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Thread: Dancing With the Stars' Karina & Maksim Engaged!

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    Re: Dancing With the Stars' Karina & Maksim Engaged!

    Quote Originally Posted by VelvetRed;3387595;

    Maks seems to be chauvanistic (if not borderline abusive). Just sayin'...does anyone else see it?
    I don't. He's had GREAT relationships with several of his partners, and I don't think that strong independent women like Laila or Mel would get that close to a guy who was chauvanistic -- especially to the point of being controlling or abusive. Even Misty, another strong woman, seemed to be getting close to him before she was injured last season.

    Maks is one of the pros on this show who has been put into a mold, and in a way is expected to be a "character" of himself. He's supposed to be the abrasive bad boy, and he lives up to the image. I don't think that his past partners would have any reason to say the good things they've said about him if he were truly the SOB that he's supposed to come across as. He's direct, and he's blunt, and he's competitive. But those things are all far from being chauvanistic or abusive.

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    Re: Dancing With the Stars' Karina & Maksim Engaged!

    The TV version of Maks/Karina's photoshoot on ET was a lot steamier than the online version I see no awkwardness between these two or that they aren't really into their relationship. They're so in love You can probably find the clip on Youtube if you're interested.

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    Re: Dancing With the Stars' Karina & Maksim Engaged!

    Very steamy photoshoot of Maks and Karina. What a couple of love struck hotties!

    I have been in lust for Maks from the beginning but apparently he has been in lust for Karina for years. I am glad she finally fell in love with him. It is so enjoyable to watch them dance together especially since they became a couple. It was a very revealing photo shoot. I wonder what their wedding would be like?

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