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Good heavens, how could I possibly forget Maks in my comments about the results show? I didn't recognize him at first, but I sure knew that body and those dance moves! I don't like the hair and beard. But I love watching him and wish that he was still on the show.

I was amazed at Tony's dancing. I guess it shows what he can do when he doesn't have to tiptoe around his partner. He always seems to get the older women. Maybe it's time for him to have another Stacy Keibler. I have seen him dance on PBS's Ballroom Dancing competition and he is unbelievable!

Well I will forgive you cause you speak about him now.

Yes Tony does have the older women a lot. Maybe there is a reason for it.
I hope to see Corky back next year. He could take an older woman cause he is good at it.