re: 3/23 Show Discussion **spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by ducky2;3391248;
    I agree that several people have "unfair advantages" for different reasons. It's part of the show. I also think that Gilles natural ability to dance is as good or better than Melissa's. He is getting very high scores. It doesn't hurt to have Cheryl as his instructor and partner either.

    sdl - where did you see opinion polls for the contestants?
    I've seen a couple of more recent public opinion polls in which Ty or LT were ranked ahead of Melissa - the one that first comes to mind is DialIdol, which is amazingly accurate on AI but for some reason is blowing it this year on DWTS (had Holly near the top this week, and got Woz wrong both times) - so who really knows.
    There are a bunch of others on the web - I wrote down and averaged the order in 10 or 11 surveys at one time but would have to retrace my steps to find them all again.
    I do think the one contestant that everyone has wrong is Lil Kim. In nearly every survey, she seems to pull Belinda/Denise type numbers.

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    Re: 3/23 Show Discussion **spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by lildago;3390853;
    Shawn's Foxtrot was much better. She had way more personality.
    OMG Shawn has no personality. Not that Melissa has one either.

    I do not like both. Shawn bores me big time, Melissa annoys me big time.
    I get so annoyed with melissa being there.

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