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Thread: 11/10 & 11/11 Show Discussion**Spoilers**

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    Re: 11/10 Show Discussion**Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by karalott;3232801;
    to Warren/Kym

    to Lance/Lacey

    So it looks like it's either Cody or Maurice. I wonder if they'll put Brooke in the bottom 2 for something different. Not that it'd be suspenseful.
    Let's hope it's Maurice. I think he's done.

    What did everyone think of Julianne and Derek? His physicality is amazing. Julianne didn't seem to be 100%, which is not surprising.

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    Re: 11/10 Show Discussion**Spoilers**

    I could have done without the Dr. Drew segments.

    I'm predicting Maurice goes tonight.

    And, although I usually don't call it this early: Unless one of them messes us bad, Warren or Brooke will win the trophy.

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    Re: 11/10 Show Discussion**Spoilers**

    Brooke and Derek safe

    Cody/Julianne and Maurice/Cheryl bottom 2

    eliminated Maurice and Cheryl

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    Re: 11/10 Show Discussion**Spoilers**

    So how did it end

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    Re: 11/10 Show Discussion**Spoilers**

    WOOOOOO!!! Julianne's gonna be BACK!

    Sorry for Maurice though.

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    Re: 11/10 Show Discussion**Spoilers**

    for Edyta!

    I wish they wouldn't wait to say Brooke/Derek are safe until the end. Who didn't know that?

    Now I just want Warren to pull it off.

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    Re: 11/10 Show Discussion**Spoilers**

    I liked Maurice but I'm not terribly sorry. Sometimes their rehearsals could be painful to watch. Forgive me Cheryl fans, but I think the girl can be kinda harsh sometimes.

    Julianne really did some speed healing! Then again she's so tiny they probably only had to cut 1/8 of an inch in. I'm glad she's better. I know fans have been wanting a Julianne and Derek finale ever since he joined the show, but on sheer likability (is that a word?) Warren could possibly pass up Cody.

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    Re: 11/10 Show Discussion**Spoilers**

    I know this is a really pedestrian point of view, but I always get a little creeped out when siblings dance together--especially on numbers where they're supposed to be sexy. The dances by Julianne and Derek and Lacey and Benji were both great. But I kept on thinking, "Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!" I used to get creeped out by brother-sister skating teams too (like the Carruthers).

    I love me some Dr. Drew, but those segments were just lame.

    ETA: Also, weren't they going to air Julianne's taped singing performance tonight? What happened to that?
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    Re: 11/10 Show Discussion**Spoilers**

    I'm bummed. I really don't care for Cody.

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    Re: 11/10 & 11/11 Show Discussion**Spoilers**

    I think Cody is doing amazingly well - remember how young he is, he must be giving up a lot for this. I am glad Edyta is gone - I don't really care for her. I think she is totally arrogant and the comment she made about Cody being manly with her but going back to being a kid with Julianne was uncalled for. I love Warren but I find Brooke a wee bit overrated.

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